Area Code: 520

520 Area Code belongs to the state of Arizona. The following cities fall under this area code: Casa Adobes, Casa Grande, Catalina Foothills, Drexel Heights, Nogales, Oro Valley, Sierra Vista, Tucson. There have been a total of 411 reports for this area code.

Reports for 520

UNSAFE 520-214-1389 over 1 year ago

CID UNKNOWN NAME, coward left no message. Other sites report Non-Fixed VoIP (e.g. Skype or Google Voice), Carrier Twilio, Tucson, AZ. Hmmm, let's see, no caller ID, no message, non-fixed VoIP...smells like criminal activity to me. Sounds unsafe to me. Blocked.

UNSAFE 520-353-8113 over 1 year ago

CID UNKNOWN NAME, cowards wouldn't leave a message. Other sites report non-fixed VoIP in Bisbee, AZ, credit card scam/fraud (most criminals have no imagination to come up with something new, especially the ONES who live in Bisbee, AZ); . Blocked.

UNSAFE 520-526-9266 over 1 year ago

CID UNKNOWN NAME. Too cowardly to leave message. Per other websites: Non-Fixed VoIP, Original carrier, Commio, Llc Tucson, AZ, robo scam call. Blocked.

UNSAFE 520-371-5094 over 1 year ago

I answered this call by accident with no answer so I hung up and called back later after doing an internet search. Press 1 to be removed from our calling list then says goodbye.

UNSAFE 520-999-8377 over 1 year ago

Other websites report: Onvoy, Llc - Az VoIP, Tucson AZ, Suspected Spam, Flagged as Scam or Fraud, Claimed to be The American Veteran's Association. CID UNKNOWN NAME. Cowards didn't have enough courage to leave a message. Now, let's see: no message, CID UNKNOWN NAME, VOIP. Looks and sounds like scam/fraud, do you think it is? Blocked.

UNSAFE 520-371-5094 over 1 year ago

CID UNKNOWN NAME, cowards didn't leave a message. Other websites report Sprint Spectrum VoIP, Casa Grande AZ, suspected spam, robo calls, police BS charity, etc. This is the fifth number I am blocking from this phone exchange.

NEUTRAL 520-277-9710 over 1 year ago

CID UNKNOWN NAME, cowards didn't leave a message. Other websites report VoIP in Phoenix, AZ; Suspected Spam. Blocked.

UNSAFE 520-353-8110 over 1 year ago

CID UNKNOWN NAME. No message left (cowards!). Other websites report Onvoy VoIP, Bisbee AZ, Suspected Spam or Fraud, credit card scam, robo call, etc. Blocked.

UNSAFE 520-340-5725 over 1 year ago

Claims to be collecting money to help women with cancer.

UNSAFE 520-457-5371 over 1 year ago

Chronic calls from this number

UNSAFE 520-424-7305 over 1 year ago

CID UNKNOWN NAME. Other websites report non-fixed VOIP Stanfield, AZ, collecting for Tucson PD, AZ Police Officers Assoc, robo call. Didn't leave message (cowards &/or criminals). Non-fixed VOIP, doesn't leave a VoiceMail message, CID reads "Unknown Name" equals SCAM". I agree. I checked my machine, this will be the fifth number I've blocked from the (520)424 exchange. Blocking the entire exchange.

UNSAFE 520-874-6762 over 1 year ago

Hangs up when you answer Caller ID uahn

UNSAFE 520-214-8923 over 1 year ago

Very rude cursed at me but never said what they wanted.

UNSAFE 520-207-0842 over 1 year ago

SCAMMER! Elite System

UNSAFE 520-875-0316 over 1 year ago


UNSAFE 520-277-3011 over 1 year ago

Caller ID showed "Fraud Likely". Answered phone. Female with heavy accent asked for me. I did not acknowledge who I was and asked "who is this". Female stated Medicare. I said "you are not from Medicare" she hung up.

UNSAFE 520-391-4628 over 1 year ago

Scam. Do not answer.

UNSAFE 520-210-3599 over 1 year ago

Unwanted call

NEUTRAL 520-277-3011 over 1 year ago

This number appeared on my landline caller ID as "Fraud Likely". Of course I did not answer it. I would not expect to get a fraud alert in this manner. I wish all of the nuisance calls would stop. I spend more wasted time not answering the phone.

UNSAFE 520-353-8123 over 1 year ago

some body calling my phone (Bisbee, Az.), no message left, I did call and it is a non working number, this number has been colling for months and always change an Arizona city but same number, the voice it is of a oriental voice and some times I have answer and they talk with treating vocabulary, I think they are rats, thief people.

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    10:40 AM (Arizona)

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