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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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NEUTRAL 202-239-1689 8 minutes ago

This call came from an automated female voice stating, "The IRS is filing a lawsuit against you." They proceed in giving a phone number. Very polite but definitely a scam. No explanation what the call is about and why we should be getting sued. We pay all our bills and taxes to the penny. Beware! Do not ever give your Social Security number no matter who is calling.

NEUTRAL 214-273-2627 12 minutes ago

i have had enough of this number calling me everyday and on the weekends...plz make them stop

UNSAFE 330-615-1529 18 minutes ago

Three weeks ago I received a call from this number, I answered and a man with a middle-Eastern accent asked for me. I acknowledged and then he asked for me again. I acknowledged the second time, and he proceeded to ask again. I disconnected the call and they have since called twice a day. I added the number to my blocked caller list and the number leaves a voicemail, but doesn't say anything-just hangs up

UNSAFE 732-360-5987 34 minutes ago

I keep getting calls from this number and they hang up on the answering machine but from everything I have read they are scammers. They come up as a verizon landline from Old bridge, N.J. I would start by calling Verizon repeatedly and complaining.

UNSAFE 516-447-5663 about 1 hour ago

Called telling me I have "Grant money"... like 10 grand worth that I never applied for. They gave me the activation number and this phone number. I didn't call back... if you didn't apply for the "grant" then you didn't get one... it's an obvious scam.

UNSAFE 263-225-8975 about 1 hour ago

Received this call NUMEROUS times and they said they were from the FTC and wanted to refund $200 for computer services I had from a questionable company. I spoke to a supervisor on 2 occasions asking what computer services and from whom. The supervisor and gentleman to called just keep repeating themselves and don't answer my questions. They say they don't need a credit card or bank acct number, but want to refund electronically. That isn't possible with out a credit card or bank acct number. They eventually hang up.

UNSAFE 337-242-8534 about 1 hour ago

This number has called my number numerous times, they never leave a message. If you answer the call there is no one on the there. These phone calls are taking over people's lives, including my own. PLEASE, PLEASE stop these calls

UNSAFE 813-607-2477 about 1 hour ago

It has to be a robo caller cause I get them at all hours of the day from different numbers and they all say the same thing. They have multiple numbers from the 813 area code.

NEUTRAL 845-579-0351 about 2 hours ago

Never answer their calls, better block it aspa, as they record your number and will call you back again and again for years to come.

UNSAFE 319-320-1009 about 2 hours ago

calls often, no message

UNSAFE 281-203-6870 about 3 hours ago

constantly calling every 15 minutes saying they need info on my Apple account

NEUTRAL 800-864-8909 about 4 hours ago

Took a loan application from me, then never follow-up with the rest of the application, maybe they will later but not when they said they would

UNSAFE 501-254-6662 about 5 hours ago

targeting Dems

NEUTRAL 407-745-3194 about 6 hours ago

called me about time share

UNSAFE 631-228-7354 about 6 hours ago

Automated call saying there is a lawsuit filed against me and I need to respond. Even called twice.

UNSAFE 904-274-8586 about 6 hours ago

it's under investigation...ftc

UNSAFE 931-208-4832 about 6 hours ago

Anti abortionists calling to harrass and beg for money. Asked to be removed from the list and they hung up on me.

UNSAFE 855-906-5181 about 6 hours ago

Left message to "finish ur application for $75 an hour job, posting links on facebook & google." i never applied to, or heard of, this company.

UNSAFE 855-906-5181 about 6 hours ago

Left message to "finish ur application for $75 an hour job, posting links on facebook & google." i never applied to, or heard of, this company.

UNSAFE 803-281-8673 about 7 hours ago

Has called nine times in the last ten days. I don't pick up calls I don't recognize, but since this was so persistent I looked them up on the internet - thanks for assuring me that this number is unsafe.

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