Area Code: 951

951 Area Code belongs to the state of California. The following cities fall under this area code: Banning, Corona, Hemet, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Norco, Perris, Riverside, Rubidoux, Temecula. There have been a total of 179 reports for this area code.

Reports for 951

UNSAFE 951-331-7904 over 1 year ago

Verizon Solar Power

NEUTRAL 951-291-1429 over 1 year ago

They have repeatedly called and left messages on my phone. Saying they are from the US govt grants department and that i am being awarded 14750.00 To call them back and i will be forwarded to their senior account manager. I havent called them back. Sounds like a scam. Anyone else having this issue?

UNSAFE 951-262-8634 over 1 year ago

Called twice just now !! Didn't answer, blocked 🚫.....constant harassing

NEUTRAL 951-651-2381 over 1 year ago

Solar spam call. Reported them to the FCC because I am on the "Do Not Call " list.

UNSAFE 951-878-5361 over 1 year ago

stated that a suit was filed against me and I needed to call this number...when I called it asked only for an email address

UNSAFE 951-289-7888 over 1 year ago

scam caller

NEUTRAL 951-289-7888 over 1 year ago

scam caller

UNSAFE 951-257-0140 over 1 year ago

Rude asshole asks for some unknown person and hangs up on you.

UNSAFE 951-289-7879 over 1 year ago

It is Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 7:36 pm. The phone kept ringing, but I did not answer the phone as I did not recognize the phone number on the Caller ID. Then, a male voice came on the voice mail asking, "Hello, Hello." There were voices (lots of static) in the background as if they were either talking to each other or on a phone but could not make out what was being said. This went on for about 30 seconds before the person hung up. I suspect the call is from a telemarketer and calling on a weekend and after hours. My phone number is unlisted, and I have no debt. So, I should not be called from a bill collector, nor have I requested for anything. I believe the (951) 289-7879 phone number is spam. I would not answer the phone call. I have Spectrum cable. They also have free call blocking of up to 30 phone numbers in the Voice Zone part on your online account. I will enter this phone number on Voice Zone to block this call. Also, if you ever receive an unwanted phone call and it is a "recording," to get off the unwanted caller's computerized phone list, immediately hit the # sign upon picking up the phone several times before hanging up the phone. What the # sign does is confuses the computer as it does not recognize the # sign. It will immediately kick (remove) your phone number from their computerized phone list. Then, you should no longer get phone calls from this unwanted caller.

UNSAFE 951-425-4890 over 1 year ago

This person just called, I answered and there was heaving breathing. No sooner than I put my phone down, they called back. I've declined the call, and they did not leave a message. This number is now blocked.

UNSAFE 951-651-2381 over 1 year ago

Robocall for solar service

UNSAFE 951-262-8117 over 1 year ago

Attention! You have a multi-level destination vacation package that has not been activated. Your vacations includes an all inclusive cruise for two and an 8 day 7 night international or domestic ?????? with a variety of other hotspots to choose from. This is our last attempt to contact you before your package is deleted. We'd hate to see you lose your platinum vacation passport. To speak with a reward specialist call 323-315-9078. Refer to your reservation number and 80296.

UNSAFE 951-257-0140 over 1 year ago

Left a voicemailbut no message. Sounds like a scam.

NEUTRAL 951-381-3251 over 1 year ago

They call and call, but doe not leave a message. I can't say they are unsafe, but they are certainly annoying.

NEUTRAL 951-538-2371 over 1 year ago

"David" from "Approved Networks' - total snarky jerk. Claimed our department director asked for him to call (LIE). Sent him to voicemail.

NEUTRAL 951-800-5105 over 1 year ago

called,no message

UNSAFE 951-893-5638 over 1 year ago

Calls every day, several times

UNSAFE 951-289-7879 over 1 year ago

Spam caller

UNSAFE 951-370-1311 over 1 year ago

They just keep calling

NEUTRAL 951-370-1311 over 1 year ago

Whoever it was Called and hung up. They woke me up.

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