Area Code: 888

888 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 486 reports for this area code.

Reports for 888

UNSAFE 888-881-4102 2 days ago

scammer I'm under charges by The Soc Sec Bull Sh#+ Now I just tell them to Kill Themselves maybe one day they will get so depressed from being a scamming POS they will kill themselves!!!!! Then Yeaaaa one less POS!!!!

UNSAFE 888-483-7202 3 days ago

Scam number

UNSAFE 888-201-4430 4 days ago

Left message: re, free sample of Oil

UNSAFE 888-289-4009 4 days ago

Robo call @ 1:20 PM ET on 7/17/19. A woman's' voice saying an account will automatically debited and to call back for a refund. Microsoft account.

UNSAFE 888-203-3575 6 days ago

have now received 2 calls from a local number telling me that I have some sort of case against me and that I have now been notified and to call this number back, but nobody ever answers and when I push "0" for the operator, the call disconnects. They don't tell me who has this "case" against me or any other info. They tell me that they need my current address to have me served or they will contact my HR department and have me served at my job.

UNSAFE 888-483-7202 8 days ago

Caller advised it was Verizon and my account was suspended. Needed to press 1 to resolve.

NEUTRAL 888-483-7202 10 days ago

I use RoboKiller which blocks these types of callers. RoboKiller blocked it four different times. How does a blocked number get through? I live in Ohio.

UNSAFE 888-343-2156 11 days ago


UNSAFE 888-791-0444 11 days ago

Called today July 10..left message. Said they were calling from social security. Duh????? Did not answer. Lady sounded Indian. From India. Calls are getting worse instead of better with No call list ..much too many in past two weeks.

UNSAFE 888-483-7202 12 days ago

I let it go to voice mail - got 3 minutes of static. I reported a Verizon scam from another number. How is this scam still able to make calls?

NEUTRAL 888-738-5508 13 days ago

SCE tech saying they were about to shut off for non-payment. I checked my account and it's fine. People are such scum to make a living ruining other peoples lives.

UNSAFE 888-738-5508 13 days ago

SCE trying to shut off at a previous address that has already been shut off

NEUTRAL 888-738-5508 13 days ago

SCE trying to shut off at a previous address that has already been shut off

UNSAFE 888-738-5508 13 days ago

Sce shut off tech

UNSAFE 888-976-5950 15 days ago

has been recognized as a source of unwanted phone calls and a grievance has been filed with the FCC

UNSAFE 888-662-0495 15 days ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from Kingman, Arizona on 2019-07-06

UNSAFE 888-483-7202 15 days ago

The 7th complaint was filed with the FCC about 888-483-7202 on 2019-07-06

UNSAFE 888-483-7202 16 days ago

Same as others.....Somebody just trying to scam

UNSAFE 888-309-2239 17 days ago

(888) 309-2239 cited for Unwanted Calls on 2019-07-04

UNSAFE 888-721-8717 17 days ago

(888) 721-8717 cited for Unwanted Calls on 2019-07-04

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    6:59 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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