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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

Latest Reports

UNSAFE 800-787-8565 about 10 hours ago

I got phone call from this number 4 times on 9.20/2017 at 7.56 p.m,8.28 p.m, 11.09 pm and 11.24 p.m They said that i have a problem with computer and i hang off my phone.

NEUTRAL 301-363-0868 about 12 hours ago

this number keeps calling all hours of the day and nite

NEUTRAL 813-607-5719 about 13 hours ago

no msg

UNSAFE 513-327-7481 about 14 hours ago

Called at 11:03 PM on 9/20/17. Called back and got a very strange voice "your call is very important to us, please remain on the line and you will be transferred to the next available agent."

NEUTRAL 801-759-4924 about 15 hours ago

Called, left no message. Interestingly, I blocked a different spam phone number yesterday only to have this new spam number call me today. Wonder if they are all related and when one number is blocked they use a different one to harass.

NEUTRAL 216-487-6654 about 15 hours ago

This is a total scam targeting senior citizens. A recorded voice said, "This is an emergency alert! You are a finalist in our luxury award drawing. Call us now at (216) 487-6654. It's the same number that was displayed on your Caller ID. Congratulations!" Bull$hit!

UNSAFE 844-228-0192 about 16 hours ago

I received a scan cal from this telephone number today, Sept 20, 2017, in which a message was left in my answering box stating that my Microsoft License Key has expired, and Microsoft has stopped Windows Services, and that I need to Renew my License Key by calling the number 844-228-0192. I recognized, that is was a Telephone Scam, and wanted to Report it Immediately! Thank you.

UNSAFE 561-763-0001 about 16 hours ago

Have called me over and over soliciting addiction treatment. I have asked numerous times to be taken off. The last time the guy yelled at me asking how long I had been sober. Also calling at absurd times of the day, when I'm at work or in bed.

UNSAFE 209-396-5728 about 16 hours ago

Unwanted call

UNSAFE 702-879-9839 about 16 hours ago

Selling stuff. I told them I'd been murdered recently. They hung up.

SAFE 216-226-2143 about 17 hours ago

I am the owner of this number for the past 45 years. Someone is making scam calls and spoofing my caller ID information. I have received several messages informing me of this.

UNSAFE 513-297-1154 about 17 hours ago

Irritating persistent scam

UNSAFE 206-181-1010 about 17 hours ago

Said the Government had $7,000 to give me. Asked me to confirm "first name and zip code to be sure we don't give the $$ to the wrong person." I gave a fake name & zip, he said great - you passed! Then gave me another ph# and Ref# to call to set everything up. I never called, then Henry called back to ask if I called yet. I told him no, I knew he was fake and said I called the police. He tried to argue with me, and I just repeated to say I reported him to the police and to not call me again.

UNSAFE 714-230-6284 about 17 hours ago

This number is for a company call ... Rent to own... it's a big Scam. All they are interested in is credit score and rating. Right off the bat, they ask for my social security number, birthday and name or named I have used. Said I don't have any issues, they hung up. Called back, asked for manager in charge, they put me on hold. Same person answered.

UNSAFE 773-377-4820 about 17 hours ago

Scam keep calling me

NEUTRAL 828-214-5590 about 17 hours ago

I missed the call twice and no message was left either time. I tried calling back a few times but only get a busy signal.

SAFE 814-777-2112 about 17 hours ago

Hepzibah is a minister and called me back to pray for me.

UNSAFE 510-319-3918 about 18 hours ago


NEUTRAL 786-789-6024 about 18 hours ago

Total scam/rip off about alleged Tax lawsuit and pending arrest!

NEUTRAL 202-856-6998 about 18 hours ago

Just got call few minutes ago did not answer im in Texas

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