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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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UNSAFE 540-251-2436 about 3 hours ago

Message says I will be arrested by “local COPS” definitely a scam. Careful as it took a number of times to delete VM as it kept coming up. Call fails when we try to call back from different number.

UNSAFE 206-279-8758 about 5 hours ago

Wow, new record 4 calls in less than 5 min. These calls are so annoying and happen 2 and3 times a day, I block a number and the next time they call switching around the digits nothing works to stop them. I am on the Do Not Call list and it doesn't matter. Annoying. We don't answer numbers we don't recognize. We are on the do not call list. Doesn't seem to make any difference anymore.,Calls daily hang up before answering machine turns on .annoying wish they would stop calling or at least have the courtesy, to leave a message

NEUTRAL 858-795-9050 about 5 hours ago

Called and a recorded message said, “You dialed a non working number”, and the call drops.

UNSAFE 928-325-4082 about 6 hours ago

I have two missed calls from this number back to back at 1616 so I looked it up on google, Nomorobo popped up with a recording of a Spanish speaking woman speaking in Spanish about electricity and 3 days and gives info on pressing one of two numbers for further assistance. My Spanish is limited so I didn't understand everything said. DexKnows says Voip in Sedona Az, I'm in Tucson? I tried calling the number back several time and it is always busy.

UNSAFE 158-626-4528 about 9 hours ago

This guy is CREEPY!!!

UNSAFE 305-400-5577 about 9 hours ago

Calls everyday. No message. Since I don't know anyone in the (CID) City of Miami, I don't answer. I know the telephone numbers of legitimate calls to my home. I am so sick of Criminals tying up my line with their nonsense!

NEUTRAL 305-400-5577 about 9 hours ago

Caller ID say City of Miami but is actually a scam computer deal for viruses on Windows 10. Very annoying. Calls frequently.

NEUTRAL 949-359-8838 about 10 hours ago

They just call and call over and over

UNSAFE 877-874-3176 about 10 hours ago

Call went to voice mail (2nd in 2 days) " From Microsoft Refund, don't hang up, refunding for work done couple of months ago. The company went out of business, call number for refund." Did not return call. Will try call block.

UNSAFE 203-204-1282 about 11 hours ago

Individual called from a call center inquiring about my recent computer repair. I stated that I have never needed a repair done on my computer. The background noise was so intense that I could not understand him, coupled with a thick East Indian accent. He then switched the inquiry about a computer repair to erroneous foreign IP addresses accessiing my static network. I told him that I do not have a static IP. He got very angry and accusatory and stipulated that my computer is infected. I informed him that I have a T-1 system that uses a dynamic IP routed directly from a CEV (Controlled Environmental Vault), using fiber to the home, complete with proprietary firewall protocols that deny access to any unknown IPs. The conversation ended with "You do not have that equipment, and your name is Ray Nxxxxxx". I said that is not my name and you can have such equipment when you work for the phone/service provider company. He hung up stating that he must have the wrong number. The troubling part was that he did have my first and last name, however that is public information attached from my phone number,... anyone can get that info. So, be careful and never agree to anything or confirm information for them. Ask them what name do you have, what IP address are you tracking, how did you obtain this number, etc. The more information you can acquire, the better informed and prepared you will be in case of future calls of this nature. They (Scammers/Telemarketers) use pubically accessible information about you, in an attempt to get more vital personal information that can be used for nafarious/criminal purposes.

UNSAFE 575-537-1023 about 11 hours ago

Received a voicemail claiming government legal action. Voicemail appeared to be automated.

UNSAFE 570-860-3260 about 11 hours ago

Random text with a photo of a women

UNSAFE 523-327-0555 about 12 hours ago

yeah had the same call just a little bit ago and same thing i played along and than i told him that i dont have any family that lives in Mexico and he hung up on me...This # also had called my parents a month ago and said that they had kid napped me and my kids when i was in the car with my parents.

NEUTRAL 321-574-8062 about 13 hours ago

Called. Didn't leave a message.

UNSAFE 575-537-1023 about 14 hours ago

Tax fraudsters using recorded message, completely ridiculous.

NEUTRAL 575-537-1023 about 14 hours ago

Robocall tax scam, a complete joke!

UNSAFE 281-666-9113 about 14 hours ago

called about vehicle warranty . my vehicle is 16 yrs old and no warranty for quite awhile. spam call

UNSAFE 203-204-1282 about 15 hours ago

They claimed to be from Microsoft support saying we were hacked and if we didn't get on the computer to do what they said, they would shut it down in ONE HOUR.

UNSAFE 305-400-5577 about 15 hours ago

calls every few hours and hangs up before answering machine kicks in - caller ID is City of Miami - extremely annoying

UNSAFE 575-537-1023 about 17 hours ago

Automated VM regarding IRS fraud

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