Area Code: 866

866 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 341 reports for this area code.

Reports for 866

UNSAFE 866-807-3734 about 11 hours ago


NEUTRAL 866-928-0183 7 days ago


NEUTRAL 866-978-6432 8 days ago

Scam fraud call. Something about my computer.

UNSAFE 866-790-5307 8 days ago

Ihey call wanting to confirm an incorrect number

UNSAFE 866-406-9666 13 days ago

Unwanted Calls originating from 866-406-9666 pointed out as factor for complaint reported to the FCC on 2019-03-13

UNSAFE 866-981-5270 13 days ago

A person from Georgia has reported 866 981 5270 to the FCC on 2019-03-13

UNSAFE 866-499-2671 13 days ago

866 499 2671 reported for Unwanted Calls on 2019-03-13

UNSAFE 866-858-6729 13 days ago

Unwanted Calls originating from 8668586729 pointed out as factor for problem reported to the FCC on 2019-03-13

UNSAFE 866-877-9385 13 days ago

A complaint for Unwanted Calls was filed with the FCC from Florida after an unsolicited call

UNSAFE 866-790-5307 13 days ago

unwanted call i am on

NEUTRAL 866-790-5307 13 days ago

unwanted caller

NEUTRAL 866-978-6432 14 days ago

Claim yo be microsoft support an some of your features are about to fail (sounds Indian).

NEUTRAL 866-378-3214 19 days ago

Do not pay these people, they buy these debts for pennies on the dollar, the wont take you to court believe me, All they do is call and harrass you and try to scare you into paying the money and 9 times out of ten they have added a thousand or 2 to the original debt amount. This money people pay goes directly to lining their pockets oh and to paying their so called mediators 25% of what they collect, the other 75% goes to their operating costs of course and then their pockets but when they are collecting 50 thousand a month with a minimal investment on paper that has been sold 5 times over, its just all profit for them. this company does not report to credit bureaus, they have no affiliation with any attorneys that are nationwide and they arent even a law firm, they are liars hiding behind some 10cent attorney that no one in that office has ever seen. Also none of the money you pay goes to any company that you may have owed in the past it only goes to the owner of that company and his wanna be so called mediators. well sorry folks that company is out to take your money so that they can live off of youits wrong and gross. companies like them make the collections industry look like hell. when a person is late on their payment that means their is a problem, we as ethical collectors look to assist the client with the problem and assist them in finding a solution. to prey on people and scare them to death about court and having a tow truck come and pick up their cars and taking their property and all that crap is so wrong and deceptive as they cannot and do not ever follow thru.

UNSAFE 866-414-2020 19 days ago

Claims to be from Medicare. Fraud

UNSAFE 866-378-3214 19 days ago

First I got an "introduction" number from 408-708-9952, I was advised that I must call 866-378-3214, due to a commonwealth matter and this would be my last chance because of a legal matter. Out of curiosity, I called the 866 number,but I hung up when a man answered. I decided to not get involved.

UNSAFE 866-753-8555 25 days ago

Computer Scam Do not answer. This is Microsoft call scam. Stating that this call is to inform you that license key of your Microsoft computer has expired

NEUTRAL 866-664-9426 27 days ago

It was a recorded message and say if this is _________please call this number...This is not a sales call, it is imperative you call if you are ___________. They don't say who they are.

UNSAFE 866-790-5307 28 days ago

Continually calls about a credit card we don't have.

UNSAFE 866-406-9666 28 days ago

Message stating to call to renew Microsoft key

NEUTRAL 866-378-3214 29 days ago

I have received several calls concerning the caller for this number and consider the tone that of a threat regarding my safety, well being and criminal/legal action

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    12:27 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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