Area Code: 855

855 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 710 reports for this area code.

Reports for 855

UNSAFE 855-894-7420 6 months ago


UNSAFE 855-202-7258 6 months ago

Pretends to be IRS. Mechanical voice. Called 8 times before noon!

NEUTRAL 855-836-7338 6 months ago

'dead air' when you p/up; calls several times a day; identifiable by a long "V" code on top of the number...very annoying for a busy medical office

UNSAFE 855-328-8602 6 months ago

They keep calling our office; as soon as I pick up the headset the call hangs up

UNSAFE 855-849-4544 6 months ago

Received a call from 855-849-4544. It was a robo call for a loan or mortgage company. They asked us to call them back. They did not leave their name or dept. nor who the call was for. If this is a legitimate company, they need more training.

NEUTRAL 855-627-7884 6 months ago

Tried to call twice, my phone auto detected potential spam (I almost always pick up as a Real Estate Agent but I was on the phone this time) No voice mails left, saw other comments in this thread and blocked the caller. I chose Telemarketer for the type because I receive tons of advertising calls a day, but I don't know the type really.

UNSAFE 855-283-6425 6 months ago

Goggle research identified this as robocall (BY NOMOROBO) who showed a HIGH number of dfferent 855 numbers ... and different names for each one.

UNSAFE 855-979-5266 6 months ago

Caller ID showed Mercy Physicians Medical Group (in San Diego). Since this was a toll free number, out of curiosity , I called it back. The woman robovoice did identify herself as it stated in the caller ID and then called me by my full name but then started to ask personal questions, that is my actual birth date. RED FLAG! I hung up. Obvious phishing. I would say this is an unsafe number.

NEUTRAL 855-977-0990 6 months ago

I have received texts for money donations from this at a rate of 5 per day for about a year. I once gave it a donation to make it stop, but it didn't stop. I don't know who it really is, though they claim to be the President or people close to the president of the USA

NEUTRAL 855-799-0845 6 months ago


UNSAFE 855-570-8999 7 months ago

279-444-3540 actual robo number for 855-570-8999

UNSAFE 855-929-0132 7 months ago

Called this number back and got Jerry (thick Indian accent) from ? refund department. White Pages has this as high scam/fraud and NOMOROBO has a recording saying your debit card will deduct $$$ for computer unless you call and cancel.

UNSAFE 855-448-3332 7 months ago

Got threatening call to call IRS

NEUTRAL 855-448-3332 7 months ago

Threatening call to call IRS

UNSAFE 855-977-0990 7 months ago

unsolicited call - was ignored

UNSAFE 855-934-0118 7 months ago

I had a similar call earlier today, GEEK SQUAD, supposidly, stating i purchased their product in 2017, for 'my computer'. (I don't nor did i have a cpmputer!!) But now "someone" has charged an additional $299 on my account/card...IMAGINE THAT!! So, i wad to log onto my puter, get some form this dude was emailing me, & I could receive my $299 refund. I asked why not thru regular mail, its how they do things, he was doing his job. So i informed him i did not "my puter".. he really didnt know what to tell me.., i said i wud gp to the local Library, use their computer, then he wanted a time, in an hour?? Two??.. he had to tslk to his manager & he dodnt want me to get off the line..FIRMLY..(he sounded maybe Indian?) NOW STAY ON THE LINE, I said. "how about i call u whenever i get to the library??..cause u do not know WHO I AM, nor do u know my email, & u wont tell me the website to get this 'form'!!.. YES I KNOW WHO U ARE..MA' manager...please hold..I said yeah u go talk to ur manager, u scam-artists.. & i hung up.

NEUTRAL 855-396-3330 7 months ago

Voice message left stating caller was from Social Security Admin and must talk as SSN compromised

NEUTRAL 855-338-7208 7 months ago

Received a call from 855/338-7208, caller ID UNKNOWN NAME, 4:50 PM CST. No message was left. This site confirms my suspicion it's an unwanted robo call.

NEUTRAL 855-799-0845 7 months ago

I got a missed call from 1-855-799-0845 @10:18 AM no message was left

SAFE 855-287-7204 7 months ago

The number is from Detroit Public TV. Harmless, but annoying, in that they never leave a message.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    11:16 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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