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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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UNSAFE 614-999-9567 3 minutes ago

Linda Linda Linda STOP!

NEUTRAL 815-940-4159 7 minutes ago

A male nothing calling from different numbers and asking for me by name. I insult him badly but he's persistant...I recognize his voice. Another uneducated AH......

UNSAFE 850-574-0888 12 minutes ago

Tried to sell malware software stating my computer was infected.

UNSAFE 210-568-9382 13 minutes ago

Called looking for my brother.

UNSAFE 305-490-6521 13 minutes ago

Called back and said he was hacking my cell phone. I was using a land line.

UNSAFE 973-841-2995 15 minutes ago

Prank spam scam and this isnt the only number they use i recieve sevreal calls week after week it does no good to block the number they just continue to call me from different

UNSAFE 916-526-1454 28 minutes ago

Scam call about Microsoft infiltration to a phone number with no associated Microsoft connection

UNSAFE 741-893-3524 30 minutes ago

heavy accented man asking about blue cross. blue shield. I asked them not to call they continue

UNSAFE 315-888-0372 37 minutes ago

Irs scam

UNSAFE 507-839-6437 40 minutes ago

These calls are coming from a bunch of bottom dwelling, scum sucking, a-moral excrement heads. The best thing you can do is either block the number or don't answer. You see, the problem is that even just answering gives them data (you know, like the calls you answer and nobody responds). It verifies that the line (your number) is still validly active. This then gets passed around the circuits for other scams to try and contact you. Also, depending on how you answer, They may not even be trying to actually talk to you. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, answer a phone call with a greeting like "Yeah, Mike speaking..." or "Yes, this is Mike, can I help you?" Two things happening here. First, NEVER say "yes", "yeah", or anything but a simple "Hello" when answering. Especially a call from an unknown caller. Many of these scams are just wanting to record your voice for other vicious misdeeds. Like ordering that 85 inch flat screen and $3000 surround sound system and having authorization for the fraudulent purchase in YOUR voice. Second, "Hello, this is Mike...", now they have confirmed your name. Even if you don't say your last name, they likely already had that anyways. Now with a name and number confirmed, they can collect/confirm more of your info easier, even if they don't get any of your info directly from you. Answering with a simple "Hello, how can I help you?" may seem a little cryptic, cold, and rude at first. But anyone living with even a vague sense of reality now days will understand. It is the only real way to answer and screen calls without potentially falling into one trap or another. I would also suggest that unless you have to have your name in your voice greeting for work or other priority reasons, then just go with a simple and generic "sorry I missed your call... leave a name, #,.... and so on..." kind of voice greeting. It is an increasing thing that some of the scammers are actually hoping to go to your voice mail. Again, because it is still data for them. Or they might even be recording your voice greeting to dissect the recording to use your words, in your voice, for there deeds. And now, the IRS scammers (and some others) are even leaving a message for you. This is duping a lot of people right now, because, "Since when did these scammers start leaving messages? It must be legit!?!?" Well it's NOT!!! I am not expecting every one to google every number that calls them. But, with even just following the advice from this posting, you can decrease your chances of being scammed by an impressive amount. I did not mean to publish an article here, but I also can't stand back and watch the scams continue without at least trying to fight back. If just one person is spared the head ache and burden of being scammed because of my posting, than my mission is accomplished. Please, please, please feel free to cut, copy, and paste this to other scam number report postings. This all applies to any scam call you get from any number. Lets band together as the proud, hard working, English speaking, tax paying, contributors to American greatness that we are and stop these thieving low life human waste scum bags from continuing to prey upon us!

UNSAFE 312-288-3009 about 1 hour ago

It’s a Scam

NEUTRAL 866-882-6222 about 1 hour ago

Scam Number

NEUTRAL 646-396-7392 about 1 hour ago

A name Mike Smith with Indian accent offered a loan, pretend to be from US bank. Be aware! scammers.

UNSAFE 305-490-6521 about 1 hour ago

Sells hearing aides, but tells you he is getting personal info from your phone and laughs.

UNSAFE 876-302-8272 about 1 hour ago

Caller says Publisher Clearing House. 2.4 & $5000 mo. plus free Pickup Truck!... Then wants .01 for taxes / $699.99.. FRAUD!!!

NEUTRAL 203-286-8022 about 1 hour ago

I believe this was a phishing attempt. This woman called to tell me they have received some notifications of a security breach on my PC. I told her I don't have a PC, I have a Mac. She was not able to explain herself, and instead was repeating herself about how they had some alerts for my computer. I asked her how is it possible that you have all this information about my computer, but you didn't know what kind of computer I had until I told you. Don't give any personal information!

UNSAFE 814-250-0948 about 1 hour ago

Women stated that she hoped I have nicer than her previous contact because they were as mean as her mother in law. Very unprofessional. Kept interrupting me then just hung up on me.

NEUTRAL 741-893-3524 about 1 hour ago


UNSAFE 702-823-5312 about 1 hour ago

Scum scammer ... BLOCKED ... never to be heard from again

UNSAFE 800-279-9179 about 2 hours ago

Getting calls from this utter scam of a number. I have no student loans.

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