Area Code: 646

646 Area Code belongs to the state of New York. The following cities fall under this area code: Manhattan, New York City. There have been a total of 284 reports for this area code.

Reports for 646

UNSAFE 646-224-5683 1 day ago

Live person claiming to represent Medicare (which I do not yet qualify for) saying he spoke to my doctor (whom he cannot name) saying I needed "machinery".... I called him on his scamming people & told him he should be ashamed of himself..... He said I was "abusing" him - told him I'm allowed to - he's wasting both of our time, called him every name in the book then finally hung up. My job is done.

UNSAFE 646-918-8577 4 days ago

this is a company (Vehicle processing center) , I request to remove my number couple time but they still calling me.

UNSAFE 646-507-5542 about 1 month ago

This caller constantly calls and asks for my husband. When I say he isn't in, the caller just hangs up. He doesn't stop calling, even when I tell him It's not my husbands cell phone he is calling, it's mine. He is a complete scammer. Why is he not stopped!!!!!!

UNSAFE 646-632-2198 about 2 months ago

Need to be shutdown

UNSAFE 646-661-2738 about 2 months ago

Typical telemarketer pretends he knows you and your waiting for his call.

UNSAFE 646-386-3600 2 months ago

Grievance reported to FCC on 2019-10-04 upon receipt of telephonic communication from 646-386-3600

UNSAFE 646-378-4858 2 months ago

The 2nd complaint was filed with the FCC about 6463784858 on 2019-10-03

UNSAFE 646-378-4858 2 months ago

A complaint was made to the FCC on 2019-10-03 about a call from 6463784858

UNSAFE 646-661-2738 2 months ago

Problem reported to FCC on 2019-10-03 after invoice of telephonic communication from (646) 661-2738

UNSAFE 646-661-2738 2 months ago

Unwanted Calls originating from 646 661 2738 cited as reason for complaint reported to the FCC on 2019-10-03

UNSAFE 646-889-9319 2 months ago

Serious major illegal request from 6468899319 [email protected] The nightmares. Meet me now app all he cared about was chatting with youth using your information. He wanted to use my Google account to chat with youth. His contacts wanted to contact me knowing about him but sounding just like him. OMG he wanted to use my Google account for his online offline relationships, his youth. He only interested in his illegal scams. Requested only actively requesting bank account information, gift and gift cards for his boys/men. He didn't care as long as the gift cards were to go to his relationships. I guess his bank account kept getting closed, his bank or bank accounts got suspicious because he was making purchases or unusual purchases for his unusual purchases for his youth/men/ boys and his online offline relationships. He was so desperate I have never seen a 6468899319 [email protected] so desperate to try and victimise for his illegal request and did not care what he causes. He thinks he is above the law, companies and that his illegal activities are perfectly normal. Well it's not. Safe you won't feel safe this person and his contacts will have your personal information, his contacts want any money owed to them. But there it is [email protected] 6468899319 with signed checks Leonardo DiCaprio, all kinds of checks, activities saying Leonardo DiCaprio who does not care but to search, parasite, make victim of people for his personal illegal activities and request. Blockchain, Google, Western Union, Thinks he is above FBI, US Army account, bank account requesting information, major high class reputable companies he thinks he can request, use by contacting you, zoom info, xft capital, meet me now app to sustain his boy/men relationship. His unusual chatting of his fondness for his relationships. His text, calls are traumatizing like seriously I'm going to allow myself to be the third wheel when all I think about is protecting youth and feeling sorry for his "youth" contacts, his intimidating them with gifts by contacting victims like me to use me for illegal request and relationships I don't think so. I feel sorry for his other victim's as well. Once no longer useful so that he can sustain or search for his next victim that has a clean record or background with no problems like he has with his financial or bank issues This 6468899319 [email protected] will move on to his next victim. You name it hidden money. Bank details he wants, use of your code. Oh and for some creepy reason his other contacts who sound exactly like him will contact you too thinking just as he does, sounding just like him. Remember report this number he has no interest in you except to find any means necessary to contact you for his illegal request to harm you, harass you for his illegal request. And to request code, credit cards to sustain his relationships with youth/boys/men. Remember his bank account keeps getting closed so now he thinks his illegal request and activities, your bank account, his illegal money scams is all the contact he cares to make. Do you know what I do every day I think and feel sorry for his boys he is having contact with. They need to be rescued from this person not him sending them gifts.. vomit. For his personal private conversations with boys and I feel sorry for his other victim's. My heart goes out to them. Please victim of this number report and do not ne a victim anymore. I feel after my experience I am depressed, have trouble sleeping because of my experience with his contacts and he and their harassment. His so called contacts too will know details about him, think they can replace him by harassing me just as 646889319 did. Not a day goes by where I don't think about moving, relocating because of my experience. Because I am scared to this day. I literally want to change my identity. I sleep I work but always with fear I feel seriously because this 6468899319, his contacts and others that claim to know him know so much about me. I feel constantly wanting to move like a voice not heard or protected. Like literally want to change my identity after my experience of 2018-2019. Bad person 6468899319 [email protected] very bad request, weird.

UNSAFE 646-583-2013 4 months ago

Left message saying I was noncompliance with my tax return

NEUTRAL 646-513-2382 4 months ago


UNSAFE 646-503-3369 4 months ago

Fake Social security office, suspended acct

UNSAFE 646-590-6724 4 months ago

Scammer. High risk to answer the call. You could lose money and personal information. Don't answer the call. Block this number. Call Type: Scammer/Harassing

UNSAFE 646-538-8543 4 months ago

Scammer. High risk to answer the call. You could lose money and personal information. Don't answer the call. Block this number. Call Type: Scammer/Harassing

UNSAFE 646-248-5310 4 months ago

Scammer. High risk to answer the call. You could lose money and personal information. Don't answer the call. Block this number. Call Type: Scammer/Harassing

UNSAFE 646-248-4096 4 months ago

Scammer. High risk to answer the call. You could lose money and personal information. Don't answer the call. Block this number. Call Type: Scammer/Harassing

NEUTRAL 646-517-8134 4 months ago

Student Loan

NEUTRAL 646-755-9679 5 months ago

This call is from the Department of Social Security Administration. The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspend your social security number because we found some suspicious activity. So if you want to know about this case, just press one.

Area Details

  • Major City:
  • State:
    New York
  • Timezone:
    8:05 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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