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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

Latest Reports

NEUTRAL 301-242-5543 about 2 hours ago

This number calls my direct work number everyday (evening). I have a message saying my name over and over. I hit the number one saying delete from calling but it NEVER stops.

UNSAFE 956-466-5678 about 5 hours ago

Caller represented himself as from Medicare, called me on my work cell phone asking to speak with my wife using her maiden name. Called about her reported lower back pain and knee problems. Told the caller I wasn't aware of her having any of the problems that he stated. Caller hung up when I didn't take his bait. Idiot didn't realize that my wife wouldn't use my work cell phone number as a contact number as she would not have listed it.

UNSAFE 954-281-1863 about 12 hours ago

Suspicious call! Blocked!

UNSAFE 224-281-7550 about 12 hours ago

Scammers calling a disconnected Magic Jack number ..did not know who they were .. live 400 miles away but ...told them last year not to call ...but ..they still do ... would never hire such in the first place ....

UNSAFE 410-394-7214 about 13 hours ago

fop scammer

UNSAFE 919-648-0369 about 14 hours ago

Someone named Anna from MoveON is texting me to call a fake number to give encouragement to Senator Tillis in NC to influence his vote on bills.... it is a scam and the fake number is part of the scam trying to get your information.

UNSAFE 262-299-6153 about 14 hours ago


UNSAFE 847-881-3285 about 14 hours ago

more fkkn scammers

UNSAFE 520-827-7438 about 14 hours ago

Other websites reports: Suspected Spam; Verizon Wireless - Az VoIP Superior AZ; Spam Reports 73; Calls Detected 497; Whitepages Searches 85; phone owner's name not available; Arizona Police Association donation scam. No message left from CID UNKNOWN NUMBER. Add all that together equals scum, I mean scam. Blocked.

NEUTRAL 520-619-7013 about 14 hours ago

Non-Fixed VoIP (e.g. Skype or Google Voice); Nogales, AZ; CID SHIPLEY SALES,; no message left. One of many such calls from 520-619 prefix. Sounds like scum, I mean scam, to me. Blocked.

NEUTRAL 414-209-1053 about 15 hours ago

This number has called several times a day for a week. The last time, the person on the phone used my name, then hung up on me. I tried to call back but a recording said it was a misdialed number. It made me feel very uncomfortable that the person knew my name.

NEUTRAL 903-550-2514 about 16 hours ago

hung up and called back. not a working number

UNSAFE 833-559-7100 about 16 hours ago

Asked to speak to the owner, told them they were not here at the moment, asked to speak to co-owner, said there wasn't one. Got annoyed with me and hung up.

UNSAFE 716-587-8491 about 17 hours ago

Scam!! Called about a bank account in my name in a town i have never lived in.

UNSAFE 972-975-9575 about 17 hours ago

Scam! Tried to scare with lawsuit into paying them for bogus debts

UNSAFE 956-466-5678 about 17 hours ago

Woman called home phone saying she was from Medicare, that she had my medical records that showed I was suffering from back pain. Stopped her and said that was incorrect, that I was going to report her to the authorities, that hers was a bogus call.

UNSAFE 208-272-9307 about 17 hours ago

Calling. Saying going to have me picked up by the local police unless call back.

NEUTRAL 202-873-2578 about 18 hours ago

call came on my voicemail and said I needed to get back the them , otherwise there would be a charge of $ 299.00 out of my my bank account !!!!

UNSAFE 817-259-2050 about 18 hours ago

I have never heard to them nor do I want them calling. Elections are over so they can stick this up their ass.

UNSAFE 843-639-6755 about 18 hours ago

Harassing as all get out and half the time nobody is there. They do not leave return message info

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