Area Code: 855

855 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 739 reports for this area code.

Reports for 855

UNSAFE 855-838-4388 about 1 year ago

I have had to block over 800 phone numbers over the last 2 years. When will it stop!!!!!?????

UNSAFE 855-838-4388 about 1 year ago

Scam call from another rag head

UNSAFE 855-888-9666 about 1 year ago

This company pretends to be Delta Airlines. THEY ARE NOT. PLease be careful.

NEUTRAL 855-627-4387 about 1 year ago

Unknow caller so did not answer. A message was left on voicemail saying VA Medical referred my name to Tri-West and it was very important the call be returned. SCAM!! VA doesn't do referrals in that manner.

UNSAFE 855-463-5492 over 1 year ago

Recvd numerous calls with no message. Unwarranted calls regarding warranties. Get additional calls with only 1 digit in tel #, certain is same company. Called to inform discontinue calls and still receive. Idiots on other end of call, called yet again to stop and nothing more than shouting match as they refuse to listen or eliminate my tel #. Something has to be done to stop them from constant harrassment! Tired of it all.

NEUTRAL 855-287-2225 over 1 year ago

Live person "Sam" rude and berating.

UNSAFE 855-838-4388 over 1 year ago

called wanted personal info and hung up when I told him it was none of his business

NEUTRAL 855-203-7191 over 1 year ago

They scammers she is very aggressive

UNSAFE 855-838-4388 over 1 year ago

IRS scam

UNSAFE 855-407-4936 over 1 year ago

hassing calls

UNSAFE 855-879-5473 over 1 year ago

calling and saying theya re from fresno county

UNSAFE 855-838-4388 over 1 year ago

They called my cell number here in Florida.

UNSAFE 855-200-8820 over 1 year ago

twenty one calls in under 72 hours. I picked up once to scream "STOP" & before I said it I heard the words "this is resorts"

UNSAFE 855-581-0128 over 1 year ago

This is a scam, 855-581-0128

NEUTRAL 855-581-0128 over 1 year ago

I have had numerous calls from this person Allison, telling me to call 855-581-0128. When you start to question her she will hang up. She was trying to tell me she was trying to collect on a debt, so I called the company she said I owed money to and the company told me I didn't owe them anything, It's a scam, I have blocked several times but they call from different numbers.

UNSAFE 855-815-0628 over 1 year ago

Got a text asking me to support that man who is president

UNSAFE 855-540-2444 over 1 year ago

DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER, 855-540-2444. It is associated with a scam to gain access to your computer by posing as Microsoft tech support. The number was on a popup that said my computer was being hacked by a site I visited for, of all things, Asian soup recipes. The popup looks like a Microsoft page but it isn't and the number is not a Microsoft phone number.

NEUTRAL 855-200-8820 over 1 year ago

I sometimes get calls every hour or two. This has been going on for a few weeks. I don't answer. Usually it's two rings and announcement that it is a toll-free call.

NEUTRAL 855-358-9962 over 1 year ago

Keeps calling says cardigan credit line looking for me. I have never heard of them and don’t have any credit problems. I said wasn’t interested and hung up. I keep getting calls all the time wanting my credit card number for 0% interest rate and all this crap. Very annoying

NEUTRAL 855-200-8820 over 1 year ago

Called at least 5times before 1:00

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    7:09 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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