Area Code: 520

520 Area Code belongs to the state of Arizona. The following cities fall under this area code: Casa Adobes, Casa Grande, Catalina Foothills, Drexel Heights, Nogales, Oro Valley, Sierra Vista, Tucson. There have been a total of 486 reports for this area code.

Reports for 520

UNSAFE 520-438-3364 about 4 hours ago

Cancelled incoming call, researched; VoIP listed in Phoenix with a # that looks to come from Tucson. I called back and got a recording from Jennifer wanting to buy home, wants all information from time frame to name address and so on. This is the second or third time "Jennifer" has called, different phone number though.

UNSAFE 520-829-0532 2 days ago

hi good afternoon this is Joe calling for the police officers support Association sir the reason for the recorded call us at the 527 pack which supports the rights of police officers and the citizens 8.3.2020 1507

UNSAFE 520-220-4236 3 days ago

A complaint was received by the FCC on 2020-08-03 about a call from 520-220-4236

UNSAFE 520-225-7846 3 days ago

Unwanted Calls originating from (520) 225-7846 mentioned as factor for issue reported to the FCC on 2020-08-03

UNSAFE 520-222-6452 3 days ago

A consumer from California has reported 5202226452 to the FCC on 2020-08-02

UNSAFE 520-228-0207 3 days ago

Complaint reported to FCC on 2020-08-02 upon invoice of telephonic interaction from 520-228-0207

UNSAFE 520-220-8669 3 days ago

Issue 1st started on 2020-08-02 in Arizona for Unwanted Calls

UNSAFE 520-467-6008 5 days ago

I answered this call by accident; Auto Warranty Services, VoIP Tucson Az. This will be reported to FTC. Called 7.29.2020 0921

UNSAFE 520-829-3831 5 days ago

Debt collector for health services. They don't send bills through mail, but instead resort to spam calling you from multiple spoofed numbers to appear to be local. Google 'Everest Receivable Services' to read more about their harassing methods.

UNSAFE 520-900-8130 5 days ago

Debt Collector for health services. Doesn't send any bill in the mail, but instead resorts to spam calling you from multiple spoofed numbers which appear as local numbers. Google 'Everest Receivable Services' to read more about how they harass people.

UNSAFE 520-487-4940 6 days ago

Missed from this number this afternoon? Called this VoIP # back; maybe a missed number, maybe not. Four people have looked this number up today. Called back: hello hello hello

UNSAFE 520-368-0231 8 days ago

Missed call from VoIP. This is the second call for Police Officers Support Association, similar # and from a different nearby city. Robokiller has a recording of this call. Same recording as the other day. 7.28.2020 1649

UNSAFE 520-481-5253 8 days ago

Missed call, number belongs to a realtor Marcos Castillo from Omni Homes International. I found one complaint reported to FCC Oct 2019. Voicemail: is his name and name of the company. 7.28.2020 1243

UNSAFE 520-895-4148 13 days ago

Cancelled incoming call at 2:53 pm, looked it up with no results other than VoIP and 7 look-ups. I did get an outgoing message: Yes, thanks for calling back, this is Joe calling for the Police Officers....... Also, used an online dialer to call this number: Hello Hello Hello then hung up.

NEUTRAL 520-481-9820 20 days ago

So, I called this number back later in the day when I had time, a long recording in Spanish by a woman. 7.16.2020 0907. I received a call from a similar T-Mobile number the day before so I wonder if numbers are being spoofed again? A couple of years ago I kept getting call after call from T-mobile numbers one of which was mine when I was called one morning before 8am returning a missed call when I had made none.

UNSAFE 520-337-7677 20 days ago

Thank you for calling Auto Warranty services, to opt out of our services please press 1. I never opted in. I was called by this VoIP, Wilcox Az, number 1025 7.16..2020. This will be reported to FTC

NEUTRAL 520-481-5992 21 days ago

Missed call, called back no answer other than giving me the phone number and to leave a message. 7.15.2020. Suspected scam

UNSAFE 520-877-1543 22 days ago

Missed call from this Qwest landline #, called the number back: You have reached a non-working number, announcement....... 7.14.2020 about 1pm

UNSAFE 520-402-1029 25 days ago

Missed call 1541 7.11.2020, researched number, VoIP T-Mobile, called the number back: Thanks for contacting us, ,press 1 to receive a cash offer on your home, press 2 to be removed from our list. Pressing 1, they want your name, address, phone number and an agent will contact you shortly.

NEUTRAL 520-481-3580 26 days ago

I missed a call from this number this morning 7.10.2020. Called the number this afternoon: The subscriber you have called is not in service.

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