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Reports for 424-396-6919

UNSAFE 6 months ago

The FCC received a complaint for Unwanted Calls from Cockeysville, Maryland on 2019-05-23

UNSAFE 6 months ago

Issue 19th started on 2019-05-23 in Maryland for Unwanted Calls

UNSAFE 6 months ago

Keeps calling; didn't answer and left no message

UNSAFE 7 months ago

This number calls a minimum of 10 times a day for 5 days straight!

UNSAFE 7 months ago

424-396-6919 Gardena, Ca. Theycalled and said subscription to an internet company is void and they want to refund my money. Then called back later and said refunded $6000 to my account on accident, not $600 as was supposed to be. They will be in touch. Called again from Gardena, (these three separate peoples names were charlie, Jason, and Harry). Then wanted me to buy gift cards they gave me a local list in my town where to get them for $6000 worth. Also they seized control of my computer remotely some how and in neon green said windows is updating all day. Checked my bank and they had moved monies out of savings some how to my checking??? wtf? changed all passwords

UNSAFE 7 months ago

did not recognize and it went to the answering machine. 3 calls in under an hour "my subscription to an internet security provider is void because the company went out of business and they want to refund my money" press one to talk to a real person to get my refund. If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn and some ocean front property in Iowa i would like to sell you

NEUTRAL 7 months ago

This number was on my Called ID; I thought I missed an important call so I redialed it. I asked if he called and he responded "you called me motherf***er" I said "pardon me this number was on my phone" and he repeated "you called me motherf***er" with a heavy accent. Robocall?

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424-396-6919 Information

Location: North America
Company: Unknown
Community Comments: 4
Report Type: 0 Safe Reports. 4 Unsafe Reports.
FCC Reports: 19 Unsafe Reports.
Latest rating: 05/23/2019

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FCC Reports for 424-396-6919

Reports filed to the US FCC Government Agency

FCC complaints for 424-396-6919 (19 complaints)

Other consumers have reported this number 19 times to the FCC. The most common reported issues were Unwanted Calls but 424-396-6919 has also been reported for . Reports have been made by users in 10 states (Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Wyoming, Texas, and Colorado) Most recently this number was reported on May 23, 2019

Warning! Several people have complained about this number. It has been reported to the FCC and several other US scam agencies. This number has been on the FCC's blacklist for about 1 month.

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