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NEUTRAL 1 day ago

Adriane was very helpful to me. She's not the one committing the fraud.

SAFE 1 day ago

My name is Adriane Fisher and my business name is called Topic LTK LLC. I understand there are consumers that have a complaints due to unauthorized payments. I'm E-commerce agent and my business deals with payment processing from a service that customers pay for. Some customers are using unauthorized bank account information to purchase the service in which I have no control over. I don't have the customers bank account information nor do I want to have access of their bank accounts. However, I'm here to work with the customers because I understand how frustrating it may be when someone take your bank information without your authorization. My company Topic LTK LLC has proof of authorization for all transactions and refunds all disputed transactions. I will need the check number to issue the refund and the consumer may reach out to their banking institution to get the IP address from where the fraudulent activities happen and the email address that was use to purchase the service. The consumer may have their banking institution to contact our customer support at: 844-205-7548 to retrieve information. Once I have your check number, I will contact my banking institution to make sure the amount was debited. Topic LTK LLC is legit business and I don't commit any fraudulent activities what so ever of any kind. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause for the consumer and all other consumers that are victim of fraudulent activities. You may call me at 855-218-6239 and my email address is [email protected] Please don’t call threatening my life or my family’s life I will report it to the police. Thank you, Topic LTK LLC

SAFE 2 days ago

I was beyond pissed off. Come to find out the IP address that was used was in Asia and they apprehended my bank account information to purchase a service by Topic LTK. Once I gave Topic LTK my check number she requested for me the IP address and the email address from customer service. She’s legit business and she’s trying to help. My refund did return to my bank and she did make sure my total amount of $33.45 was debited from her BOA banking institution and return back to my account.

SAFE 2 days ago

Look here dumbass people who complaining this is a fraudulent company!!!! Call you bank and asked them for the IP address and email that was used for the bank transactions. You all tearing a company apart but you all aren’t using common sense. Thank you Topic LTK for enlighten me about the IP address and email address. I To was thinking you was fraudulent until I spoke to a live a person, received an email what IP address took my bank account information and email address that was use. Thinking about it... If people can hack into hospital records, government security, what makes you dumbass special????

NEUTRAL 2 days ago

This business isn’t a scam or fraudulent. I called Topic LTK. I gave her my check number and the amount. Topic LTK gave me the IP address and email who did the fraudulent activities on my bank account. They are a PAYMENT PROCESSING nothing bad about this COMPANY. Thank you Topic LTK for assisting me finding these bastards taking my bank account information.

SAFE 2 days ago

People that got scam please call to get the IP address and email account from Topic LTK. They are payment processing business not a company taking bank account information. Somebody use my banking information for a monthly subscription of porn.

SAFE 3 days ago

Topic Ltk a payment processing company took out 39.22. I reached out to the person responsible for my unauthorized amount. Adrian let me know when I gave her my check number what IP address and email account was used. Someone in my state got my information and was purchasing porn through porn website. I’m waiting on my refund and reporting the IP address who took my bank account information.

SAFE 3 days ago

I unfortunately was scam. I reach out to Topic LTK she/he got my check number and I was told she/he would call me back. Less than 10 minutes I received a phone call. She/he gave me the IP address and email that was used to purchase with my banking information. Come to find out, when I mention to best friend what happen and the email address that was used under my name he was ex-boyfriend purchasing porn!!!!!!!! For my understanding, Topic LTK is a payment processing business. They don’t have bank accounts or information of the people that were charge. They work under different merchants. I’m not calling this a SCAM for the fact I called and reach out to someone who was willingly to help with my unauthorized amount of 29.87. By the way, my refund was return back to my banking institution as well.

UNSAFE 3 days ago

Same here. They got my routing number from somewhere and wrote an electronic check against my account. The only new payee I've written a check to is the IRS....Anyone else write them a check lately?

UNSAFE 3 days ago

Theses guys have the nerve to have a bbb account. Be sure to let them know how you feel. bbb.org/us/md/jessup/profile/computer-developers/topic-ltk-llc-0011-90351266

NEUTRAL 3 days ago

Same story as the others. This is a scam company. How are they able to get away with this??? Had to close my bank account to get my money back.

NEUTRAL 3 days ago

Called the number on a check that they ran thru my account for a website. I did not authorize. The person that answered the phone said that they would reimburse in 7 - 10 days. With the information I see here, I think I'll have my bank return the check.

UNSAFE 5 days ago

here's what I have found out: Looking at some of the notes on this sight, the person, Adriane Denise Fisher, B/F, DOB 06/19/1977, lives in 2412 Merrit Dr #409, Jessup, MD 20794; possible number 410-874-8431. I have not checked FB yet. Vehicles registered in her name: Jeep Wrangler, 9808 Feathertree Terr, Apt G, Montgomery Village, MD 20886 and Dodge Stratus located 1617 Red Cedar Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33907. I am still waiting for funds to be reimbursed to me. Be vigilant in getting your money back! Maybe if enough of us have evidence of this fraud, she will get arrested.

NEUTRAL 6 days ago

I noticed this on my checking account, called the number on check immediately...told me that I signed up for a monthly website...which I did NOT. I notified my bank, they refunded the funds. I have continued to call them for a refund (May 2nd, 2019) and still have not received it. I call every 3 to 4 days and document who I talk to, date and time.. I have called 5 times and as of now, May 18th, still no refund. I will continue to call them and document who I talk to, what they tell me, and who knows maybe someone else will contact me and get a class action fraud suit against these people. TOPIC LTK, LLC is a fraud company, and although the amount ($33.24) may not be a lot, imagine how many people do not pay attention to their accounts and they get away with this stealing. I will look up the Adrian Fisher info others have provided and repost more updated info. This stealing and internet scamming has to stop. The only way it will is if we all come together and go after them. My advice is to keep pressing forward and do not stop trying to get your money back. Please contact me for any info or any further steps to take.

UNSAFE 8 days ago

I also had a fraudulent check made from Topic LTk llc made from my checking account. supposedly billing solutions is reimbursing me ..but ive yet to see any money ..3 weeks later now. and now my bank is shutting down my account and this is a huge pain ! how do we turn them in ??

UNSAFE 8 days ago

This loser “ 3rd party” billing company used a draft check to take out $ from my bank account. I called this # and they couldn’t say who the charge came from. Now I need to cancel my account to protect my funds. We need to report this jerk, losers to the correct authorities.

NEUTRAL 10 days ago

Same complaint! Called number on electronic check and person couldn't tell me who the company was just that I was being billed for a 30-day web site subscription. I'm going to go dispute the charge and tell my bank to never permit this kind of charge again without first contacting me.

UNSAFE 10 days ago

same story..I saw electronic check...I called the Customer Service number who claimed to be a 3rd party billing company for LTK LLC...She said I was being billed for a monthly subscription but did not know what it stood for. She said she was going to credit the subscription to my account and I should receive a credit in to 14 days but I am going to dispute it instead.....How did they get my info????

UNSAFE 10 days ago

Same as others took money out of my account with an electronic check that i did no authorize.

UNSAFE 14 days ago

Took money from my account without my authorization.

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