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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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UNSAFE 987-321-4560 2 minutes ago

Everyday I get a call from this number. I pick it up and nothing or no one says anything. Very creepy.

UNSAFE 585-200-5483 4 minutes ago

Some guy pretended to talk to me and then asked for my information

UNSAFE 786-322-3425 11 minutes ago

Calls 10 times a day

UNSAFE 800-710-5189 14 minutes ago

Instant hang-up.

UNSAFE 855-433-0666 18 minutes ago

Needs to be disconnected - old people have problem answering - unsafe!!

UNSAFE 914-205-6908 20 minutes ago

continues to call, told me to F off when I told him an employee doesn't work here

UNSAFE 855-433-0666 20 minutes ago

Calls over and over and hangs.....charges should be filed!!!

UNSAFE 805-825-2023 22 minutes ago

An unwanted call from this Arroyo Grande VOIP number was received. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a sure sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. The website has flagged this number as "scam or fraud." Case closed!

UNSAFE 000-068-6280 27 minutes ago

This # has called an average of 5-6 times a day FOR A WEEK. i only answered once to hear a loud "beep tone" & hung up quickly. should i report to Verizon? is it a hacker? what the hell is it????

UNSAFE 805-464-6464 about 1 hour ago

An unwanted call from this Atascadero VOIP number recently arrived. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a sure sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. Preadators like these are why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS.

UNSAFE 908-340-6777 about 1 hour ago

An African sounding male calls and yells at us. Sometimes he calls seven times in a row. He demands our personal data to "lower energy costs". He clearly enjoys harassing my family. Even my six year old has had conversations with him. We had to file our number with the Do Not Call list due to this man.

UNSAFE 219-866-6912 about 1 hour ago

Called me at 7:25 a.m. from some loan company. Never applied for a loan

UNSAFE 352-529-2699 about 2 hours ago

calls 3 to 5 times a day. I have it blocked in my cellphone but they still try.

NEUTRAL 248-600-4110 about 2 hours ago

You only have an option to be removed or to connect to an agent which never happens.

NEUTRAL 212-302-1047 about 2 hours ago

Caller ID says Motion Picture, thick accent female claimed to be calling about durable medical goods. Definitely seemed off.

UNSAFE 307-464-3934 about 2 hours ago

Unwanted c alls and trxts

UNSAFE 209-421-0839 about 2 hours ago

Report to carrier "Peerless Networks at 888-662-7757"

UNSAFE 704-585-8987 about 3 hours ago

Repeat caller, but refused to discuss company name

UNSAFE 425-986-5321 about 5 hours ago

Called @ 645AM. shut them down

UNSAFE 507-555-9876 about 8 hours ago


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