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NEUTRAL 8 months ago

Calling to reach person with a different middle initial than mine. After reading prior comments I will not respond ... a scam of some type?

NEUTRAL 8 months ago

They called my fiancé and left a message that had her really unnerved. She's fighting brain cancer right now and really doesn't need the extra stress.

UNSAFE 8 months ago

Said they had court case against my grandson. Said would be serving him paper if we didn't call back and settle. Big laugh on them is he is only 7. F them.

UNSAFE 8 months ago

They called my son and said I was under investigation and had been served papers but wanted to know how to get in touch with me. The first call was a robot call with the 859 return number and bogus case number. My son called them and the woman was rude and hung up. I reported them to the federal government's hotline at 800-366-4484

UNSAFE 8 months ago

they called said a pending lawsuit was going to happen with wage garnishments. I told them I would have my lawyer contact them.

UNSAFE 8 months ago

This is a SCAM!! Begins with a recorded message and upon call back a VERY rude female be to berate and insult me.

UNSAFE 8 months ago

Issue 16th started on 2018-10-12 in Colorado for Unwanted Calls

UNSAFE 8 months ago

I filed a report about 859-474-8233 with the FCC.

NEUTRAL 9 months ago

Caller, without identfying themselves, pretends to have a court case (with a fake number) which requires the victim to immediately call this number (NOT the number displayed on Caller ID!!) to confirm an "order of process". DON'T BUY IT! DO NOT RETURN THEIR CALL! IGNORE THEIR THREATS.

UNSAFE 9 months ago

Robocall same as everyone else is saying that there's several complaints pending against my husband. I don't know how they got his daughters number insane. It's a scam

NEUTRAL 9 months ago

They have been calling and calling. I finally called back, laughed and asked them when will they be serving me so I can make sure I am home. They hung up, I just called again as they called me, she hung up on me and said I was rude. I called back and asked why are they trying to rip people off...Hung up on me again

UNSAFE 9 months ago

Called for wrong person. Told them more then once, but they keep calling

UNSAFE 9 months ago

Do not let their laughable calls where half computer prerecorded threats and warnings of this is your only chance to negotiate w their “client’s several pending lawsuits against you” as they will verify you and your adddress, employment et al, and they will serve lawsuit judgments on you. Lol! Foolishness

NEUTRAL 9 months ago

monica gill being served ..who the hell is this?? stop calling our number in Illinois .You have the wrong number you moron! If the number has been reported to FCC why no action? Every day they call our number and leave message.

UNSAFE 9 months ago

watch out they all want 💰 this time of year

Information for 859-474-8233

859-474-8233 Information

Location: Bellevue, KY
Company: Tw Telecom Of Ohio LLC - OH
Community Comments: 8
Report Type: 0 Safe Reports. 8 Unsafe Reports.
FCC Reports: 16 Unsafe Reports.
Latest rating: 10/29/2018

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FCC Reports for 859-474-8233

Reports filed to the US FCC Government Agency

FCC complaints for 859-474-8233 (16 complaints)

Other consumers have reported this number 16 times to the FCC. The most common reported issues were Unwanted Calls but 859-474-8233 has also been reported for . Reports have been made by users in 10 states (Colorado, Ohio, New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Washington, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, and Alabama) Most recently this number was reported on October 12, 2018

Warning! Several people have complained about this number. It has been reported to the FCC and several other US scam agencies. This number has been on the FCC's blacklist for about 1 month.

Number Details

  • Phone Type:
    Land Line
  • City:
    Kentucky (Bellevue, KY)
  • Area Code:
  • Timezone:
    11:07 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))
  • Company:
    Tw Telecom Of Ohio LLC - OH

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