Area Code: 713

713 Area Code belongs to the state of Texas. The following cities fall under this area code: Alvin, Atascocita, Baytown, Channelview, Cloverleaf, Deer Park, Friendswood, Houston, La Porte, League City, Mission Bend, Missouri City, Pasadena, Pearland, Rosenberg, Spring, Sugar Land, The Woodlands. There have been a total of 81 reports for this area code.

Reports for 713

UNSAFE 713-955-5959 3 days ago

Unwanted Calls stemming from (713) 955-5959 pointed out as factor for issue reported to the FCC on 2019-02-15

UNSAFE 713-955-5959 3 days ago

A complaint was filed with the FCC on 2019-02-15 about a call from 7139555959

UNSAFE 713-242-6513 5 days ago

Someone from Texas has reported 713-242-6513 to the FCC on 2019-02-13

UNSAFE 713-242-6513 5 days ago

Grievance reported to FCC on 2019-02-13 upon receipt of telephonic interaction from 713-242-6513

NEUTRAL 713-325-0950 6 days ago

The person introduced himself as an IRS agent . He had a foreign accent and gave me some kind of badge number and started threatening me with warrants and accusations of tax fraud. He raised his voice at me when i confronted him and hung up the phone when i told him that i will report him to FBI. Pls BEWARE

UNSAFE 713-325-0950 7 days ago

Voicemail (sounded recorded) claims the U. S. government has filed a lawsuit against me after I didn't respond to their previous calls. BALONEY.

UNSAFE 713-548-9754 10 days ago

The FCC has obtained a report of unsolicited activity in Maryland coming from 713-548-9754

UNSAFE 713-589-6526 about 1 month ago

Got a call from this number Jan. 15, 2019. Was a very Am. voice saying they were calling from Microsoft as my computer was infected........... I hung up, then redialed the number. A very heavy foreign accented man answered and I told him their call was a scam and not to call again. He uttered some very untoward comments as I hung up.

UNSAFE 713-338-2173 about 1 month ago

They are scammers. They told me there's a warrant for my arrest for an unpaid debt. They wanted me to send them money. I reported them to the District Attorney's Office.

UNSAFE 713-718-4001 2 months ago

Bogus call from a woman claiming to be from a health center following up on a recent visit by myself or a loved one that might require pain relief that they could offer.

NEUTRAL 713-425-6835 2 months ago

This is a job recruiter who won't take no for answer. He called and I sent the call to voicemail because I was at work and couldn't answer it. Then he texted to ask if I got his voicemail and sent a description of the job. I told him not to text me because I didn't give him permission to send me texts. Then he sent me another text about checking my voice mail. I consider this spammy behavior. He called from: 713-425-6835 He texted from: 832-215-4889

UNSAFE 713-589-6526 3 months ago

I received a call today, Monday, 12/03/2018, from 713-589-6526 and caller id identified it as 'Unavailable.' I did not answer as I suspected it be either a scammer or telemarketer nor did they leave a message. After reading the comments here my suspicions have been confirmed it was a scam call and this number has been blocked by me.

NEUTRAL 713-955-0157 5 months ago

the're trying to get you to go on a cruise, and the do ask for your banking information.

UNSAFE 713-559-1790 5 months ago

Received the call and asked for me by name and said si (yes). I didn't think much of the call until I replied and they hung up right away. Tried calling back to the number and the line always busy.

UNSAFE 713-986-2476 6 months ago

they called my LANDLINE 3 times in the last hour claiming my icloud account has been compromised and to call them before using any apple device. I called apple and they said it was a phish trying to get info.

UNSAFE 713-986-2476 6 months ago

Called my place of business 5 times within 4 hours. After the first 2 calls I decided to connect to someone they inform me that my icloud has basically been hacked and they want me to log in to my icloud while they are on the phone. When I refused they hung up. The second time I asked why they needed me to log in (what was that going to do for them) I was told so they could run a diagnostic report, I informed them I do not have an apple icloud so why were they calling me, they hung up. The 3rd time (the same guy each and every time, he uses the name mark or jason with a heavy heavy accent) he refused to talk to me until I gave him my name so of course I gave him a crazy name and he said "thats not your real name" and then hung up on me. I have called apple and they are aware of this but if you get these calls CALL APPLE AND REPORT THIS! THEN MAKE A POLICE REPORT. This is going to be the only way to stop these harassing phone calls.

UNSAFE 713-227-1151 6 months ago

Got several recorded calls from this number threatening me if I don't respond, Since I am a retired certified fraud examiner and federal officer. and since I was bored I decided to call back and string them along. We chatted back and forth for a while and I insisted on being given an account number or specifics on the account. Needless to say these were not forthcoming. Ultimately they transferred me to their "legal department". Affter 10 minutes on hold I got bored again and went to the grocery store

UNSAFE 713-227-1151 6 months ago

These people called talking about I am under investigation if I don't respond to their request they will file a lawsuit in my county and come to my job. Told me to refer to case number blah blah blah when I call back. An automated system called.

UNSAFE 713-227-1151 6 months ago

Just received a call and I picked answered. It’s a recorded message saying I’m under investigation and this is my official notification. If I don’t make arrangements I could be arrested.

UNSAFE 713-227-1151 6 months ago

Second call asking for my husband's ex-wife. "Samantha" asked if I could relay a message to the ex-wife. She said it was regarding a pre-legal matter and gave me a case number. When I asked if the ex-wife would know what this is in regards to "Samantha" stated that "as soon as she finds out the company I am with, she will understand."

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