Area Code: 520

520 Area Code belongs to the state of Arizona. The following cities fall under this area code: Casa Adobes, Casa Grande, Catalina Foothills, Drexel Heights, Nogales, Oro Valley, Sierra Vista, Tucson. There have been a total of 471 reports for this area code.

Reports for 520

UNSAFE 520-337-7670 4 months ago

At 11:38, 13 Mar I was called by this number, cancelled to research with no results so called back: Welcome to Auto Warranty Services, if you wish to opt out press. By that time I hung up. Whitepages has this number listed as VoIP out of Wilcox AZ

UNSAFE 520-720-3394 4 months ago

3.11.2020 @ 5:45 I was called by this number, cancelled it, looked the number with no results and called back, after long silence a ring or two then all circuits are busy. Whitepages has this number listed as VoIP

UNSAFE 520-213-6437 4 months ago

11 Mar 2020, 1258 pm I was called by this number, cancelled to call to look it up with no results. Called back "The subscriber you have dialed is not in service."

UNSAFE 520-625-2184 4 months ago

nuisance, did not leave a message

UNSAFE 520-463-3683 4 months ago

I cancelled this call when it rang and called later, one ring and hung up on. 3rd call, two rings and hung up on. High spam/fraud listed on Whitepages for vehicle warranty.

UNSAFE 520-376-3281 4 months ago

At 1402 6 Mar 2020 I received a call from this number that I accidentally answered and cancelled the call because I didn't know the number. I am reporting this call because I am on the FCC Do Not Call list. I called back later in the day after researching the number with no results, the recording was broken and garbled so I called several times to understand what was said, Straight Forward Home Solutions, cash off for my home plus more, at the end of the recording press 1 to leave a message 2 to be taken off the list. They have a web site with a phone number for Mesa AZ and service AZ.

UNSAFE 520-442-1371 4 months ago

This number belongs to Enhance Openings. I cancelled the incoming call to research with no results then called back as blocked to get Doors and Window, Enhance Opening greeted by Mark Last year they kept calling me under a different number every other day and weekly until I called them to complain and asked if they were making cold calls, yes. I said I was on Do Not Call list which he said didn't pertain to them. I have filed a complaint with FCC this time.

UNSAFE 520-686-7200 4 months ago

This number called at 1815 2020.3.4 and I cancelled the call, looked it up, no results so *67 and called back, rang for ever before hanging up? Whitepages has this number listed as VoIP.

UNSAFE 520-441-4104 4 months ago

The FCC received a complaint for Unwanted Calls from Tucson, Arizona on 2020-03-04

UNSAFE 520-265-5400 4 months ago

has actually been recognized as source of unsolicited telephone calls and an issue has been lodged with the FCC

UNSAFE 520-441-4104 4 months ago

2020.3.4 @ 1555 I was called by this VoIP number for the second time. Twenty days ago I called back and found out that it was Franz from Home Buyers USA. I will report this again to FCC because I didn't give permission for him to call me.

UNSAFE 520-463-3684 4 months ago

4:52pm Call five from this number? It is time to submit a complaint with FCC. See previous postings, no point in calling the number. Nomorobo has a recording from today, Vehicle Service, Whitepages has the same info for today.

UNSAFE 520-265-5400 4 months ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from Tucson, Arizona on 2020-03-02

UNSAFE 520-265-5400 4 months ago

A recipient of unrequested calls has currently lodged a formal complaint about Unwanted Calls in Arizona on 2020-03-02

UNSAFE 520-317-9323 4 months ago

The FCC has obtained a report of unsolicited activity in Arizona coming from (520) 317-9323

NEUTRAL 520-463-3684 4 months ago

Fourth call from this number, I did not answer and called back with number blocked to receive All circuits are busy try your call again later, same as before. Previous calls are 2 two months ago and 1 twelve days ago. Reports for this number is Car Warranty.

UNSAFE 520-463-3684 5 months ago

Another call from this number, I called back with number blocked: All Circuits are busy try you call later, tried this several times with the same results. From previous reports it shows I had two other calls two months ago and Whitepages is still showing this VoIP number as high spam/fraud with post for vehicle warranty.

UNSAFE 520-441-4104 5 months ago

Today I called this number in the middle of the day and Franz from Home Buyers USA answered, this is all the information I need to file a complaint with FCC due to violating "Do Not Call" list that I am on. I went their webpage, impressive, out of CA with offices listed across the US.

UNSAFE 520-380-0193 5 months ago

Robocall, from various numbers: 307-226-8043, 779-209-0232, 912-254-4020, 520-380-0193, wanting to help you make money from home.

UNSAFE 520-336-9867 5 months ago

I called this missed VoIP number back withing 30 minutes to get this recording: The person you are trying to reach is on line 5 then you hear a click to leave a message. Reports on the internet say insurance scam.

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