Area Code: 609

609 Area Code belongs to the state of New Jersey. The following cities fall under this area code: Atlantic City, Ewing, Mercerville-hamilton Square, Trenton, Willingboro. There have been a total of 181 reports for this area code.

Reports for 609

NEUTRAL 609-663-8101 9 months ago

They call sometimes twice a day & never leave a message. They've called over 10 times in a 7 day time frame. After checking on this number, I'm busy going to block it.

UNSAFE 609-342-6516 9 months ago

Unwanted elicit spam calls and hang ups

UNSAFE 609-256-8198 10 months ago

Woman asked for my husband saying that she received an inquiry for home improvement. She was told not to call again after calling 4 times.

NEUTRAL 609-225-5799 10 months ago

Yesterday they spammed with a text message and then today they called and left no message. I have no connection with anyone from a 609 area code. Definitely either telemarketer or scammer.

UNSAFE 609-460-4263 10 months ago

ROBOCALL - credit card SCAM

NEUTRAL 609-225-5799 10 months ago

Called DNC landline, no message.

UNSAFE 609-318-5876 11 months ago

SCAM tele

UNSAFE 609-201-0880 11 months ago

Scammers. Reduce my elec bill my ass

UNSAFE 609-201-0880 11 months ago

Voip number...caller ID starts with V..then date it called. Most likely spammers/scammers

UNSAFE 609-452-5468 11 months ago

Unwanted calls coming in on prepaid cell phone, Hangs up and wastes minutes that I have purchased for my business phone. Please flag them and I am also on the Federal NO CALL LIST!

UNSAFE 609-268-6630 11 months ago

flagged as SPAM

NEUTRAL 609-201-0880 11 months ago

NJ Power 609-201-0880

UNSAFE 609-225-5799 11 months ago

Computer scam. Foreign accent. I reported this to the FTC as I do will all other scammers. FTC number is 877-382-4357

UNSAFE 609-256-8198 11 months ago

This woman called my cell phone asking to speak with my significant other, I said this is not his phone. Then she asked if I'm the homeowner and when I asked she would not tell me what the call was regarding except for that the call was being recorded and she will try my significant other again later. I said no you won't, this is my personal cell phone and I'm telling you do not call back!!!!! We'll see if she does.

NEUTRAL 609-755-1038 11 months ago

This is an Indian job recruiter in New Jersey that continues to call me about out-of-state jobs that don't match my skills. I have told them a few times I will not do business with them and stop calling, yet they continue to call. I'm not sure why they can't take "no" for answer. They previously called me on these dates with the following phone numbers: 3:17 PM 2/16/2018 609-755-1038 11:25 AM 12/6/2017 609-651-8333 7:15 PM 12/1/2017 609-651-8333 10:04 AM 1/26/2017 904-677-2690 6:57 PM 3/30/2016 904-677-2690 11:15 AM 8/15/2014 609-651-8967 10:59 AM 5/1/2014 609-651-8967

UNSAFE 609-904-8419 11 months ago

you are now ready to collect your Social Security, hold the line while we connect you with someone that can help you

NEUTRAL 609-201-0880 11 months ago

Caller ID also shows this number: V2131422400046453373 Suspect this is some kind of spoofer activity

UNSAFE 609-225-5799 12 months ago

How do you get these people to quit calling you they've used multiple phone numbers. I have been a victim of identity theft and this worry's me

UNSAFE 609-201-0880 12 months ago

"can you hear me now"

NEUTRAL 609-324-5007 12 months ago

payday loan bullshit~!~ i did not sign up wish these assholes would stop calling

Area Details

  • Major City:
  • State:
    New Jersey
  • Timezone:
    6:49 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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