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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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NEUTRAL 412-313-5063 16 minutes ago

Called at 9:00 am

UNSAFE 888-239-9690 about 5 hours ago

Are you kidding me? I selected "Unsafe" for a reason! My rating WAS NOT neutral. UNSAFE! Calling about documents and court proceedings on fictitious loans. See 844-341-9615

NEUTRAL 888-239-9690 about 5 hours ago

Calling about documents and court proceedings on fictitious loans. See 844-341-9615

UNSAFE 844-341-9615 about 5 hours ago

RPFS scam. It seems to be an elaborate phishing scam, but they might actually be getting people to pay off fictitious loans by threatening to take them to court. It sounds like the same woman using a different name and phone number. I have some of these calls recorded on my voicemail. There is also a man calling. When I answered one of these calls he told me I had an unpaid payday loan I never had. He said I had to sign papers and show up in court or I would be arrested. These are some of the names and numbers they have used: (844) 341-9615 Stephanie Baker, (888) 239-9690 Ashley Smith, (888) 233-9892 Gina Rice, (888) 222-8841 Lance Shaw, (877) 451-0947 RPFS, (844) 640-3113 Angela Cook, (877) 239-3523 Denise Rogers, (855) 203-2870 Terry Radcliffe, (866) 237-0597 Danielle Taylor, (855) 217-0639 Tina Hill, (855) 367-0370 Vivian Banks, (855) 218-0642 Michael Porter, (844) 880-8539 Jeff McCloud.

UNSAFE 847-258-9109 about 7 hours ago


UNSAFE 520-457-5371 about 9 hours ago

Two calls within last hour. Latest one at 9 PM. Who answers a phone that late at night unless family? Disgusting.

UNSAFE 951-900-6628 about 10 hours ago

This is a fraudulent company trying to solicit victims for medical equipment claims.

UNSAFE 520-457-5371 about 10 hours ago

another daily annoyance.........

UNSAFE 515-446-2383 about 10 hours ago

This was a threatening call about 'someone coming to arrest you'. I called them back and told them to fuck off and he had my first and last name and was threatening.

NEUTRAL 626-374-8457 about 10 hours ago

Three phone calls within a half hour-

UNSAFE 310-409-3235 about 12 hours ago

I keep receiving text messages from this number about a credit card debt. I've never had a credit card so I knew if was a scam.

UNSAFE 614-426-8237 about 14 hours ago

Have called numerous times nevervleaving any message

UNSAFE 254-853-0023 about 14 hours ago


NEUTRAL 707-681-9465 about 17 hours ago

Robo caller threatening legal action

UNSAFE 609-710-0012 about 17 hours ago

Telephone spam calls - very rude and will not stop calling about non-existent student loans

NEUTRAL 215-552-4156 about 17 hours ago

received two calls at the exact same instant. One from 215-552-4156. They apparently hung up. I also received a call from 610-343-1285, trying to sell me a warranty on my car. I received the same call from a different number yesterday. Told them I sold the car they were calling about. I told them I have a '72 Chevy. They hung up.

UNSAFE 888-564-5174 about 17 hours ago

I had marked the comment below as unsafe but didn't take. PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER number below.

NEUTRAL 888-564-5174 about 17 hours ago

Stephen Blair called about a bad check I had left for a speed cash place. I already filed for BK a year ago and my attorney said I have nothing to worry about. I spoke to Stephen and he said that he has all my information and his client was trying to take me to court. I told him I had already filed BK and he repeated my attorneys information and he said he will contact him to confirm. I emailed my attorney right away and he said "NO CREDIT EVER CALLS YOU TO TELL YOU THAT YOUR GOING TO COURT OR HAVE A SUMMONS" he said not to answer unknown calls and not to worry about anything. That these are scams trying to get people to collect unpaid debt and they unfortunately go after people that had bad credit to scare them into paying.

NEUTRAL 859-474-8233 about 17 hours ago

They have been calling and calling. I finally called back, laughed and asked them when will they be serving me so I can make sure I am home. They hung up, I just called again as they called me, she hung up on me and said I was rude. I called back and asked why are they trying to rip people off...Hung up on me again

NEUTRAL 330-264-3061 about 17 hours ago

This # called my cell phone and hung up before I could answer.

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