Area Code: 850

850 Area Code belongs to the state of Florida. The following cities fall under this area code: Bellview, Brent, Ferry Pass, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Pensacola, Tallahassee, West Pensacola, Wright. There have been a total of 158 reports for this area code.

Reports for 850

NEUTRAL 850-220-0223 3 days ago

Christine called, "sending envelope for donation to Breast Cancer Research, can they count on my response?" I have to research 1st. Well, she could put me in "friend" category is that alright? "Have to research first." She understands,hungup. Nuisance calls, repeatedly, numerous times a day. ARGH!!!!

UNSAFE 850-724-8858 3 days ago

850 724 8858 has been reported to the FCC after unsolicited activity was registered from 850 724 8858

UNSAFE 850-724-8858 3 days ago

A recipient of unsolicited telephone calls has currently lodged a protest concerning Unwanted Calls in Florida on 2019-06-21

UNSAFE 850-466-5105 4 days ago

A complaint was made to the FCC on 2019-06-20 about a call from 850-466-5105

UNSAFE 850-547-6829 4 days ago

Unwanted Calls from (850) 547-6829 prompted a complaint about this number to the FCC

UNSAFE 850-424-1322 6 days ago

Grievance reported to FCC on 2019-06-19 after invoice of telephonic interaction from 850 424 1322

NEUTRAL 850-601-9462 12 days ago

I have received a total of 7 calls from this number in the last two days. There are no voicemails left and when I try to call back, it automatically disconnects. I was able to find the company associated with the phone number but, I do not know who they are and would not have requested service from them because, I do not live in the same state.

NEUTRAL 850-390-4662 17 days ago

3calls this am before 0830

UNSAFE 850-550-9974 23 days ago

Robocall From "AppleCare" - no such organization

UNSAFE 850-280-0060 27 days ago

CALLED 12 TIMES!! SCAM Dear customer greetings Microsoft support you can consider this call as an alert about your network firewall, which has been turned off due to some suspicious activities on your email account computer and other devices due to which we are receiving some security breach notification from your network. Please do not do any kind of banking or other important activity on your computer till the time. You contact our technical support team on our helpline number which is eight billion 500 three million nine hundred 4653. I repeated is eight billion 500 three million nine hundred 4653.

UNSAFE 850-220-0223 27 days ago

V52817511801723 spooled thru number 850-220-0223 these numbers showed up on my caller idea showing the first number spooled the second number to dial my house - I did not answer phone - they left no message on my angwering machine I do have robo call block on my phone but they somhow bypassed it because I did a search and found the second number to be a robo call

UNSAFE 850-550-9974 27 days ago

Voicemail leaves a message from this 850-550-0074, but the call is spoofed by showing the number 800-275-2273. Had received a call that I had answered from 706-503-8190 about 8 minutes before this trying to scam Medicare coverage. If it sounds like a duck, and quacks (talks) like a duck, it is probably a foreigner trying to scam you !! G F Y.

NEUTRAL 850-280-0060 27 days ago

This # calls 20 times a day! warning about web something????/So sick of this....They give there # to call back as you would wright it in long hand # on a check

UNSAFE 850-280-0060 27 days ago

bogus unknown sender to warn about not using bank account

NEUTRAL 850-550-9974 27 days ago

Keeps calling my cell phone. I'm afraid to answer because the message says you can call back this toll free number but has 850 area code. The caller ID is from 800-275-2273.

UNSAFE 850-390-4653 about 1 month ago

They call several times during the day offering Microsoft security service

NEUTRAL 850-390-4653 about 1 month ago

A lady has called at least ten times today.

NEUTRAL 850-390-4653 about 1 month ago

fifteen calls so far today. This is B.S. that I have to put up with this.

UNSAFE 850-390-4662 about 2 months ago

fifteen calls so far today from this number. Can you please make them stop?

UNSAFE 850-390-4662 about 2 months ago

i am on no call list how do they keep getting past it ? say they are microsoft an fire wall is turned off an to call them . who is that robo calls numbers back to tie up their lines i heard ther is a company that will do it maybe an app.

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