Area Code: 855

855 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 739 reports for this area code.

Reports for 855

UNSAFE 855-929-0132 10 months ago

Called this number back and got Jerry (thick Indian accent) from ? refund department. White Pages has this as high scam/fraud and NOMOROBO has a recording saying your debit card will deduct $$$ for computer unless you call and cancel.

UNSAFE 855-448-3332 10 months ago

Got threatening call to call IRS

NEUTRAL 855-448-3332 10 months ago

Threatening call to call IRS

UNSAFE 855-977-0990 10 months ago

unsolicited call - was ignored

UNSAFE 855-934-0118 10 months ago

I had a similar call earlier today, GEEK SQUAD, supposidly, stating i purchased their product in 2017, for 'my computer'. (I don't nor did i have a cpmputer!!) But now "someone" has charged an additional $299 on my account/card...IMAGINE THAT!! So, i wad to log onto my puter, get some form this dude was emailing me, & I could receive my $299 refund. I asked why not thru regular mail, its how they do things, he was doing his job. So i informed him i did not "my puter".. he really didnt know what to tell me.., i said i wud gp to the local Library, use their computer, then he wanted a time, in an hour?? Two??.. he had to tslk to his manager & he dodnt want me to get off the line..FIRMLY..(he sounded maybe Indian?) NOW STAY ON THE LINE, I said. "how about i call u whenever i get to the library??..cause u do not know WHO I AM, nor do u know my email, & u wont tell me the website to get this 'form'!!.. YES I KNOW WHO U ARE..MA' manager...please hold..I said yeah u go talk to ur manager, u scam-artists.. & i hung up.

NEUTRAL 855-396-3330 10 months ago

Voice message left stating caller was from Social Security Admin and must talk as SSN compromised

NEUTRAL 855-338-7208 10 months ago

Received a call from 855/338-7208, caller ID UNKNOWN NAME, 4:50 PM CST. No message was left. This site confirms my suspicion it's an unwanted robo call.

NEUTRAL 855-799-0845 10 months ago

I got a missed call from 1-855-799-0845 @10:18 AM no message was left

SAFE 855-287-7204 10 months ago

The number is from Detroit Public TV. Harmless, but annoying, in that they never leave a message.

NEUTRAL 855-287-7204 11 months ago

Keeps calling, no message

NEUTRAL 855-249-3857 11 months ago

phishing scam

NEUTRAL 855-249-3857 11 months ago

phishing scam

UNSAFE 855-228-7919 11 months ago

Scam call

UNSAFE 855-249-3857 11 months ago

left a message stating his name is Brian Holloway. Important message. He received an order to complete and audit on behalf of their client at my place of employment.

NEUTRAL 855-789-0260 11 months ago

no name

NEUTRAL 855-961-4223 11 months ago

They keep calling and asking for wrong info personal!!!!!

NEUTRAL 855-219-0853 11 months ago

scam call going to your work to serve papers

UNSAFE 855-425-5782 11 months ago

Called about a lawsuit. Used my Maiden name that I haven't used in about 13 years.

UNSAFE 855-736-0053 11 months ago

Received an automated call stating that my credit card was charged $399.00 for a computer protection program I signed up for last year. After "pressing 1" I talked to an individual with an Indian accent. He wanted me to turn on my computer and log in to Google Chrome so he could "guide me through the refund process". He became irritated, and argumentative, when I told him I felt it was an illegitimate call.

NEUTRAL 855-789-0300 11 months ago

received a call from some Indian guy, claiming it was Microsoft, stating that my yahoo account had been linked to child porn. This sounded like another scam for computer virus removal or whatever

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  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    6:41 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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