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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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UNSAFE 845-478-9802 about 6 hours ago

Number leaves the same message as 561-763-8565 which is known to be unsafe. Claims to be Microsoft saying my information had been compromised.

NEUTRAL 124-547-8138 about 9 hours ago

No one came on the line

UNSAFE 351-888-0858 about 9 hours ago

Calls two or three times a day, never leaves a message and it is an unknown number to me from Massachusetts.

UNSAFE 419-930-9891 about 10 hours ago

Collection agency

UNSAFE 507-609-4697 about 10 hours ago

Total scam spam, they are persistent and do not leave voicemails. Block this number through your service provider. Unfortunately as you see below they will try to keep calling you from different numbers with the same area code.

UNSAFE 732-874-9262 about 10 hours ago

Calls All Day,Every Day From 7:45 am-7pm

SAFE 917-498-5924 about 11 hours ago

This is NOT an unsafe number. I made the complaint with the FCC because I received harassing phone calls at this number. That's what the complaint was about. Not unsafe calls coming from this number, you idiots! I say idiots because apparently the people are the FCC don't read the complaints people make correctly so what's the point of making them?????

SAFE 917-498-5924 about 11 hours ago

I filed a complaint with the FCC for someone calling me at this number not the other way around you idiots! What good does it do to file a complaint for harassing calls if you're going to list MY number as unsafe not the harasses. What does it take in this world to get something done right?

NEUTRAL 720-479-9451 about 12 hours ago

We have received 5 calls in 2 days from what our caller ID says is is Apple support. It is a scam they want your money. All 5 of the calls we have received from Apple are from different locations throughout the country. I have already report it to the real Apple authorities and they are working on it. Sad thing is they are using the actual phone numbers from Apple in different parts of the country. When I called to report it, they told me to always allow it to go to voice mail and never answer it.

UNSAFE 201-455-6264 about 12 hours ago

Nuisance call

UNSAFE 561-763-8565 about 12 hours ago

The Caller stated that they were Microsoft that my computer was in danger if I did call 561-763-8565 back to talk with a technical about the problem. I told them that Microsoft do not call about a problem and I ask them to give me my person code for them to enter my computer and they hung up.

UNSAFE 646-386-3600 about 13 hours ago

Called stating they are grandson, stating in accident , have bloody nose. This is the number for NY court.

NEUTRAL 909-581-4894 about 14 hours ago

This number has calls me several times a day and has been for several days. I've answered the call twice and both times it was a hang-up or silence.

UNSAFE 732-372-4532 about 14 hours ago

Called Once I didn’t answer, called straight back again so I answered guy in background must’ve butt dialed then he realized he called again says my name then says he’s from Symphony I said I don’t know who the bleep you are so don’t bleeping call again I hang up then the guy calls back again two times in a row and never leaves a voicemail message

NEUTRAL 423-380-0576 about 14 hours ago

Calls constantly. Leaves no message. What does these devils get out of this. We do not answer read outs we do recognize.

UNSAFE 202-851-6849 about 14 hours ago

Possibly a Trump Thug.

UNSAFE 971-317-8814 about 14 hours ago

they just keep calling

UNSAFE 612-314-8136 about 15 hours ago

When asked about nature of call, caller hung up.

UNSAFE 844-820-2464 about 15 hours ago

Continual Calls sometimes with phone numbers variances claiming to be either Windows are Microsoft Support...wanting to get on your computer

NEUTRAL 530-492-8183 about 16 hours ago

This number calls my house 4-6 times a day. They leave no message!

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