Area Code: 716

716 Area Code belongs to the state of New York. The following cities fall under this area code: Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Jamestown, Lockport, Niagara Falls, North Tonawanda, Tonawanda, West Seneca. There have been a total of 132 reports for this area code.

Reports for 716

UNSAFE 716-508-3394 about 2 years ago

Call from Charles at CCA Group regarding a "Tribal Loan". I have never even thought about taking one of these loans. Charles threatened to have me locked up and proceeded to inform me that I had no rights on Sovereign Tribal Land. He went further to explain that Tribal Laws superseded any and all Federal and State Laws. Immediately asked for my banking information. Obviously I did not give any information. Caller proceeded to call back 5 more times between my cell and home phone numbers. I reported number and Company to The FCC. Dont Fall for This Scam. They say they are from a Law Firm but the number leads back to a Collection Agency in NY with a Website that looks like it was designed by a 4 year old. This is Nothing but a Money Grab!

NEUTRAL 716-229-4682 about 2 years ago

Intercepted by NOMOROBO

NEUTRAL 716-508-3394 about 2 years ago

2nd threating call in a month they have called my work once that I know of BIG mistake saying I stole something which I have not. If it were a debt they would not use the vocabulary that he does told him last month to send me documents and I have not received nothing I want to report but not sure to who

NEUTRAL 716-210-8031 about 2 years ago

Called 3 times stating my there was a problem with I-Cloud. I spoke with the caller, seems to be from India. He said he was from California.

UNSAFE 716-210-8031 about 2 years ago

This recording claims to be Apple, Which I do not have. suggests I call toll free, 716-210-8031. SCAM

UNSAFE 716-210-8031 about 2 years ago

Apple scam - using I-Cloud problem

UNSAFE 716-371-9795 about 2 years ago

irs calling serious allegations are against me need to return the call.

NEUTRAL 716-210-8031 about 2 years ago

Apple scam.

UNSAFE 716-210-9881 about 2 years ago


NEUTRAL 716-371-8736 about 2 years ago

Claims to be IRS, demands contact pending being taken into custody

UNSAFE 716-257-0967 about 2 years ago

continues to call couple times per day via cell phone located near 16 Jefferson st, Cattaragus, NY

UNSAFE 716-954-8887 about 2 years ago

Said he from Yellow Pages n Google search me n can't find me want to know how I advertised

UNSAFE 716-240-6324 about 2 years ago

Received 2 automated messages from (716) 240-6324 today. Bogus IRS scammers. The attached tells you what this message says and you can also hear a recording of the robocall on this website. Guess these scumbags are working overtime to scare people into sending them money during tax season. If you get a call like this hang up and don't call them back. Better yet, don't answer it. The REAL IRS NEVER calls people!

UNSAFE 716-277-0257 about 2 years ago

Threatening legal action if you don't call back.

UNSAFE 716-279-6240 about 2 years ago

Fraudulent IRS representative

UNSAFE 716-210-9443 over 2 years ago

(I wanted to add this to the comment @ it being a person who claimed to be from West Here Ford) This person also knew my name & asked for me by name

UNSAFE 716-210-9443 over 2 years ago

This number called me on 3/30/2018 claiming to be West Herr Ford a car dealership in WNY, claiming my Jeep was being recalled. Jeeps are not sold by Ford they are sold by Chrysler! I did not buy my Jeep at West Herr Ford, I never did business w West Herr Ford & West Herr Ford would have no reason to have my phone number which was a new number, I’d only had for less than 3 months. If my vehicle was recalled I would have got a letter from Jeep not a call from a ford dealership! This person however knew that I had a Jeep. I’m assuming this number is either a scam number or could be a fake number that others besides this person has used because this person knew I had a Jeep & was acting like they were from a local car dealership. This person could be connected to someone I know trying to prank me because they know I have Jeep, I don’t think a scammer would know I have a Jeep. It could be a fake number that has been used by others that don’t know this person, these fake numbers are most likely recycled. If it’s scammers than they know I have a Jeep & probably know a lot more @ me so why would they have to call me if they already have that type of info. If it’s a scammer we are all in trouble because they know what we are driving & probably know when we deficate, & are spying on us though our phone cams!

UNSAFE 716-508-3394 over 2 years ago

Just received call this morning from charles. They are CCA group- a collections company. I hung up. He called back and said I was ignorant and childish and that he was proceeding with repo team to repossess my car and then issue a warrant for my arrest for check fraud and etc. This is not a legit company. How dare they call people and do these scare tactics and threaten us and try to degrade us. Get a real job.

UNSAFE 716-402-9775 over 2 years ago

keeps calling numerous times in row

UNSAFE 716-442-3340 over 2 years ago

This is a scam about your apple products. They are not from Apple.

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    New York
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    9:04 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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