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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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UNSAFE 312-392-5186 about 6 hours ago

Left message and Said God Bless You

NEUTRAL 661-670-2562 about 9 hours ago

JGI's phone number of 661-670-2562 supposedly is a number from California. But with today's spoofing capabilities, who knows where this # really originates from. Jane Goodall Institute is in Vienna, Virginia with area codes of Virginia being 703 & 571. JGI also stands for U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (DOE JGI), located in Walnut Creek, California; but their number is not the one listed above. Also, JGI is a fully licensed and insured Ohio Private Investigation firm serving the Northwest Ohio region. For the last five years, I've rec'd phone calls from JGI but with many different area codes & phone numbers. I'm thinking JGI was hired to look for David Bedonie who must have had my phone number before me. A few creditors have left messages....seems he owes A LOT of people A LOT $$$$. GM Finance wanted to talk to him and Crystal. I'm guessing a car dealership sold him a car and no payments have been made. Either this guy owes major bucks from five years ago and/or $$$ from five years through today. Places keep lending him $$$, letting him buy cars, etc. without really checking his credit record. If JGI is looking for this person, you'd think JGI would learn after 5 years that David Bedonie does NOT have this phone number.

NEUTRAL 631-760-0160 about 9 hours ago

Over last three days I have received multiple calls from 631-760-0160, 516-739-8540, 609-343-4720, 603-391-0180, 513-826-3620, 763-656-5010, 603-328-3140, 908-547-3800, 609-343-4720. The incoming call number changes with each call. All leave the same message to call the toll free number 716-442-3340 as my Apple devices have a security breach and I need to call immediately. Sorry to tell them I do not have any Apple or iCloud devices. SCAM, FRAUD. Seems to be spoofing various legitimate Apple store numbers.

UNSAFE 360-339-4606 about 11 hours ago

Robo call about arrest warrant from IRS, and lawsuit. Said to call this number. Obviously these people do net watch the news, or they would know the IRS does not call.

NEUTRAL 206-641-7359 about 12 hours ago

Called March 21. Said they were from American Veteran association asking for donations.

UNSAFE 714-884-2066 about 12 hours ago

This number shows up on my caller ID with RICOH AMERICAS shown as name calling at 3:47 PM 3/20/2018. Did not recognize caller so I did not answer call and caller left no message. Signs of possible scam!

UNSAFE 302-319-3559 about 12 hours ago

Scammer about illegal phone service

UNSAFE 855-755-1926 about 13 hours ago

Called twice. Said that they have a $399.99 refund for us because they are no longer able to protect my computer Microsoft software from attack. To qualify, I have to give them access to the computer to verify something. I never ordered any protection for Microsoft software. When I asked them who they were, they deflected.

NEUTRAL 315-329-6852 about 13 hours ago

Someone called me from this same number

NEUTRAL 513-449-9986 about 13 hours ago

keep calling

NEUTRAL 855-687-8444 about 13 hours ago

recording claims to be Microsoft, and that my Windows software will terminate if I fail to call back.

UNSAFE 212-630-2005 about 13 hours ago

I received a call and a voicemail from the number threatening with my family member life if I would not get amount of money.

NEUTRAL 755-434-8962 about 13 hours ago

scam telemarketer

NEUTRAL 510-256-8890 about 13 hours ago

When I called back I get “the number you have dialed is not in use”. They called me & said they were “Clean It Green” in Oakland, CA. My phone says Crockett, CA, they wanted to set up an appt for “furnace” etc.

UNSAFE 444-308-1558 about 13 hours ago

scam telemarketer

UNSAFE 594-348-1137 about 13 hours ago

scam telemarketer

UNSAFE 594-348-1137 about 13 hours ago

scam telemarketer

NEUTRAL 430-228-4868 about 13 hours ago

I did a quick search and the number was linked to Telnyx LLC. I assume it's just a marketer looking to make a sale.

UNSAFE 202-866-7519 about 14 hours ago

unwanted call and no message

UNSAFE 509-892-5869 about 14 hours ago

Called me from a "local" number, about my credit 1 to talk to an agent, so I did. I asked to be removed and hung up. They called back from this number... She cussed me out, made comments about my kids in the background and said that she was going to make me change my number.

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