Area Code: 800

800 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 779 reports for this area code.

Reports for 800

UNSAFE 800-613-8561 2 days ago

Called Aug 3 claiming to be my local power company and if I didn't call my power might get turned off.

UNSAFE 800-536-3726 3 days ago

Calls at least twice a day. I answered the first time and the guy says "Oh I'm glad you answered finally" and then started talking about donating to police. I hung up on him, but they keep calling.

NEUTRAL 800-536-3726 4 days ago

Who would answer a call when the caller ID says "Suspected Spam" !!! And it does say Spam not Scam. Real pests and idiots.

NEUTRAL 800-536-3726 10 days ago

calls 5-7-times a week yes Sunday to. No message, I do not answer

UNSAFE 800-536-3726 14 days ago

Left just one word “Todd” on machine. Todd is my son, but hasn’t lived here for 26 years. I assume they wanted someone to answer “yes”..Scam

UNSAFE 800-536-3726 14 days ago

A man asked to speak to me and I asked who is calling. Instead of saying who he was, he put on a recording asking for money for the police. Why not call in your own state???

UNSAFE 800-743-5000 15 days ago

Not sure their end efforts but they're calling on my cellphone....have blocked

NEUTRAL 800-536-3726 15 days ago

Called on Sunday and again today, Tuesday. Asking for donations for police fund. Call actually comes from San Diego.

UNSAFE 800-555-3333 15 days ago

Car warranty exp My car is 11 years old

UNSAFE 800-536-3726 15 days ago

Called looking for pledge to fund police...after hemming and hawing...they hung up one me. Using caller id...called hung up on again. Called back got a recording. Just hang up as soon as you answer a call from this number.

UNSAFE 800-536-3726 17 days ago

sum bitches call on Sunday

UNSAFE 800-218-2110 20 days ago

I received a post card saying I haven’t contacted them to have my vehicle protection activated. They HAVE Amy current vehicle identified. They give this number to call. If I don’t call I will be responsible for for paying all repairs out of pocket.

UNSAFE 800-622-2580 20 days ago

Robo call about credit cards.

NEUTRAL 800-282-7541 26 days ago

Do not know anybody in National City, so did not answer call.

NEUTRAL 800-536-3726 26 days ago

Receiving multiple messages from 800 Service 1-800-536-3726. Do no answer and no message is left.

UNSAFE 800-906-8057 27 days ago

Travel Scam phone number.... Do not book a vacation through them. I booked and changed my mind within 30 minutes as it didn't feel "right." They would not refund my money.

NEUTRAL 800-622-2580 27 days ago

recording to "get lower rates on charge card press 1" Pressed 1 and told person I had no charge cards, he said have a nice day and hung up. I knew it was a scam by the sound of the recording and looked up #

UNSAFE 800-800-2775 28 days ago

Reported that someone had reached my iCloud account. This is a scam

UNSAFE 800-536-3726 29 days ago

scum of the earth

NEUTRAL 800-962-6801 about 1 month ago

Someone named Simon left a message that this company would no longer provide maintenance services for my computer. I don't have any contract for services like that.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    8:38 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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