Area Code: 732

732 Area Code belongs to the state of New Jersey. The following cities fall under this area code: Brick Township, Carteret, East Brunswick, Edison, Lakewood, Long Branch, New Brunswick, North Brunswick Township, North Plainfield, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Rahway, Sayreville, Somerset, Toms River. There have been a total of 162 reports for this area code.

Reports for 732

UNSAFE 732-284-2029 3 days ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from Fridley, Minnesota on 2019-02-15

UNSAFE 732-627-1906 3 days ago

Numerous grievances have been filed on 2019-02-15 with the FCC in connection with unrequested calls from 732-627-1906

UNSAFE 732-230-4570 3 days ago

The FCC received a complaint for Unwanted Calls from Freehold, New Jersey on 2019-02-15

UNSAFE 732-230-4570 3 days ago

732 230 4570 reported for Unwanted Calls on 2019-02-15

UNSAFE 732-230-4570 3 days ago

Problem reported to FCC on 2019-02-15 after receipt of telephonic interaction from (732) 230-4570

UNSAFE 732-930-0831 11 days ago

called me at work, knew my name and title. not sure how.

UNSAFE 732-347-1269 14 days ago

Tele scam

UNSAFE 732-451-6514 about 1 month ago

Wants bank account!! Recorder saying need to call this number back or bank accounts will be frozen and will be arrested. VERY UNSAFE CALLER THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR HARASSMENT OF INNOCENT PEOPLE

SAFE 732-890-8330 about 2 months ago

It’s my number. It’s safe

UNSAFE 732-348-3297 2 months ago

Husband answered call. Caller claimed he was with Medicare and claimed he was calling from Orlando FL even though it was a NJ number. Asked for me. Husband said I wasn't available. After several times of "when will she be available" and "when can we speak to her" and "what time should we call back" and my husband always answering never, they finally hung up. Typical of these type calls - caller was male, heavily accented (India / Pakistan / Middle East).

NEUTRAL 732-902-2550 2 months ago

company allegedly called momentum called about seeing if my house qualifies for solar they gave the above number which does not come up as solar company but a cable company gave me web address that does not come up re solar at all, just called the number. It answered momentum solar but after talking with person at other end it still seemed shady as the online address they had given me did not match what they were offering

UNSAFE 732-391-4166 2 months ago

This is a debt collection comp. Name of company is Glass Mountian Capital aka GMC Service. Other names that they have used is as followed: Calvary Portfolio Service, Midland Credit, and GE Money Bank. This collection company violates your rights by calling your family members, also threats of prosecution also requesting that you open your door because the cops are there. No safe at all

UNSAFE 732-983-5542 2 months ago

Scamp caller introduce as a job recruiter asking for personnel info as SSN. Speaking English with very heavy Indian accent

UNSAFE 732-365-4123 3 months ago

This number calls my office several times a day I keep telling them I’m not interested

NEUTRAL 732-739-7507 3 months ago

He is part of a BestMark secret shopper scam.... Avoid

UNSAFE 732-523-2210 3 months ago

Company calls our main line, and our voice mail picks up the call, which no one says anything, but the call goes on for 5 minutes or more, with just background people talking, ranting, cussing, gossiping, and more.... then the call times out. Called the # and got a person rudely asking for our phone number over and over and over, that's all he asked for... would not say the name of the company, his name, or anything further.

SAFE 732-360-5050 3 months ago

The phone number is now registered to "Bury The Hatchet", an axe throwing venue in Bloomfield. After going there with friends, they texted me today about a promo they are having. Not necessarily spam since I provided my number and agreed to receive special offers from them.

UNSAFE 732-479-7877 4 months ago

they called me... all my details are on file with them.. I have nothing in collections but yet they want me to think i do. nice try

UNSAFE 732-734-4112 4 months ago

They installed a bot program on my computer I was forced to dump all of my programs and start over. It was very expensive dealing with them and I lost a great deal of info. Do not give them access to your computer they are dangerous. They will call 3 or more times a day everyday including Sunday's

UNSAFE 732-638-0835 5 months ago

RELENTLESS JOB PLACEMENT AGENCY that has called more than 30 times since the beginning of the month. They call from different numbers including 732-402-0870; 732-402-0955; 732-402-0900; 732-402-0922, 732-402-0847, 732-402-0880, 732-402-0964, 732-638-0835 etc. They call me yet cannot tell me my name, cannot tell me what on line job I applied for and cannot get me on their no call list when I tell them I opted out of receiving their calls when applying for a job. They simply hang up on me when they can't answer my simple questions. Their opt out option when calling back does absolutely nothing, they simply call from another number. TOTALLY FED UP WITH THESE PREDATORS and their ANTICS. CALLER: CAREER ADVISING CENTER

Area Details

  • Major City:
  • State:
    New Jersey
  • Timezone:
    9:40 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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