Area Code: 605

605 Area Code belongs to the state of South Dakota. The following cities fall under this area code: Aberdeen, Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Watertown. There have been a total of 76 reports for this area code.

Reports for 605

UNSAFE 605-340-1235 1 day ago

Someone user from Naples, Florida received an unsolicited call from (605) 340-1235 and reported the caller to the FCC

UNSAFE 605-888-4135 3 days ago

A complaint for Unwanted Calls was filed with the FCC from South Dakota after an unsolicited call

UNSAFE 605-888-4135 3 days ago

Problem reported to FCC on 2019-08-15 upon receipt of telephonic interaction from 6058884135

UNSAFE 605-348-1579 5 days ago

Unwanted Calls necessitated submitting an issue regarding 6053481579 in Colorado with the FCC on 2019-08-13

UNSAFE 605-252-3121 6 days ago

has actually been identified as a source of unwanted phone calls and a grievance has been filed with the FCC

UNSAFE 605-206-6213 about 2 months ago

Calling from Breast Cancer Health Center asking for a donation. Fundraising for breast cancer is not done via telephone. I call scam. It's a robocall with computerized voice that automatically says "ok, goodbye" if you ask questions or make what they deem to be an inappropriate response.

UNSAFE 605-524-4055 2 months ago

Received 2 unwanted calls from this number on June 10th. Did not answer and no message was left. Shows the call originated in McIntosh, SF

NEUTRAL 605-217-2088 3 months ago

Called, rang 7 times. I'm ill and trying to take a nap. Didn't bother to get up and won't pay for voice mail. May the go to Hades!

NEUTRAL 605-562-1417 3 months ago

Called 3 times in a row until I blocked it. Never left a message.

UNSAFE 605-217-2088 4 months ago

Same scenario. though this lady said she was calling FROM AT&T. For last couple months, our office had been receiving calls from TELCOM G something or another. Now the calls are coming in as Unknown Caller. When I asked the lady this time aboutwhat the call was in regards to again, she explained that she knew nothing about scammer calls and such. Funny how she began stuttering and tripping on her explanation. I don't trust this number and if it were AT&T then the calls should come up on ID as such.

NEUTRAL 605-941-2812 4 months ago

Legit number

UNSAFE 605-217-2088 7 months ago

Got a call saying they were AT &T and said they can lower my business phone bill to less than $40 each line. Then the rep said we work with ,,,, company and A T &T and all we need to do is confirm info,,,, send you to another person that talked so fast I said can you please talk slower,,, the I was sent back to the other person who said all you need to do is answer Yes or No don't ask questions..... then I was sent back and they said this is to change your service to another company that is a competitor with AT&T,,,,, I asked so this isn't AT&T...… she hung up and then the other rep called me back when I said I changed my mind I don't want to change from AT &T the guy said but your not changing from AT&T,,,,,,,,, (see where that can be confusing) please don't talk this scam or call.

UNSAFE 605-309-5986 7 months ago

This number has been calling me at least one time a day for a few weeks. I have no vehicle warranty to extend so I know it’s a scam. The 605 area code is South Dakota but the caller ID said Malaysia which immediately caught my attention.

UNSAFE 605-250-4946 8 months ago

Did not answer phone as number was not familiar. It transferred the call to "Auto Service". Said "hello" a couple of times and then they hung up.

UNSAFE 605-309-5986 9 months ago

caller ID said illegal scam

UNSAFE 605-646-7711 10 months ago

Received 2 calls in less than a minute

UNSAFE 605-646-7711 10 months ago

Repeated unsolicited spam calls from this number to my personal mobile phone.

UNSAFE 605-741-5203 11 months ago

scam call

UNSAFE 605-681-9508 12 months ago

Trying to get me to do a roof estimate... they had my street name and my name. never heard of them before and the # isn't connected to a business. "The Roofers"??

NEUTRAL 605-741-5189 about 1 year ago

I get this call several times a day almost every day. I usually never answer but today I did and told them never to call this number again and they just hung up. Comes thru as a call from Vermillion but caller ID says SDAKOTA CALLER.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    Sioux Falls
  • State:
    South Dakota
  • Timezone:
    12:40 AM (Central Time (US & Canada))

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