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877 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 166 reports for this area code.

Reports for 877

UNSAFE 877-882-0147 2 days ago

It’s a scam

NEUTRAL 877-882-0147 5 days ago


UNSAFE 877-439-8410 8 days ago

SCAM!!! Called telling me that I am being sued b/c I owe an erroneous amount of money from a company. Caller had my incorrect personal information, and the company I supposedly owed was closed over 5 years ago.

UNSAFE 877-882-0147 16 days ago

I don't even have a car. Never owned one. Ridiculous. Haven't noticed calls, but got a second letter.

UNSAFE 877-882-0147 17 days ago

They are TERRIBLE... Their letters now start with... "Our Records indicate you have received multiple notices and have not contacted us..." GET A CLUE!!! I don't want to pay into your SCAM!!! Stop wasting, paper and my time. Whenever I get a letter, I WILL CALL YOU OVER AND OVER using *67 to let you know you guys suck....

NEUTRAL 877-221-6516 20 days ago

turning off my Comcast Acct. Threat

UNSAFE 877-861-2470 21 days ago

Very clever technology. Robo call with the voice of middle-aged woman who says “I’m just glad to hear a friendly voice! That last woman reminded me of my mother-in-law!” Really?! I thought MIL jokes went out with Shecky Greene. Poses as a representative of AC Children’s Network (No, not the legit Arkansas group, which is ACCN, Arkansas Children’s Care Network). Wants to send me an envelope for a donation. Feel free to hang up. It isn’t a person on the other end.

UNSAFE 877-882-0147 22 days ago

this is a scam big time

UNSAFE 877-509-8033 22 days ago

Has called at least twice a day this week.

NEUTRAL 877-416-2521 23 days ago

Keeps calling our number on the Do NOT Call list.

NEUTRAL 877-609-5704 23 days ago

This number claims to be a division of Citibank and asks you to call 866-680-8628 regarding your accounts. If you call, the automated voice asks lots of questions which could result in identity theft. I called the customer service number on the back of my cards and they said they did not make or authorize these calls.

NEUTRAL 877-609-5704 24 days ago

calling place of employment asking for me and then hangs up.

UNSAFE 877-861-2470 25 days ago

great technology here; its a recording that can speak back to what you are saying. starts by saying "Oh it's nice to hear a friendly voice! the last person i talked to was so nasty!" but its just a stupid robocall where it says there is a "live agent" listening. DUMB PEOPLE WHO FALL FOR THIS CRAP ARE AS MUCH THE VILLAINS HERE AS THE WORTHLESS TELEMARKETERS WHO DON'T HAVE THE SKILLS OR AMBITION TO FIND A REAL JOB!

UNSAFE 877-861-2470 26 days ago

Has called 5 times in 2 days. No message and we don't answer unknown numbers

NEUTRAL 877-882-0147 28 days ago

Received a warning to renew automobile warranty. Other postings indicates this is a scam. DO NOT CALL!

UNSAFE 877-219-1996 28 days ago

Calling for someone not at this number - a complaint has been filed against you.

UNSAFE 877-861-2470 28 days ago


UNSAFE 877-541-1080 about 1 month ago

Called about business owing money for Yellow pages advertising. Large bill, claimed they had account information and would debit the charges. We haven't advertised with Yellow Pages, for years. This appears to be a scam.

UNSAFE 877-609-5704 about 1 month ago

This number is not from citibank i spoke with them and this number is not a number they would call you from!!

NEUTRAL 877-609-5704 about 1 month ago

harassing calls

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  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    5:44 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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