Area Code: 866

866 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 507 reports for this area code.

Reports for 866

NEUTRAL 866-449-3594 6 months ago

number came up twice.

NEUTRAL 866-449-3594 6 months ago

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NEUTRAL 866-611-1148 6 months ago

Got a call today from that number. No message left.

UNSAFE 866-331-2317 7 months ago

Absolute scam as the caller alleged he was from Social Security and to not cash my SS check as the account had been stopped. Uh, they haven't mailed checks for several years!

NEUTRAL 866-611-1148 7 months ago

This call is about credit card rate reduction, i asked him. how about Target Credit card? Macy credit card? Best buy credit card? then i asked him: do you speak English? then i asked him what country are you calling from, He screamed on the other line and swear " asshole" then hang up!

SAFE 866-409-4192 7 months ago

Sirius Radio calling with a new offer after you terminate service. Calls every day between 8:30 & 10:00 am

UNSAFE 866-874-9789 7 months ago

Illegal Collection company

UNSAFE 866-874-9789 7 months ago

This number is a illegal collection company

UNSAFE 866-331-2317 7 months ago

Once you say your name, they give regular information about you. I repeatedly asked what my SS# was and he threatened to cut my SS# off lol. Total scam with an indian accent.

UNSAFE 866-201-2835 7 months ago

This number usually texts, claiming to be fundraising for Donald Trump. If that’s true, the people running it are most likely shady. I tried to get the number blocked, but I have not been successful.

UNSAFE 866-201-2835 7 months ago

866-2021-2385 claims to be a pro-Trump organization asking for money. I told them that I hate Trump and never to bother me again. Needless to say, they still call or text, so it’s probably a fraudulent organization.

UNSAFE 866-200-3213 7 months ago

Robo dialer scam asking for money for fake business.

UNSAFE 866-454-2172 7 months ago

Pofolio Recovery Associates Debt Collector. Hangs up. Automated robocaller.

UNSAFE 866-230-4066 8 months ago

I get multiple calls from this place. It says they are from a billing company, and your service will be interrupted if you don't pay your bills. When asked which company they are trying to bill for, and they are unable to answer.

UNSAFE 866-611-1148 8 months ago


UNSAFE 866-212-2236 8 months ago

We had a message saying our account ending 2481 was in default and we need to call this 866 number. They didn't I'D the company. The number was called from - 269-558-9474.

NEUTRAL 866-313-5168 8 months ago

Linda Wells, allegedly, called and wanted to talk to me about breast cancer. Actually, a recorded message and big time scam!

UNSAFE 866-464-9480 8 months ago

Calls several times during the day. Won't leave a message. This caller has been calling over the last two months or so. I put the number on call block but they found away to by past the block. I suspect they are using spoof numbers to get me to pick up since another "caller" will call after their call. I NEVER PICK UP if the caller doesn't leave a message and I never call back.

UNSAFE 866-777-1990 9 months ago

political instructs to call your representative

UNSAFE 866-210-2398 9 months ago

Harassing call saying money is owed.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    10:16 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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