Area Code: 818

818 Area Code belongs to the state of California. The following cities fall under this area code: Agoura Hills, Burbank, Calabasas, Glendale, La Canada Flintridge, San Fernando. There have been a total of 180 reports for this area code.

Reports for 818

UNSAFE 818-936-7482 about 5 hours ago

Farmers Insurance? Calls to verify name ... then hangs up.

UNSAFE 818-334-2353 about 5 hours ago

Calls every other day

NEUTRAL 818-334-2353 about 5 hours ago

Calling daily from "the Home Center" very rude

UNSAFE 818-521-8586 3 days ago

Several issues have been filed on 2018-08-17 with the FCC in connection with unwanted calls from 818-521-8586

UNSAFE 818-521-8586 3 days ago

Someone user from Redondo Beach, California received an unsolicited call from 818-521-8586 and filed a complainted with the FCC

UNSAFE 818-521-5845 4 days ago

I filed a report about 818 521 5845 with the FCC.

UNSAFE 818-275-2902 4 days ago

I filed a report about 818-275-2902 with the FCC.

UNSAFE 818-514-3638 5 days ago

An unwanted call from this Reseda VOIP number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, a woman's recorded voice touted home energy savings. The same recorded message has also arrived from (805) 427-9078 and (805) 749-0718. Folks, this is a nationwide scam designed to transfer funds from the wallets of its victims to those of its perpetrators. Avoid these shysters!

UNSAFE 818-435-4290 5 days ago

The 1st complaint was filed with the FCC about (818) 435-4290 on 2018-08-15

NEUTRAL 818-778-8442 10 days ago

I picked it up, said hello, but there was no one there. I said hello again, there was still no one there, so I hung up before a possible robo-call could begin. I suspect this may be a "fishing" call to see what phone numbers are real. They called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List.

UNSAFE 818-869-9810 14 days ago

*** STUDENT LOAN SCAMMER ALERT *** These people use illegal, automated robo-calls claiming "this is truly your final offer to refinance your student loan debt with NelNet". Yet every time they've called for the past year, they've said it was my final offer... even when they called twice a day! DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL DATA TO THEM!!! Their calls started in Jan 2017 and continue, even though I've told them numerous times to stop calling me and I will not do business with them. From Oct to Nov 2017, they called me literally every weekday, sometimes twice a day. I don't have any student loan debt at all, so obviously this is a scam/ fraud designed to get my personal financial information... as if I'd ever give this to a random stranger who calls in the middle of the day. A previous caller told me their address, but I don't know how accurate it is: National Student Help Center, 26970 Maple St, Sacramento, CA I have consulted with 2 attorneys about this issue, but both of them said there's nothing they can do since this company doesn't seem to have a real address. They called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List. They previously called me: 1:59 PM 8/6/2018 818-869-9810 5:29 PM 7/31/2018 727-896-5007 10:54 AM 7/19/2018 714-395-5878 5:25 PM 7/16/2018 562-386-0376 6:03 PM 5/30/2018 343-495-0043; the second time today! 3:45 PM 5/30/2018 No Caller ID, but the same robo-call as before 2:53 PM 5/23/2018 407-954-1481 7:17 PM 5/10/2018 407-964-1986 4:30 PM 5/2/2018 619-215-5639; they sent me a text! 2:00 PM 3/26/2018 530-441-1039; same number as a few days ago 12:49 PM 3/23/2018 530-441-1039 2:59 PM 3/9/2018 407-425-1806 6:32 PM 3/1/2018 530-441-1039 1:47 PM 2/21/2018 407-540-1457 12:22 PM 1/25/2018 407-777-4802 2:54 PM 12/6/2017 407-685-3502 10:03 AM 11/22/2017 407-512-0328 1:37 PM 11/15/2017 407-504-7950 1:18 PM 11/15/2017 407-365-0215 12:56 PM 11/13/2017 657-234-7283; same number as on 11/6; this seemed to be a live person who left a message on my voice mail 4:42 PM 11/8/2017 407-810-0719; talked to a live person, Kendra and told her not to call me yes, this was within a few minutes of Andrea calling! 4:16 PM 11/8/2017 407-777-4599: talked to a live person, Andrea/ told her not to call me 2:10 PM 11/6/2017 657-234-7283 1:13 PM 11/2/2017 949-259-6088: this seemed to be a live person who left a message on my voice mail 11:02 AM 10/31/2017 725-223-1629 12:18 PM 10/30/2017 407-349-0054 12:28 PM 10/27/2017 407-277-8076 1:51 PM 10/26/2017 407-340-1287 5:27 PM 10/25/2017 407-230-3365 2:57 PM 10/24/2017 254-522-7555 12:56 PM 10/24/2017 407-804-9288; the same phone number 4 days later 1:13 PM 10/20/2017 407-804-9288 10:37 AM 10/13/2017 407-293-8067 12:46 PM 10/9/2017 407-223-8071; same phone number the next day 3:35 PM 10/6/2017 407-223-8071; same phone number 90 minutes later 2:17 PM 10/6/2017 407-223-8071; same phone number, 40 minutes later 1:45 PM 10/6/2017 407-223-8071 4:11 PM 9/26/2017 407-777-9801 3:40 PM 9/26/2017 858-215-1850 4:44 PM 8/21/2017 202-568-9264 9:23 AM 2/28/2017 321-430-4970 10:42 AM 2/9/2017 305-985-5505 1:18 PM 1/4/2017 925-640-4395

UNSAFE 818-212-9716 19 days ago

Received text msg 5am with a youtube link.

NEUTRAL 818-436-0436 20 days ago

got a call back from this # and I was threatened not to keep calling them

UNSAFE 818-436-3792 21 days ago

For past 2 WEEKS they call around. 6 TIMES a DAY!!! Just now, twice this morning & then 4 TIMES in an HOUR!!! Since they NeVeR Leave a Message, I tried to answer last 2 times & it HUNG UP?!?!? So, I block my # & CB - it says, # I dialed I NOT A WORKING #!?!?! WTF??? Now I am looking up WHO??? Thanks for Info 😌

UNSAFE 818-212-9716 21 days ago

text message, unsolicited and unknown caller, wanting me to click on a YouTube video at 4:25 in the morning. Has got to be spam, phishing, or even malware. I know no one at this number, ever.

UNSAFE 818-334-2862 28 days ago

Asked my personal information like banking.

NEUTRAL 818-436-3792 about 1 month ago

just today I got 6 call from this number on my cell and 3 on home line what can I do??? it is almost the same every day.I ask every time to remove our number , no success.

NEUTRAL 818-296-1236 about 1 month ago

Resource Group called to refi my mortgage - the one I just refi'd 2 months ago.

UNSAFE 818-348-7801 about 1 month ago

Some guy said he was from Angies List looking to see if I needed a remodel.....REALLY??

NEUTRAL 818-348-7801 about 1 month ago

scam/fraud...this a...hole calls regularly without an answer or message

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    8:00 PM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

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