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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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UNSAFE 407-641-4651 about 1 hour ago


NEUTRAL 855-230-4437 about 1 hour ago

Calling my cell, don't know who it is and I wont answer

UNSAFE 585-460-1173 about 2 hours ago

Scammer, high risk to answer the call, you could lose money and personal information. Don´t answer the call. Call Type: Scammer/Harassing

UNSAFE 858-816-1615 about 3 hours ago

Social Security scam robocall

NEUTRAL 855-998-4102 about 5 hours ago

repetitive calls hang up no message

NEUTRAL 989-267-0010 about 5 hours ago

hang up repetitive calls

UNSAFE 510-268-6145 about 6 hours ago

Unsafe telemarketer

NEUTRAL 301-522-6112 about 6 hours ago

Exact dates are very important .You were born on an exact date. The "Church Age" started on Pentecost Sunday May 22,33AD. May 21,1988 was the end of the "Church Age". God's Word contains many important dates and numbers. May 21,2011 was the beginning of Judgement Day. Read Revelation 22:11, Genesis 7:11-16. The flood began on the seventeenth day of the second month of the year 4990 BC. If you love Jesus and want to hear current, sincere Bible teaching (1 Corinthians 2:13) Visit the following web sites or call 701-801-9989,,,,

UNSAFE 208-813-1046 about 6 hours ago

A message saying they recieved a fax order regarding a complaint against me, she said she had been retained to deliver these documents at my place of residence or employment, if i have any questions or concerns regarding this complaint or wish ti rectify the matter hut any keyon the phone to connect to the office directly or call us at 716-587-8690 and reference file #LBG 6392. You have officially been notified. They did not say who they were with because it's a scam.

UNSAFE 877-063-2004 about 7 hours ago

Automated Call: Social Security card suspended due to suspicious activity. Press 1 for details.

UNSAFE 949-316-3530 about 8 hours ago

Said her name was Kylee and she was with a Compliancy Company wanting to make sure we are compliant with Merchant Services. I said we weren't interested and she persisted. These people are always rude and will call back no matter how many times you tell them no. They've cussed me out before!

UNSAFE 530-862-7506 about 8 hours ago

Calls my cell several times a day, and hangs up. Calls begin before 8am.

NEUTRAL 877-768-6952 about 8 hours ago

stephanie White saying she is from a law firm trying to serve paperwork to a relative. It was important that I contact them right away to avoid them showing up at her place of employment to serve papers.

UNSAFE 210-255-3122 about 8 hours ago

Call everyday.

NEUTRAL 919-551-5375 about 8 hours ago

Call was a recorded message saying I would be arrested, my home and bank accounts confiscated.

UNSAFE 141-020-0505 about 8 hours ago

Text message "Due to recent law modifications, Facebooks require you to reconfirm your credentials" with a link.

UNSAFE 877-985-5415 about 9 hours ago

FRAUD ALERT: Automated call stating, "your Social Security card has been suspended. Press 1 now to speak to a representative."

NEUTRAL 877-487-5597 about 9 hours ago

Have received many calls from 877-487-5597. Sometimes it rings once then hangs up. They never respond to my announcement. Finally today they answered. They are looking for someone who does NOT work here.

NEUTRAL 619-550-2496 about 9 hours ago

They called pretending to work with one of our employees. Confirmed with employee that he is NOT working with them. Iseems like a cold call.

NEUTRAL 141-010-0003 about 9 hours ago

Text message re Facebook account (not on Facebook in any case) pure scam.

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