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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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UNSAFE 205-217-3696 about 8 hours ago

said so n so is in jail

NEUTRAL 205-217-3696 about 8 hours ago

said so n so was in jail

UNSAFE 707-415-7836 about 8 hours ago

Scam bug....telemarketing buying some info regards to debt collectors?

NEUTRAL 704-871-2179 about 8 hours ago

Microsoft support scam. Person who sounds like he's in an Indian call center called saying we have trouble with our computer and he's from Microsoft.

NEUTRAL 520-391-2316 about 8 hours ago

Reported to TPD, AG, FCC, FTC and TEP

UNSAFE 520-391-2316 about 8 hours ago

Threats to turn off power if $1500 not paid in green dot Mastercards, when questioned they let the vulgarities fly

UNSAFE 210-714-7332 about 9 hours ago

A person stated someone had filed a complaint against me..I told him, "that's fine" and hung up. This has happened 4 times before.

NEUTRAL 877-218-6430 about 9 hours ago

I get at least one call daily. No message left. For 2 weeks now.

UNSAFE 209-498-8892 about 9 hours ago

This number calls several times per day, and the caller states that he is with the IRS. He goes on to say that there are four serious allegations against me and that if I don’t return his call before their deadline, that I will be taken into custody by local police. Note that the IRS will never call a taxpayer to talk to them about a problem.

UNSAFE 206-400-2884 about 9 hours ago

This caller claims to be with "Amazon Security", It's a Phishing Scam, a boiler room operation. If they use your proper name, as they did in my case, it would sound logical that the could have access to "Amazon's User Database", so taking steps to secure your account, may be warranted. They are accepting "Inbound Calls" at this time, So, back tracing is possible. I would report this matter to the FTC and the FBI Cyber Crime Division.

UNSAFE 408-961-1560 about 10 hours ago

Obvious spam and probably phishing for credit card numbers

UNSAFE 484-212-1670 about 10 hours ago

calling everyday 2 to 3 times a day! They say they want to talk to the person who does the electric bill. I informed them that we rent, their response oh sorry hung up.Still calling!

UNSAFE 323-484-7487 about 10 hours ago

Calls every day but we don't answer.

NEUTRAL 201-204-0500 about 10 hours ago

I received 5 calls from this # in a 15-20 minute period. They left a message saying my apple I cloud account has been compromised and hit #2 to talk to talk to a tech

UNSAFE 443-465-7397 about 11 hours ago

I received the same scam call. Accidentally called them back (I was trying to block their number) and someone picked up after one ring. I asked to be removed from their call list and the person on the other end said "no." I asked again to be removed from their list and the person told me "I will call you again and again and again." This is ridiculous!

UNSAFE 240-204-8264 about 11 hours ago


UNSAFE 954-674-6657 about 12 hours ago

I tried to get a loan from them and they want my bank pin and I did not says yes or no. they gointo your bank and put in half one day and then take it ALL OUT THE NEXT DAY.

UNSAFE 877-218-6430 about 12 hours ago

I answered because I was expecting a phone call from a company, and when I answered, they hung up! When I call back, a voice says, good bye!!!

UNSAFE 903-266-7050 about 12 hours ago

call and hung up

UNSAFE 928-683-1529 about 12 hours ago

medical fraud

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