Area Code: 480

480 Area Code belongs to the state of Arizona. The following cities fall under this area code: Apache Junction, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe. There have been a total of 203 reports for this area code.

Reports for 480

UNSAFE 480-530-0471 1 day ago

A complaint for Unwanted Calls was filed with the FCC from Arizona after an unsolicited call

UNSAFE 480-305-0827 2 days ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from Casa Grande, Arizona on 2019-07-19

UNSAFE 480-643-3708 2 days ago

A complaint for Unwanted Calls was filed with the FCC from Louisiana after an unsolicited call

UNSAFE 480-408-5091 3 days ago

The FCC has received a record of unrequested activity in Arizona coming from 4804085091

NEUTRAL 480-530-6895 3 days ago

It's Jennifer at Mortgage Advisor and I have been trying to connect with you. Are you available now to chat?

UNSAFE 480-912-7950 3 days ago

Several grievances have been filed on 2019-07-18 with the FCC in regard to unsolicited phone calls from 480 912 7950

UNSAFE 480-428-3518 6 days ago

They will not talk, told I was reporting the,...again, rude not to say anything

UNSAFE 480-480-0011 8 days ago

Unwanted calls twice in last few days--no msg left, but I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. Also, the number itself is hinky:using same prefix as area code, so to me it's suspicious --like they think it'll increase their chances of booking a recipient's attention with that gimmick?

UNSAFE 480-530-0742 9 days ago

Ignorant person. Sits and listens or is busy at their extension. Freaking scam

UNSAFE 480-530-0742 9 days ago

Called last night offering to by our house. Funny all homes are not in the name of the person they ask for.

UNSAFE 480-530-0742 9 days ago

This idiot keeps calling and just sits there on the phone. Then hangs up. I called it back and it said the person on extension 150 was on the phone. I'M ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST. BUT GET 30-40 CALLS A DAY FROM DIFFERENT NUMBERS. I'M SICK OF IT.

UNSAFE 480-531-5333 10 days ago

Recording regarding bogus offer on your property. It's a scam.

UNSAFE 480-530-0742 10 days ago

These scammers say they want to buy your house. They want your financial info..

UNSAFE 480-530-0742 11 days ago

Wants to pay cash for our home

UNSAFE 480-428-8964 12 days ago

Called this morning, we did not answer it, then it called back again, gave one ring and hung up.

NEUTRAL 480-561-0996 17 days ago

This jeer, says his name is Andy, texts me to buy property that we sold months ago. Have asked him to stop contacting me but he continues.

UNSAFE 480-757-8438 19 days ago

got a text saying" Hi. My Partner drove by your property at (my actual address) We'd love to make a win-win offer. Have you thought about selling? I texted back immediately and asked who this was and how did they get my number. No response.

UNSAFE 480-757-8438 23 days ago

Unacceptable solicitation

UNSAFE 480-428-3518 23 days ago

Spam caller robocall called g give times

UNSAFE 480-757-8438 23 days ago

Got a text from this number they knew my address wanted to buy my house

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