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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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NEUTRAL 610-601-8528 21 minutes ago

This company calls my place of business. 15 times in the last two days. Car warranty scam.

UNSAFE 778-382-7758 23 minutes ago

Calls almost daily, leaves no message.

UNSAFE 269-743-6684 34 minutes ago

A voice mail was left on my cell phone (I never give out my cell phone #) by someone named Christy Mills. She said that she was calling because of a claim reported to her office. She did not provide the name of the company she worked for. She said that she was proceeding with the claim in her office due to my failure to respond. She left her phone #833-568-4463. I did not and will not return her call.

UNSAFE 702-931-3938 about 2 hours ago

This is an attempt from a prisoner calling to try to make a call using your phone line. I’ve got them on block and they keep trying so it goes to an automated message giving this phone number to contact so the calls are not recorded if you are an attorney which is not possible. Prisons still record all calls. Scam just trying to get you to be charged

SAFE 186-451-4363 about 10 hours ago

its safe

NEUTRAL 186-451-4363 about 10 hours ago

My number is not here thank god but someone called my number and hacked into my computer and has fixed it so where I can never use my computer ever again!

UNSAFE 913-586-9801 about 16 hours ago

Called several times leaving no message. I am on the no call list and am blocking this number.

UNSAFE 502-901-5803 about 16 hours ago


UNSAFE 844-379-0057 about 16 hours ago

These telemarketers have called six times in the past two days. Based on the available information I believe this is a scam: "Hi good day Christopher [note: this is not my name]. This is Eurice from Lending Vines. And this is in regards to your recent loan inquiry [note: I've made no credit inquiries at all in over a year]. We have exciting offers to share with you. Give us a call back at 844-379-0057 to discuss all options available. Again, my number is 844-379-0057. Have a great day."

NEUTRAL 772-497-2496 about 17 hours ago

Just called me at 5:16 Jan 21 2020. Hung up on me. I had death metal blasting and was trying to turn it down, but the caller was already gone. LOL

UNSAFE 646-386-3600 about 17 hours ago

Said she was my daughter and was in a car accident asking for money

NEUTRAL 520-490-4978 about 18 hours ago

Another call purporting to be sending a refund for Microsoft security. Most likely a phishing scam to get private information so they can steal identity or money from bank accounts. Do not follow their suggestions to push buttons like 1 or 2.

NEUTRAL 904-853-7882 about 19 hours ago

Voicemail left regarding a complaint that had been made against me. Said that if no response back to update my contact information that they would contact my HR department or payroll department on file. Call back # 833-781-7705

UNSAFE 610-734-7972 about 20 hours ago

daily calls, dead air even when p/up on first ring--very annoying for busy medical office

NEUTRAL 855-836-7338 about 20 hours ago

'dead air' when you p/up; calls several times a day; identifiable by a long "V" code on top of the number...very annoying for a busy medical office

NEUTRAL 425-336-4266 about 21 hours ago

this call is 'dead air' when you p/up; they call 1-2 times/day, identifiable by the long "V" Number @ the top of the local #--very annoying

UNSAFE 510-900-3558 about 22 hours ago

Scum telemarketers using ROBOCALLER! Do NOT Answer and report to the FTC and your state Attorney General's office!

UNSAFE 954-938-0303 about 22 hours ago

ha! i answered with my usual 'who is it' and she said hello? and i repeated 'who is it' and she said 'I don't know' lol! so i said 'i don't either goodbye'. i'm at the point where i like to f*** with these folks.

UNSAFE 876-505-1501 about 23 hours ago

6 calls in a row from this #

UNSAFE 619-860-1736 1 day ago

It's a Medicare scam in Spanish

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