Area Code: 215

215 Area Code belongs to the state of Pennsylvania. The following cities fall under this area code: Levittown, Philadelphia. There have been a total of 204 reports for this area code.

Reports for 215

UNSAFE 215-716-4916 1 day ago

A recipient of unwanted telephone calls has currently lodged a formal complaint concerning Unwanted Calls in Pennsylvania on 2019-05-20

UNSAFE 215-359-7890 1 day ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from Cherry Hill, New Jersey on 2019-05-20

UNSAFE 215-565-6114 2 days ago

Unwanted Calls from (215) 565-6114 prompted a complaint about this number to the FCC

UNSAFE 215-733-4170 5 days ago

I filed a report about 215 733 4170 with the FCC.

UNSAFE 215-344-2438 6 days ago

The number (215) 344-2438 was reported to the FCC on 2019-05-16 for Unwanted Calls from Maryland

SAFE 215-302-4471 7 days ago

Ambetter (Healthnet) recorded message from my insurance co reminding me to go get my screening for a medical condition.

SAFE 215-302-4471 13 days ago

Ambetter (Healthnet) recorded message from my insurance co reminding me to go get my screening for a medical condition.

UNSAFE 215-560-0296 14 days ago

So called company called my son saying they sent my son a set of tools and they are filing a claim with UPS and even threatened that the police would stop by if he doesn't pay them. First called from a Nevada number, then this one. Assuming they pulled his number from a business listing since they claimed it was tools and he had had a remodeling business.

NEUTRAL 215-515-2331 22 days ago

number calls daily

NEUTRAL 215-583-0777 about 1 month ago

Received call from this number at 9:08a on 4/12/19 stating I had won $500k and then $1m from PCH. Caller identified themselves as Mary Evans from Gordan Lane and Associates but she had a foreign accent so I was skeptical. Wanted to set up delivery schedule for Monday 4/115 between 9am and 11am. Stated to have picture ID ready for delivery person. They did have my name and wanted to know if I lived alone, was single, married or widowed and what my age. I asked her why she needed to know this and she stated I needed to have a winner's release form on file and she would be transferring to the senior attorney. I told her I felt uncomfortable with giving my personal information out over the phone an that I would speak to the senior attorney to get verification of who and why they needed that information; then she hung up on me. I followed up with PCH at 800-392-4190 regarding the scam information I outlined above. She said PCH takes this seriously and would be reporting to the FCC and law enforcement. She also gave me a website of Please DO NOT fall for this obvious SCAM!!!! Caller: Mary Evans of Gordan Lane and Associates 215-583-0777

UNSAFE 215-788-0238 about 2 months ago

Keep receiving calls from a woman that sounds like she has rocks in her mouth. These calls come around 2 - 4 AM.

UNSAFE 215-901-3418 about 2 months ago

Woman calls my house asking for a man. Claims he just called her. This happened several times before I had to block her.

UNSAFE 215-543-7073 about 2 months ago

Calls several times a week. Even though I blocked it.

UNSAFE 215-335-9830 2 months ago

This is a robocaller. Do not answer the call. Block the number. Calls daily

UNSAFE 215-335-9667 2 months ago

Robocaller Do not answer.Transcript Hello it's Daniel from the chimney cleaning company how are you today. Received several unwanted calls from this number.

UNSAFE 215-381-5865 2 months ago

Calls every other day. Let the answering machine pickup.Just says Hello, Hello. Warning from Robocall that this is a spam call. Do Not Answer.

UNSAFE 215-841-4000 2 months ago

They got our un listed number and they were told not to call.

UNSAFE 215-971-1999 3 months ago

I answered the person said my name to me and I answered back yes. Then they said data check and hung up. I know it’s going to turn out bad- they’ll use the recording for something! Block this number

UNSAFE 215-516-6540 3 months ago

Called our facility and asked for our Head of IT Dept. but gave an old contact and claimed they had been in touch recently. I knew the employee was no longer here so I asked the caller for his call back number so I could forward it to right person. He shrugged then said something unintelligible. Fortunately, our caller id recorded the #.

UNSAFE 215-278-8155 3 months ago

Caller states I will lose my eligibility for Medicare benefits

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