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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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NEUTRAL 216-672-6363 about 2 hours ago

The same number has called me three times, three days in a row. Caller ID changes, but number is the same.

NEUTRAL 206-880-0883 about 6 hours ago

Although I did not answer the call, they did leave a V.M. which stated that they were calling "government to get your free grant at $11,300. Please call us on 206-880-0883. I repeat please call. To claim your free grant now. Thank you. This is an important message for you from Fede4ral Government grants Department. This is to inform you that you have been approved to get a funding of $11,300 from the government to get your free grant at $11,300. Please call us on ___. I repeat, please call ___. To claim your free grant now. Thank you"

NEUTRAL 240-489-5690 about 9 hours ago

Automated vc message stating- i will be taken under custody by the local police. If i don't take immediate action. There are 4 serious allegations pressed on my name at this moment. Requests that i get back them to further discuss this case.

UNSAFE 404-400-1157 about 11 hours ago

Someone called offering a FREE back brace & a knee brace for my husband who just received his Medicare card. They insisted on getting his Medicare ID number & the last four digits of his social security card of course I didn't give it to the person, the only thing they have is his day of birth and our address. I told the person if they wanted to give him the fee items they could send it my mail. It was a persistent call but I would not budge though a man than a woman got on the phone. Don't know if is a scam, but I would advise anyone that gets a call from this number not to give any sensitive info over the phone. I called back a couple of times, but i kept being hung up on which gave me the indication that is not legitimate. Thanks

UNSAFE 817-835-9361 about 12 hours ago

Rings, answer, then silence.

UNSAFE 916-469-1970 about 12 hours ago

SCAM!!! They transfer money to your account acting like a loan company then they tell u to go get a Walmart gift card with the money they sent to your account, then they want u to read the numbers on the back of the card to them & they lie and act like 2000 I’m going to b deposited into my account, i gave them all my info from my social security to my bank info.

UNSAFE 646-682-0937 about 22 hours ago

Continue call trying to extort money from me by theting me then wanting me to go to Walmart to get I card to pay them I've worked in the same job field for 36 years it's kind of hard to believe this kind of bull and the change the store line when they know it's not going to work with me

UNSAFE 352-277-5982 1 day ago

Tried calling this # back, didn't go through.

NEUTRAL 469-214-0186 1 day ago

No answer and hang up after a few seconds. The number came up from Palmer, Texas.

UNSAFE 603-263-9592 1 day ago

I get calls from this number several times a day everyday. I've blocked the number, so they just get my voicemail but they never leave one.

UNSAFE 313-209-7257 1 day ago

Talked to same lady with accent on calls from two different numbers. 313-209-3770. First time she threatened me with multiple calls a day, every day. Blocked that number, but just got a call from the above number

UNSAFE 404-835-5473 1 day ago

calls. I do not answer

UNSAFE 980-474-4291 1 day ago

calls constantly. asks is lou there. regardless of what you tell them they still call back.

NEUTRAL 612-252-6414 1 day ago

They keep calling me and never leave a message

UNSAFE 408-462-7952 1 day ago

trying to rob you with a scare to turn off your electricity PG&E within hours, we end up to pay $$$

UNSAFE 914-268-2572 1 day ago

Pretended to be fbi special agent

UNSAFE 662-546-1004 1 day ago

Health care scam

NEUTRAL 240-492-0994 1 day ago

Called 8/17/2018 (Friday) 4:29 pm, did not leave a message.

UNSAFE 336-291-0486 1 day ago

Greensboro, NC

NEUTRAL 812-747-9737 1 day ago

don't know this number tried to call back wouldn't ring or anything

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