Area Code: 520

520 Area Code belongs to the state of Arizona. The following cities fall under this area code: Casa Adobes, Casa Grande, Catalina Foothills, Drexel Heights, Nogales, Oro Valley, Sierra Vista, Tucson. There have been a total of 471 reports for this area code.

Reports for 520

UNSAFE 520-441-4104 5 months ago

I called this cancelled VoIP number back within 5 min only to get: Hello no one is available to take your call at the moment please leave your message at the tone. Several complaints listed on the Internet say home buying scam.

UNSAFE 520-612-1487 5 months ago

Cancelled this call earlier to research, called this VoIP number back as blocked: Please try the number later all circuits are busy.

NEUTRAL 520-353-3040 5 months ago

Called my cell numerous times. Never leaves messages. Irritating.

UNSAFE 520-265-8740 5 months ago

Googled this number after canceling, Nomorobo has a recording to save 75% off my energy bill. I called the number back and the recording said the number is not in service? White pages has this number listed VoIP

UNSAFE 520-793-1909 5 months ago

I hung up on this number by accident, looked it with no results, called back to get a recording, not in service. So why is the number listed in the whitepages?

UNSAFE 520-463-3686 5 months ago

I missed a call from this number then googled it, Nomorobo has a recording of the sales pitch from "Vehicle Services". I called back twice, range twice and hung up on, guess they don't want to sell me a warranty. White pages has this number listed as High Scam/Fraud.

NEUTRAL 520-490-4978 6 months ago

Another call purporting to be sending a refund for Microsoft security. Most likely a phishing scam to get private information so they can steal identity or money from bank accounts. Do not follow their suggestions to push buttons like 1 or 2.

UNSAFE 520-441-3901 6 months ago

I called this number back with no pick up so I would say not safe. Listed as VoIP on the white pages with high number of searches in one day.

UNSAFE 520-399-7926 6 months ago

Returned call to this number, takes for ever to ring, then rings forever with answer. White pages has this number listed as VoIP

UNSAFE 520-464-4719 6 months ago

bogus call

UNSAFE 520-490-4978 6 months ago

No name ('Wireless Caller' ID). No message. Part of string of no name/no msg calls this morning. Same scammer using different numbers.

NEUTRAL 520-375-2902 6 months ago

I just canceled an incoming call to research, VoIP 2nd today, called back to reach a non working number? Call earlier in the day was also Nogales Az under a different VoIP #.

UNSAFE 520-223-4547 6 months ago

I called this number back later in the day after looking here, number blocked, only to get silence for a very long time then a lot of rings for 3 min 24 seconds to be disconnected. White pages has this number in Nogales AZ VoIP Skype or Google Voice, Google voice TOS says for personal use and I keep getting VoIP calls.

UNSAFE 520-487-4918 6 months ago

I missed this call earlier in the day and am just no getting to research and call back, multiple rings with no answer before disconnecting. White pages has this number listed as VoIP, Google VoIP is for personal use not business or ?

NEUTRAL 520-377-9142 6 months ago

I missed this call from early this morning 0830, called back just now 11pm with my number blocked only to reach a non working number, this is two non working numbers that have called me today.

UNSAFE 520-934-9548 6 months ago

So I get this call at 5:11pm, called back a bit later to reach a non working number. White pages says this number is non existent.

UNSAFE 520-432-6795 6 months ago

I missed this call and returned the call later in the day with no results. I don't know anyone in Bisbee AZ., White Pages and Spydialer gave two different names for this number.

UNSAFE 520-277-3232 6 months ago

Missed this call and canceled, after research White pages has this VoIp number as high spam/fraud.

UNSAFE 520-463-3684 6 months ago

This is the 2nd time I have been called and if you aren't in my call list I send directly to Voicemail, called me at 0800. White pages has this number listed as Spam/Fraud Potential: High.

UNSAFE 520-463-3686 7 months ago

I canceled this call directly to Voicemail and used VoIP to call back with no answer. Whitepages has this number listed as high SCAM/Fraud.

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