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Call Detective provides a platform to expose scammers and spammers. The tools provided by Call Detective will allow you to track, comment and report all types of phone numbers. Our advanced reverse phone lookup service collates information from governments and associations so you can expose phone spam. If you received a suspicious call or text share your experience with the community to avoid your friends, family and others telephone harassment.

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UNSAFE 509-593-8699 about 1 hour ago


UNSAFE 651-762-3474 about 2 hours ago

Do not let this con artist to get in your PC, will hold it at ransom til you send $

UNSAFE 651-762-3474 about 2 hours ago

After arguing I did not want calls from this dude, I asked what I have to do on my end to stop the calls. I was told to send him $98.00 for the calls to stop. Gave him a piece of my mind, but now getting 3 phone calls from him per hour. If the FCC got a complaint, they have done nothing to stop this human debris scumbag!!!

UNSAFE 843-364-3253 about 3 hours ago

Got this in a text (843) 364-3253: Congratulations! You have received a cashiers check of $765,500 from the UN-Habitat Settlement. Contact [email protected] for claim

NEUTRAL 254-236-7499 about 3 hours ago

they will call several times a day every day! I won't answer the call any more

UNSAFE 434-214-4637 about 4 hours ago

Cold Calling Cell Phone Company

UNSAFE 789-550-6235 about 4 hours ago

says he's from microsoft

NEUTRAL 407-212-4612 about 4 hours ago

They called twice while I was running errands: at 3:06 and 3:08 PM. They didn't leave a call either time. The number matches the first 6 digits of my own, which means it's probably spoofed. They called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List. They called on a Saturday afternoon, though I suppose if they're violating the Do Not Call list and spoofing their number then calling on a weekend doesn't concern them either.

NEUTRAL 877-882-0147 about 5 hours ago

Received a warning to renew automobile warranty. Other postings indicates this is a scam. DO NOT CALL!

NEUTRAL 651-762-3474 about 5 hours ago

Same here. Had 6 calls the past 3 days. "Mike" (with a middle eastern accent) says he's calling to fix my computer. I keep telling him I am not interested, but he keeps calling! My phone number is on the National "do not call list".

NEUTRAL 302-316-9259 about 6 hours ago

A woman's voice. “ Someone is trying to hijack your computer and trying to steal your personal information. If it's not fixed right away then your computer will become obsolete and all of your credential information got compromised and if you are the one who is using Microsoft Windows on your computer than please call 302-316-9259 or press 1 now to speak to the security team now. Please ignore if we called you by mistake. Thanks.”

UNSAFE 747-229-0085 about 6 hours ago


UNSAFE 877-219-1996 about 8 hours ago

Calling for someone not at this number - a complaint has been filed against you.

UNSAFE 980-260-1014 about 8 hours ago


NEUTRAL 844-425-1803 about 8 hours ago

Numerous calls from this number, but no one is ever on the other end.

UNSAFE 876-803-2700 about 8 hours ago

Saying I won a Mercedes and $400,000.

NEUTRAL 916-866-1431 about 9 hours ago

called, left no message. return call said "all circuits are busy"

UNSAFE 845-478-9925 about 11 hours ago

I have received 5 calls over the last two weeks. Sounds like a person from India. (Man) No phone # & he would not give me one. Received another call Thursday 3 /22/18 (Recorded womans voice) She left the 845 478 9925 #, She made reference to the 4 previous calls. Just

NEUTRAL 385-489-5449 about 12 hours ago

Repeat calls and hangs up when you say hello

UNSAFE 407-627-1213 about 12 hours ago

Scammers with some story about credit card services. they left a voice mail which was surprising.

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