Area Code: 772

772 Area Code belongs to the state of Florida. The following cities fall under this area code: Fort Pierce, Palm City, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach South. There have been a total of 52 reports for this area code.

Reports for 772

NEUTRAL 772-771-3498 6 days ago

someone rang my cell then would not engage when I answered. didn't wait around for robo automated message if there was one. Unsure if this was RUDE wrong number, accidental dial or robo call with slow message generation. I have blocked number.

UNSAFE 772-208-6715 10 days ago

Told the caller they were calling a medical alert line as a result they called back 5 times the same day.

UNSAFE 772-252-6695 10 days ago

Unwanted Calls from 772-252-6695 prompted a complaint about this number to the FCC

UNSAFE 772-252-6695 10 days ago

A recipient of unwanted phone calls has lodged a protest concerning Unwanted Calls in Texas on 2019-11-04

UNSAFE 772-252-6695 13 days ago

The number (772) 252-6695 was reported to the FCC on 2019-11-01 for Unwanted Calls from Texas

UNSAFE 772-252-6695 13 days ago

The 8th complaint was filed with the FCC about 7722526695 on 2019-11-01

UNSAFE 772-331-5555 15 days ago

A recipient of unwanted calls has currently lodged a formal complaint regarding Unwanted Calls in Florida on 2019-10-30

NEUTRAL 772-212-4347 about 2 months ago

this number is a scam they threaten you with legal papers if you dont set up a payment plan if you hang up they will call your employer ,husband and any other relatives with a different story to each person

UNSAFE 772-247-0250 3 months ago

A voicemail telling me they are coming to my work between 12-5 to serve me and my manager must serve as witness. You Have been SERVED!! The number they gave me to call back 844-350-4150 is not a working number. They never used my name or the company name just that her name was Charlotte

UNSAFE 772-777-8041 5 months ago

No name on caller ID hung up no message on voicemail.

UNSAFE 772-777-8041 5 months ago

Called me June 28 519pm and hung up. Does not seem reputable.

UNSAFE 772-212-9951 5 months ago

It's a bot that threatens you with the police if you don't pay "owed money". IT'S A SCAM!

UNSAFE 772-266-3063 7 months ago

Scam caller pretending to be someone from the "social security administration"

UNSAFE 772-266-3063 7 months ago

Being used for SSN Identity Theft... STAY AWAY

NEUTRAL 772-228-6255 8 months ago

received a call from this number Sebastian Fl didn't answer as I didn't recognize the number

UNSAFE 772-212-4347 10 months ago

Keeps asking for a Tiffany Ortiz and I don’t have a clue who that is. But hopefully she comes over my house like she says with a cop

UNSAFE 772-794-8230 11 months ago

This woman called and just said "can I speak to the owner?" When I asked "The owner of what?" (my house? my car? my shoes?) She very snarkily said "the business" "what business?" "do you own a business?" "who is calling and who are you looking for?" "the owner of the business." "what business?" She then asked if I run credit cards for a business and explained that she's a business local to Vero Beach called Blue Dot? Something that sounded like that but she was muffled. I asked again what business she was calling about (really trying to validate the legitimacy of her call, here). Then, she named my former business (that has since been closed). I let her know the business doesn't exist any longer and she said "Well you could have told me that instead of asking all these rude questions." and hung up on me. I called her back--wanted to let her know that with all the scam calls people are getting these days, I sure wouldn't be answering such generic, intrusive questions unless it was clear the person who was calling had a reason and identified themselves ... She told me I was being rude and needed to leave her alone and hung up on me again. Good luck with this 'business' of yours, Melinda ... that you're making cold spam calls for. That will get you approximately nowhere.

UNSAFE 772-876-9952 about 1 year ago

did not answer

UNSAFE 772-204-0616 about 1 year ago

did not answer

UNSAFE 772-402-1203 about 1 year ago

Attempted to call over 15 times in 3 minutes after being blocked. Spam call.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Port Saint Lucie
  • State:
  • Timezone:
    7:58 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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