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877 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 66 reports for this area code.

Reports for 877

UNSAFE 877-212-8749 3 days ago

Call from Bill Johnson of Capstone Law Office claiming to be a tax attorney who was going to file a 1099 for thousands of tax dollars and fines and penalties over a supposedly unpaid Capitol One credit card in 2005 for $635...tried to con personal info out of me...all interesting as I have never had a Capitol One Visa Card in my lifetime nor would I have signed any documents with the name he cited, in 2005....I highly doubt that this dude graduated from high school...arrogant, ignorant, loud mouthed, lying, scamming, thieving, harassing, threatening, uneducated idiot with a piss poor understanding and usage of English...hang up folks and notify agencies and websites and any companies which Capstone Law claims to be representing...and you Bill, head on back to the is where you belong...

UNSAFE 877-328-9693 3 days ago

Someone user from Yonkers, New York received an unsolicited call from (877) 328-9693 and filed a complainted with the FCC

UNSAFE 877-782-8870 3 days ago

A complaint was made to the FCC on 2017-12-08 about a call from (877) 782-8870

NEUTRAL 877-826-9760 4 days ago

Called on 12-5-17 saying that my daughter had a criminal charge against her and I should call back and tell them where to find her. Didn't bite.

UNSAFE 877-882-0147 4 days ago

My wife keeps getting calls on her phone about me having a vehicle which is untrue because I do not drive. Today, I received a letter in the mail just like everyone else with fake dates dating back to 2014 and charges of 12,914.75. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!

UNSAFE 877-673-2256 5 days ago

The number 877-673-2256 was reported to the FCC on 2017-12-07 for Unwanted Calls from California

UNSAFE 877-826-9760 5 days ago

A recipient of unsolicited calls has lodged a formal complaint about Unwanted Calls in Michigan on 2017-12-07

UNSAFE 877-344-7120 5 days ago

Issue 2nd initiated on 2017-12-07 in Rhode Island for Unwanted Calls

UNSAFE 877-210-7016 5 days ago

These ppl are scammers trying to get your personnel info report them to fcc

UNSAFE 877-882-0147 6 days ago

I continue to be harassed by these same people they are relentless they don’t stop Mailing me this Crap and Calling from different numbers as well it’s DEFINITELY A SCAM smh

NEUTRAL 877-826-9760 11 days ago

told me i was f**king stupid when i asked the name of the company

NEUTRAL 877-826-9760 11 days ago

could barely understand the recording but did understand the name- it was someone that passed away last night, a family member that I haven't spoken to in years, so not sure how they got my number and the timing of the call is STRANGE. I feel this is some sort of scam.

NEUTRAL 877-826-9760 11 days ago

Calling and harassing my family members saying that there is a complaint filed against me. Very bad recording.

NEUTRAL 877-826-9760 11 days ago

Received a call on my cell phone from someone stating their name was John Lewis stating there was a complaint against a family member and to call (855) 303-5660 or else the authorities would be notified. I then received the same call to my work telephone number with the same badly recorded message.

UNSAFE 877-826-9760 12 days ago


UNSAFE 877-826-9760 12 days ago

Called my sister first who then called me. Person on the line said I needed to call because of an outstanding complaint filed against me. I called the number and spoke with Leon Reed who manages the department. He said there was a complaint against me but couldn't tell me more without seeing the file. He could not access the file without the last four of my SS# which I would not provide. He then wanted to end the call but I asked him to hold on and tell me what happens next. He said it would be passed back and would probably lead to court. I ended the call there. Such a scam. Stupid.

NEUTRAL 877-349-6074 14 days ago

someone called saying I had 48 hours to get mediation help for allegations against my birthday and Social Security

NEUTRAL 877-882-0147 21 days ago

Got a letter in the mail because of factory warranty having expired or will expire and to update the coverage. Says to call 877-882-0147. The 2nd page had $12,914.75 of repairs and fake dates going back to 2014 on what would be billed if extended warranty is not extended. Ok, so 1st of all...I don't have extended warranty information on my vehicle. Fake...Scam...Do not fall for it!

UNSAFE 877-210-7016 28 days ago

Text message saying payment method to my account invalid and to call. No idea who they are and I won't call. Spam

UNSAFE 877-804-4426 28 days ago

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  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    3:39 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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