Area Code: 570

570 Area Code belongs to the state of Pennsylvania. The following cities fall under this area code: Back Mountain, Hazleton, Scranton, Wilkes-barre, Williamsport. There have been a total of 154 reports for this area code.

Reports for 570

UNSAFE 570-731-8540 over 1 year ago

No caller ID; called 2x today alone and multiple times in past. Looking to report these calls to federal agency.

UNSAFE 570-867-8433 over 1 year ago

another daily call from no caller ID number. Unsolicited calls.

UNSAFE 570-762-9226 over 1 year ago

no caller ID; unsolicited call

UNSAFE 570-867-8433 over 1 year ago

unwanted caller; no ID

UNSAFE 570-491-1625 over 1 year ago

Spoofed number. Annoying!

UNSAFE 570-669-3454 over 1 year ago

Called me, no message, but I am pretty sure this is Dylan or Brian from Dealer Services or Auty Warranty or whatever they are calling themselves today. They have called me from a multitude of numbers spoofing at least 6 different states and multiple numbers within states. I am on DoNotCall, have told them I have never done business with them, nor will I and I do not even own the car they want to sell a warranty for! I traded that car years ago! They start out telling me it is a courtesy call. No, JackArse, it is not. What would be courteous would be for you to stop wasting my time. Even if I needed a darned warranty I would never buy from people that are too stupid to omit numbers of DNC, and too rude to stop calling when you tell them you do not want their "services" which are not worth anything if the complaints I am reading are true. I've been blocking various numbers and they just call from other spoofed numbers. They are to be avoided at all costs!

UNSAFE 570-669-3454 over 1 year ago

Showed up as "Service Call" on called ID

NEUTRAL 570-669-3454 over 1 year ago

Showed up as "Service Call" on called ID

UNSAFE 570-478-0520 over 1 year ago

Someone from this # called me twice...All I got was extremely Heavy Breathing

UNSAFE 570-630-2005 over 1 year ago

Answered and no response

SAFE 570-576-3378 over 1 year ago

safe call

NEUTRAL 570-576-3378 over 1 year ago

Legit call. Wyndham Resorts for something I signed up for at the baseball game.

UNSAFE 570-201-0349 over 1 year ago

'Unknown Name' + 5702010349 = Credit card SCAM/FRAUD!!! The reason these maggots DON'T stop calling isn't 'just' to commit telephone harassment, which is an actual, REAL crime, but to also attempt to hack your internet to commit identity theft. Too many states are corrupt and REFUSE to flush out these commie-bastards because they are doing the bidding of the corrupters. IF you don't have a C-note lying around for a CPR 5000 call blocker, the next best thing you can do is hit TALK/ANSWER with your left thumb and then HANGUP with your right thumb as fast as you best thing to Flash-hooking them! NARC'em to your State AG!!!

UNSAFE 570-478-0520 almost 2 years ago

Voice was of an older woman, asked for my husband. When I said he wasn't here may I ask who's calling she simply hung up. SPAM

UNSAFE 570-216-8058 almost 2 years ago

Unwanted calls and a blatant refusal to remove me from their calling list

UNSAFE 570-867-8456 almost 2 years ago

Extended vehicle warranty. After telling the woman I didn't want their f-ing product, I was told they'll continue to call me because I was rude. I was polite until she said, with an attitude, "why would you want to pay out of pocket?" That's none of their business and if I wanted your product, I would've purchased it a long time ago, so, yes, now I'm going to be rude.

NEUTRAL 570-221-7959 almost 2 years ago

Rang while driving, didn't answer; don't know the number, left no message, most likely spam

NEUTRAL 570-571-0414 almost 2 years ago

Received two phone calls. One on 01/30/2018 and 01/31/2018.

UNSAFE 570-904-8997 almost 2 years ago

Called at 2:44 am waking elderly. Caller ID Scranton, PA. Did not answer.

UNSAFE 570-224-2309 almost 2 years ago

Constant calls. I have blocked this number after calling it back. The man who answered said the company is 411 info, an advertising agency. Whatever! I told him to remount number.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Wilkes Barre
  • State:
  • Timezone:
    12:15 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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