Area Code: 929

929 Area Code belongs to the state of New York. The following cities fall under this area code: Bronx, Brooklyn, New York City, Queens, Staten Island. There have been a total of 180 reports for this area code.

Reports for 929

NEUTRAL 929-298-3336 3 months ago

A nasty text talks about spyware attacked my phone and masturbating and demands $1000. in BTC sent to address 1CR8FD8LpJNkmvQwznP8eEj9ajGRHnrwfL and he will leave once and for all. If no payment will make life a living hell. Remember that. You have 24 hours.

UNSAFE 929-605-0033 6 months ago

Pushy man called three times in a row after I told him not to call anymore. He became argumentative and said he had only called one time before. I said I didn't care and told him not to call anymore.

NEUTRAL 929-373-0543 8 months ago

Unwanted call - starts from 9am in the morning. We do not answer.

NEUTRAL 929-203-9713 10 months ago

Left no message

UNSAFE 929-259-6515 11 months ago


NEUTRAL 929-294-7001 11 months ago

Supposedly a survey on sports as caller asked for youngest male member of household 12 years or older; when I said single female, the caller asked if anyone was of Hispanic origin! I said I was ending her survey as that question had nothing to due with sports!

UNSAFE 929-406-2113 12 months ago

scam trying to get you to pay with wallmart card.

UNSAFE 929-259-8823 about 1 year ago

called my cell phone at 1:59 am and woke me up out of a good sound sleep. Phone went into voicemail bur person didn't leave a message. I make it a habit never to answer calls with numbers I'm not familiar with.

UNSAFE 929-286-0788 over 1 year ago

Robot voice commented on money had been taken from bank account.. Fraudulent attempt.

UNSAFE 929-246-2607 over 1 year ago

Scam about my SS# being used in Fraud, Saying my SS# will be suspended if I do not call them back.

UNSAFE 929-259-8823 over 1 year ago

Called at 1:15 am! It came up as “Scam likley” from New York, New York. They didn’t leave a message.

NEUTRAL 929-379-9845 over 1 year ago


UNSAFE 929-379-9845 over 1 year ago

Unsolicited / Pharmacy

UNSAFE 929-269-8622 over 1 year ago

3 calls in one hour; no one there

NEUTRAL 929-250-0006 almost 2 years ago

This calls alot but never answers ,can you cut it off from calling anyone??

NEUTRAL 929-259-6699 almost 2 years ago

When this number appeared on my phone ID, I did not answer.

UNSAFE 929-398-5856 almost 2 years ago

possible SCAM, stated they are with SS Admin, your info has been compromised. Computer Generated voice

UNSAFE 929-376-6737 almost 2 years ago

Extremely rude and insulting man. Uses obscenities and threats.

UNSAFE 929-297-7339 almost 2 years ago

VOIP - obvious attempt to hide behind internet obfuscation. Proceed with caution.

NEUTRAL 929-335-7277 almost 2 years ago

Called several times but never left a message.

Area Details

  • Major City:
  • State:
    New York
  • Timezone:
    6:43 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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