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Reports for 609-960-0606

UNSAFE 5 days ago

Grievance 8th started on 2019-04-17 in Illinois for Unwanted Calls

UNSAFE 5 days ago

After an unsolicited call 609 960 0606 was reported by someone from New York

NEUTRAL 11 days ago

Asked For my name. Hard to understand. Hung up

UNSAFE 11 days ago

This number called and asked for me by name in a normal voice and then once I picked up the phone he switched to a heavy middle eastern accent, it sounded very fake. He gave a partian DOB and said his name was Abdullah and that he had been seen at our office many times. He complained that he had "Pain in the head" and wanted me to help him. He then yelled "F*** YOU!" and hung up on me.

UNSAFE 13 days ago

This is one of many similar numbers who call our hospital switchboard numerous times every day. They ask for an employee name and when connected and the employee answers, the caller hangs up. If they get the employees voicemail, they also hang up. Very thick accents. We almost always have to ask the spelling of the name they are asking, which often makes the caller irritable. Exhausting! When I see the numbers on our screen now, I know not to bother answering.

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609-960-0606 Information

Location: North America
Company: Unknown
Community Comments: 2
Report Type: 0 Safe Reports. 2 Unsafe Reports.
FCC Reports: 8 Unsafe Reports.
Latest rating: 04/17/2019

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FCC Reports for 609-960-0606

Reports filed to the US FCC Government Agency

FCC complaints for 609-960-0606 (8 complaints)

Other consumers have reported this number 8 times to the FCC. The most common reported issues were Unwanted Calls but 609-960-0606 has also been reported for . Reports have been made by users in 7 states (New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio, Washington, and Virginia) Most recently this number was reported on April 17, 2019

Warning! Several people have complained about this number. It has been reported to the FCC and several other US scam agencies. This number has been on the FCC's blacklist for 15 days.

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  • Phone Type:
    Land Line
  • City:
    New Jersey
  • Company:

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