Area Code: 866

866 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 439 reports for this area code.

Reports for 866

UNSAFE 866-331-8135 6 months ago

Caller states I must contact them at the number immediately concerning my ss number and fraudulent use.

UNSAFE 866-978-9882 6 months ago

Loan scam

NEUTRAL 866-658-6002 6 months ago

Appears to be a fraudulent caller claiming to be from the Social Security Admin, saying there's suspicious activity related to your number. Don't call back this number. Look and call the real SSA directly if you are concerned.

UNSAFE 866-647-9308 6 months ago

Social security scam dangerous

UNSAFE 866-976-5604 6 months ago

Received an automated call stating from the county and that there is a court case pending. I advised them to send me a notice via mail or courier.

UNSAFE 866-319-9838 6 months ago

AT&T/Direct TV. Scam promotion. Wants payment info.

UNSAFE 866-617-1055 6 months ago

Claims to be social security office, only for you to send money,this is a Scam please do not fall for it and notify love one's so they will not be Scamed by these type of people!

UNSAFE 866-997-5729 6 months ago

Texted me saying i could sign a birthday card for our president

NEUTRAL 866-617-1055 6 months ago

Claims to be Soc Sec Admin, that you have bad activity in your name. But the Soc Sec Admin Never calls, they write letters. Scam.

UNSAFE 866-306-1414 6 months ago

Call about student loan that I don't have

UNSAFE 866-484-2614 6 months ago

Credit Card SCAMMER

UNSAFE 866-515-0382 6 months ago

RoboCop Will not stop calling!!! They keep changing numbers though.

NEUTRAL 866-237-1717 6 months ago

Call received three different times from three different numbers wanting me to call back on this number regarding student loan.

NEUTRAL 866-319-9838 6 months ago

Just got a call from this number - I answered, not response from the other end

UNSAFE 866-484-2614 7 months ago

Credit Card SCAMMER 76 completed searches today alone! Number has been BLOCKED and BLACKLISTED

NEUTRAL 866-219-1786 7 months ago

Did not answer call

UNSAFE 866-525-8508 7 months ago

Suspected Scam Call. The RNC *does* make calls sometimes; however, when the actual RNC calls: - They will use your surname, to be respectful, RATHER THAN calling you by just your first name -- trying to trick you into thinking the caller is a friend whose voice you don't quite recognize (This is important!) - They will promptly identify that they are calling for the RNC, not some vague "campaign" - They will promptly state that the call is being recorded for quality purposes - They will not mind telling you the location of the phone bank they are calling from; frequently: Phoenix, Arizona

UNSAFE 866-728-8002 7 months ago

Henry is the customer service rep and Vajay Sharma is the floor manager who claim to work for hotwire for car rentals. They say that you must add more insurance on the car so you must purchase a google play card to and read the number off the back to them. When you read the numbers then they say you need more and the saga goes on and it is non-refundable.

UNSAFE 866-140-1213 7 months ago

Received call about ss number being suspended, but couldn’t talk to anyone.. scam

UNSAFE 866-140-1213 7 months ago

I got a call from this number about my SSN being suspended....I have a clean record.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    5:08 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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