Area Code: 360

360 Area Code belongs to the state of Washington. The following cities fall under this area code: Bellingham, Bremerton, Lacey, Longview, Marysville, Mount Vernon, North Marysville, Olympia, Vancouver. There have been a total of 58 reports for this area code.

Reports for 360

UNSAFE 360-355-9829 about 1 hour ago

Tw Telecom Of Oregon LLC - OR

NEUTRAL 360-355-9829 about 1 hour ago

Tw Telecom Of Oregon LLC - OR

UNSAFE 360-338-7515 about 3 hours ago

Not safe

UNSAFE 360-117-7000 about 3 hours ago

Supposed to be treasury department paying out grant money not asked for. Just call back to a supervisor and verify and you get $9000.00.

UNSAFE 360-849-8996 about 3 hours ago

Supposed to be treasurey department Washington DC supervisor to pay out grant money. This is the fourth time they called. other numbers used - 360-117-7000, 202-661-0321

UNSAFE 360-230-9346 3 days ago

A complaint was filed with the FCC on 2017-12-08 about a call from 3602309346

UNSAFE 360-612-0647 3 days ago

Complaint reported to FCC on 2017-12-08 upon receipt of telephonic interaction from 360 612 0647

UNSAFE 360-739-1943 3 days ago

Issue 1st started on 2017-12-08 in Washington for Unwanted Calls

UNSAFE 360-677-3711 3 days ago

The FCC received a complaint for Unwanted Calls from Bellingham, Washington on 2017-12-08

UNSAFE 360-209-3728 4 days ago

A complaint was received by the FCC on 2017-12-07 about a call from 360-209-3728

NEUTRAL 360-572-6206 5 days ago

I just get a call from this number. The person who call didn't say his name etc. He just went straight to ask me if I have a car insurance, because He can save me 200+ each month etc. Then he asked me for my zipcode and I gave him my zip then he stated that there is no agent available at the moment to attend me and he hang up...? I didn't ask for attention or anything so what he is talking about 😂

UNSAFE 360-612-0647 5 days ago

Claimed to be IRS legal department, Said I'd be arrested if I didn't call this number

NEUTRAL 360-572-6206 6 days ago

seemed to be fishing for information. claimed to save you on insurance payment working with the major insurance company's. Wanted to get my info. I asked what this was for and she hung up.

UNSAFE 360-447-8815 7 days ago

Said they were from the "Government Administration" of Health & Human Services then also said they were from the Grant department. They were asking for my 6 year old son's fake name we use when we register him on online kid video games so I know that's where they bought the information. Argued with them on a number of calls and then when I told them I was involving the police because they were trying to get info from a child they hung up. 5 min later a "supervisor" called me to explain they were from the government in Washington DC. The more I argued the more they argued. I told them if they tried to reach my child again I would hunt them down and chew off their fingers until they couldn't dial anyone anymore.

UNSAFE 360-601-7104 19 days ago

Recorded voice trying to tell me it's my credit card company when it's clearly a local cell phone number

UNSAFE 360-115-5000 25 days ago

I receive calls from different numbers a few times per week. I have never answered it because it says, "Invalid Number". Today, 11/16/17 I received one at 12:19 PM. I've received the same from 1-307-453-8756 on 11/10/17 at 11:19 AM - 3 times in a row in 1 minute! Also, 11-914-778-1290 11/3/17 at 10:21 AM, and 1-808-777-8888 on 11/7/17 at 2:02 PM. They all say "Invalid Number", and the 808# says "Blank". Thank to the reports above, I am glad I did not answer. PLEASE do not believe these people when they say you have received a 'grant' from the 'government'. You must apply for a grant, they do not 'give ' them away!!!

UNSAFE 360-115-5000 26 days ago

This number calls me 3 times a week. The person says I was chosen to receive a $9000 great from the US Government. This happens all the time. So, I play their game with them, and act surprised! Example: "Wow, I can sure use the money!" So, they give you a number to call to claim the money either through money Gram or direct deposit. If you choose money gram, you will be told to go to Walmart CVS Publix etc to buy a registration card (Visa master card. They say to pay $900 for that card and you'll be refunded back the money with the $9,000 grant... What a joke they are...

UNSAFE 360-447-8815 27 days ago

They called probably 5 times today. The one I answered they said I won a grant of 9000. They want me to update some information. Don't do it.

UNSAFE 360-209-3535 27 days ago

Just had a call from this number saying I need to call them back because there are many allegations against me & that the cops will be showing up to arrest me. It was an automated voice.

UNSAFE 360-355-9829 28 days ago

They are sayin they b irs. They want yr bank account and routing or credit card

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