Area Code: 800

800 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 663 reports for this area code.

Reports for 800

NEUTRAL 800-498-8799 about 19 hours ago

recording, Bank of America chinese speaking. than a woman speak chinese in the recording. called several times.

UNSAFE 800-800-2775 3 days ago

More spam

UNSAFE 800-432-9585 3 days ago

Recording said it was "Bank of American Chinese Recording Dept". Then a Chinese recording started...for all I know I will now have overseas charges on my bill.

NEUTRAL 800-734-7703 7 days ago

Social security scam - "Your ss# has been compromised blah blah legal action blah blah Push 1."

UNSAFE 800-805-7070 7 days ago

I missed this number earlier, blocked my number and called back since there are no results with the Whitepages/or at GOOGLE for the number. I got a recording saying you can not call this number as dialed and to check the number and try your call again.

NEUTRAL 800-401-1815 7 days ago


UNSAFE 800-452-5440 8 days ago

caller said they were from consumers energy and power would be shut off scam

NEUTRAL 800-423-4343 9 days ago

Unknown caller, call blocked

NEUTRAL 800-423-4343 10 days ago

They sniff nuts

UNSAFE 800-800-2775 12 days ago

Called 3 times today so far, Apple scam call that they have 'noticed suspicious activity on my Apple account (I don't have any apple equipment so no account) and to press 2 to speak to a representative, or call back at toll free (not!) number 208-262-0000. Called back the (not) toll free number with my Burner number, and it disconnected. Total scam!

UNSAFE 800-508-0960 14 days ago

Said they were from Walmart Central Pharmacy. Wanted burthdate and address to verify so they could talk to me about my prescriptions. Called local Walmart. They had never heard of them.

UNSAFE 800-800-2775 14 days ago

Fake apple recording call and they won't stop calling

UNSAFE 800-922-0206 14 days ago

Received call from 800-922-0206 stating Verizon account was suspended. It went to VM, so I didn't have a conversation.

UNSAFE 800-423-4343 14 days ago

He said they had my credit information and wanted to lower my rates, but after their robot calling me, he couldn't tell me who I was. He got angry because I wouldn't tell him what card--Visa or Mastercard--I generally use. I said that since he has my information in front of him he should be able to tell me. He didn't like that either. Eventually he said, "Oh really?" and then hung up on me.

NEUTRAL 800-467-5654 18 days ago

this is robocall fraud saying "if you stay on the line, you are person we want and you owe money". report to FTC & FCC.

UNSAFE 800-942-4361 20 days ago

I did not get call, but a card with my name on it.Asking me to call to claim a $100.00 un claimed reward on my account. No name listed for company are return address.

UNSAFE 800-406-4601 23 days ago

Claim to be the social security office saying that my social security number would be blocked and no longer able to use

UNSAFE 800-203-0719 27 days ago


UNSAFE 800-814-0772 27 days ago


NEUTRAL 800-814-0772 27 days ago


Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    1:17 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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