Area Code: 866

866 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 426 reports for this area code.

Reports for 866

UNSAFE 866-602-5637 2 days ago

Claimed a law suit was filed against me.

NEUTRAL 866-813-1424 11 days ago

This phone number belongs to Navient student loan servicer. I do have a student loan serviced by Navient and it may be late in payment so this call is probably legitimate debt collection call.

UNSAFE 866-285-4717 11 days ago

Keep getting calls from LTD Financial regarding a debt that isn't mine. They still continue to call regardless.

UNSAFE 866-201-2936 12 days ago

They wanted money to support Trump. Why would I support a complete idiot!

UNSAFE 866-814-1441 12 days ago

Caller asking to return calls regarding your student loan debt. I don't have any student loans

UNSAFE 866-339-5604 16 days ago

I filed a report about 866 339 5604 with the FCC.

UNSAFE 866-366-9549 16 days ago

The FCC has received a record of unsolicited activity in California coming from 866-366-9549

UNSAFE 866-207-7019 16 days ago

Department of Civil Processing from CRS & Associates. Caller claims to be Tom Barrett(sp?). States whomever they are calling has 48 hours to contact them back pertaining to either pre-litigation statements or that you are being "put on a schedule to be served legal paperwork and you should plan on seeing them either at your place of employment or home within the next 24-48 hours." Leaves a case number. They call numerous times a day and leave personal information on voice mails- such as the person they are calling for name, that they are pursuing legal action against said party, and the last four digits of their social security number. How this company obtained my phone number, my mom's phone number and my husband's phone number is puzzling. This company appears to be legitimate, however, their tactics are not. If you are being harassed by them, call the FTC and file a complaint (Fair Trade Commission)

UNSAFE 866-276-6177 16 days ago

A complaint was filed with the FCC on 2019-09-06 about a call from 866-276-6177

UNSAFE 866-482-3084 16 days ago

Unwanted Calls warranted filing an issue regarding 8664823084 in Arizona with the FCC on 2019-09-06

UNSAFE 866-224-9824 16 days ago

has been identified as source of unwanted calls and a grievance has been submitted with the FCC

NEUTRAL 866-563-9310 19 days ago

Jut received a call from this number, in an accent so thick the caller was hard to understand. He couldn't understand me very well, either, though English is my mother tongue. He claimed to be from the social security "investigating" office, and my card number is being temporarily disabled for "suspicious activity". The call seemed suspicious, so I hung up.

UNSAFE 866-563-3885 19 days ago

These callers left a long voicemail message when I did not answer. It stated, "your "social security number is being suspended due to suspicion of illegal activity" and told me to press "1" if I wanted to reinstate my S.S. or had questions, which I did not, of course. Social security numbers are NEVER "suspended". The number 866-563-3885 is an actual number, so these callers are "spoofing" it to further fool unsuspecting victims. The actual number belongs to the "SSA, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review" in Dallas, Texas. This is a known robocall scam of impostors trying to get you to give them your S. S. number, bank account number, etc. Texas law prohibits spoofing calls, so THEY are the ones committing"illegal activity".

UNSAFE 866-212-2236 23 days ago

They called me looking for my husband, we have been separated 2 years

UNSAFE 866-331-2194 25 days ago

Robo call threatening to be arrested.

UNSAFE 866-331-2194 26 days ago

SCAM Social Security Hoax scare call

UNSAFE 866-331-2194 27 days ago

Called 5 times in a 6 hour period

UNSAFE 866-345-7557 27 days ago

Name Patricia Hoffman calling in reference to your federal student oan. _ discuss repayment options reference number is 020008

UNSAFE 866-331-2194 about 1 month ago

Persistent robo calls

UNSAFE 866-331-2194 about 1 month ago

SCAM Social Security Hoax scare call

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    4:53 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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