Area Code: 606

606 Area Code belongs to the state of Kentucky. The following cities fall under this area code: Ashland. There have been a total of 19 reports for this area code.

Reports for 606

SAFE 606-834-0125 4 days ago

Kings Daughter Medical Center

NEUTRAL 606-310-1619 11 days ago

did not answer, stearns, ky is in the southwestern part of the state. I do not know anyone in this area and do not conduct any business in this area.

UNSAFE 606-723-4316 18 days ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from Irvine, Kentucky on 2019-04-04

UNSAFE 606-275-2853 18 days ago

The number 606-275-2853 was reported to the FCC on 2019-04-03 for Unwanted Calls from Kentucky

UNSAFE 606-370-0553 19 days ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from Oakland, California on 2019-04-03

UNSAFE 606-370-0553 19 days ago

Issue reported to FCC on 2019-04-03 after invoice of telephonic communication from (606) 370-0553

UNSAFE 606-594-1045 20 days ago

A person from Kentucky has reported 6065941045 to the FCC on 2019-04-02

UNSAFE 606-462-1458 25 days ago

Scam caller for auto warranty

NEUTRAL 606-230-2531 about 2 months ago

Don't know who this is everything I call it back they hang up on me

UNSAFE 606-367-4195 about 2 months ago

would not answer, called back, man answered hello, I said I have the wrong #. Man said "no you don't" then said who he was with but could not understand him.

NEUTRAL 606-254-2086 about 2 months ago

would not answer, called number back and a man answered "Hello, Credit Fix, my name is Bill, how can I help you today?"

NEUTRAL 606-328-0283 5 months ago

calls repeatedly. no message.

UNSAFE 606-485-2272 5 months ago

Wow, new record 4 calls in less than 5 min. These calls are so annoying and happen 2 and3 times a day, I block a number and the next time they call switching around the digits nothing works to stop them. I am on the Do Not Call list and it doesn't matter. Annoying. We don't answer numbers we don't recognize. We are on the do not call list. Doesn't seem to make any difference anymore.,Calls daily hang up before answering machine turns on .annoying wish they would stop calling or at least have the courtesy, to leave a message

NEUTRAL 606-288-1199 9 months ago

This number was used tonight to get into my yahoo account. I use my cell number to have someone message me an account key so I can get a new password. I then put in my new password but sometimes this password will not work. This is why I use my phone to get an account key. Thanks.

UNSAFE 606-214-0608 10 months ago

keeps calling about medicare discount cards if this was so medicare would make them this is a scam in the worst way id says whitesburg ky.

UNSAFE 606-462-1458 10 months ago

Robo caller

UNSAFE 606-462-1458 10 months ago

Money hungry

UNSAFE 606-257-4120 12 months ago

Scam! Really can’t believe this is still going on and our judicial branch can’t enforce laws. I called Lisa Davis (formerly Barbara Anderson) back and she was conveniently away from the offic so I decided to toy with the representative who answered. I played dumb and interpreted the voicemail as they were willing to pay off my student loan, which I don’t have, and would accept a direct deposit or check. Kept interrupting everything she said to keep asking how she was going to pay off my $40k loan. Asked for a company name and she of course made up some bs. Asked for what type of company she worked for (Corp, llc, scorp) and she said private sector...haha. I then asked for her company's IRS EID (employer identification number), said she didn’t have one and hung up. I’ll probably get 10x the spam calls now, but it was worth wasting their time

UNSAFE 606-331-5006 over 1 year ago

They look up public records on oustanding debts you might have, and try to get you to pay them directly and a redued cost, or they were gking to take you to court. Of course they are not a real law firm, and just a room full of people acting a part. I know because they tried this on me on a debts that was paid in full 9 months before. I went to the debt holder, and they confirmed it was taken care of, and they had no clue who NRP is, and it was a scam.

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