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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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UNSAFE 234-542-6183 about 3 hours ago

This is another number trying to get your personal info to steal your identity. They should be out in jail.

NEUTRAL 508-504-0516 about 3 hours ago

Got a call trying to book skating lessons for Illinois, wanted bank info. Not sure if it was legit or not.

UNSAFE 702-381-1062 about 11 hours ago

Nigerian fraudster!

NEUTRAL 657-436-0848 about 15 hours ago

Got a text message that they tried to deliver a pkg but was not home. Not sure if I should contact them

UNSAFE 718-207-3415 about 16 hours ago

Scam text re: trying to deliver package

UNSAFE 602-562-8974 about 18 hours ago

Missed call from this VoIP shortly after 4pm 7.10.2020, researched the number with no real results, called the number back: You have reached a non-working number?

NEUTRAL 915-301-8596 about 18 hours ago

Phone number is listed in email as the number for the finance directer for Windows Defender Team. The email states that I have been charged $299 to renew my contract. I do not have a contract with them.

NEUTRAL 520-481-3580 about 18 hours ago

I missed a call from this number this morning 7.10.2020. Called the number this afternoon: The subscriber you have called is not in service.

NEUTRAL 800-282-7541 about 19 hours ago

Do not know anybody in National City, so did not answer call.

UNSAFE 848-204-1997 about 20 hours ago

Scam all the way....

NEUTRAL 888-846-6092 about 20 hours ago

Central Portfolio Control is the Debt Collection company calling from this telephone number, of many, many different numbers. Spoofing telephone numbers and calling from unregistered cell phone numbers are frequently used tactics. If you do not receive a letter from this company within 5 days after you they first communicated with you by phone, text, or e-mail (whether they spoke with you or not) then you should file a complaint against them. Also, a lot of times when you speak with a debt collector they will “reset the clock” on your credit report, or “restart” the statute of limitations.

NEUTRAL 202-932-0048 about 20 hours ago

For same message. Amazing how they have my # considering no student loans here....

NEUTRAL 928-527-5874 about 21 hours ago

Did not answer call, as I do not know anybody in Flagstaff, Arizona.

NEUTRAL 303-557-7125 about 22 hours ago

Did not answer, because caller ID showed it as being "Wells Fargo Bank". Do not have an account with that bank, and would never use them due to their nefarious activities in the past. Suspect it might be a scam or phishing call.

UNSAFE 210-386-3601 about 22 hours ago

Did not answer, because I do not know anybody in San Antonio, Texas and have never been there. Furthermore do not know anybody named "Bridget Bustill: which is the name shown on my caller ID. Most likely another scammer.

UNSAFE 425-209-1083 about 22 hours ago

Unwanted call that also sounds like it could be a scammer

UNSAFE 970-414-0918 about 22 hours ago

Received 4 calls in less than a minute from this number. Did not answer any of them. First three calls were blocked, because caller was listed as "anonymous". Obviously changed name to "Parachute, Co" on 4th try to try and get thru, but I ignored it since I know nobody in Parachute, Co.

UNSAFE 618-570-9072 about 22 hours ago

persistent telemarketer

NEUTRAL 203-204-2400 about 24 hours ago

This number contacted me due to owning a Connecticut number even though i have lived in Wisconsin over ten years claiming i owed on a digital loan i "received" and was now being sued. Would not give me further information and was informed i would be sent a court letter! lmatfo. good thing i know the legal system better then these people

NEUTRAL 208-262-0000 about 24 hours ago

Called from multiple fake callers six times within 15 minutes. Leaves same message each time.

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