Area Code: 855

855 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 418 reports for this area code.

Reports for 855

UNSAFE 855-722-4572 2 days ago

A complaint for Unwanted Calls was filed with the FCC from California after an unsolicited call

UNSAFE 855-285-0640 2 days ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from New York, New York on 2018-08-17

UNSAFE 855-329-8222 2 days ago

Unwanted Calls warranted filing an issue regarding 855 329 8222 in Washington with the FCC on 2018-08-17

UNSAFE 855-328-4232 3 days ago

Phishing type scam imitating Microsoft

UNSAFE 855-684-4757 3 days ago

Issue 2nd launched on 2018-08-16 in Ohio for Unwanted Calls

UNSAFE 855-410-6398 3 days ago

After an unsolicited call 8554106398 was reported by a consumer from Minnesota

UNSAFE 855-426-7685 8 days ago


NEUTRAL 855-500-0181 10 days ago

I just got an E mail about a purchase I never made

NEUTRAL 855-463-5492 13 days ago

I get calls from this number multiple times per day. For example, they called 4 times today.

UNSAFE 855-214-0954 13 days ago

Left message threatening cut off of Microsoft. Number needs to be shut down.

UNSAFE 855-549-5695 16 days ago

Bank fraud, unauthorized charge to bank account.

NEUTRAL 855-274-3397 18 days ago

Scam Caller asking for Credit Card and asking $199 Deposit For Directv

UNSAFE 855-421-6111 18 days ago

Same as what everyone mentioned above. Scam call re: windows/apple refund. Must say, they have guts to leave a voice mail. Of course 800 # but no company name. And the moon is made of moldy cheese and I have a nice swamp land in my back yard dirt cheap for only $10M so these twits can come and dig for the black gold !!!!!!!!!! And the phone cos keep whining, moaning and complaining there is nothing they can do when they continue to allow these POS to open new accts day in and day out. Panasonic Call Block on full alert so the twits, dimwits, nitwits, morons, stupids, nincompoops can keep calling because their call will be disconnected after the 1st ring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UNSAFE 855-394-6050 19 days ago

I received calls from 855 394-6050 stating my SS# has been tagged and that I owe a pay day loan of $750 in addition to $1300 interest or penalties since 2014. I called them a scammer, then they had the gall to call again stating basically the same thing with various changes and a loan date of 2013. They tried to strong arm me to get my personal information and other information out of me. I talk to both males and females receiving different accounts of the SO-CALLED (Fake) statements concerning Bank of America loan (from the female scammer) and the others said I owed payday loans from 2014, and or 2013. They were aggressive and slippery as a greased hug. THEY ARE CRIMINALS AND SCAMMERS!!! Hang up on them or don’t answer this number.

NEUTRAL 855-500-0181 20 days ago

Who are these people

UNSAFE 855-421-6111 24 days ago

A message was left from this number saying they were from Windows/apple support going out of business and wanted to return money. Got the same message from 855-403-4333

UNSAFE 855-417-3591 26 days ago

I have no idea who these people are.

NEUTRAL 855-657-7328 27 days ago

This is actually the number to call for Spectrum service. I called them they did not call me. It is on their bill.

UNSAFE 855-652-0572 29 days ago

Just received a call saying my Microsoft licence has expired, and I need to call them back right away. This scam happened to me last year.

UNSAFE 855-623-2664 about 1 month ago

Spammer. Calls repeatedly. Do not respond. Call FCC.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    12:13 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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