Area Code: 518

518 Area Code belongs to the state of New York. The following cities fall under this area code: Albany, Rotterdam, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Troy. There have been a total of 141 reports for this area code.

Reports for 518

UNSAFE 518-666-6176 4 days ago

Calls and hangs up.

UNSAFE 518-800-4007 4 days ago

518-800-4007 cited for Unwanted Calls on 2019-06-20

UNSAFE 518-800-4007 4 days ago

Unwanted Calls stemming from 518 800 4007 pointed out as reason for issue reported to the FCC on 2019-06-20

UNSAFE 518-308-8565 7 days ago

The number 5183088565 was reported to the FCC on 2019-06-18 for Unwanted Calls from Maryland

UNSAFE 518-308-8565 7 days ago

518-308-8565 reported for Unwanted Calls on 2019-06-18

UNSAFE 518-977-6578 7 days ago

The number 518 977 6578 was reported to the FCC on 2019-06-17 for Unwanted Calls from South Carolina

UNSAFE 518-800-4007 10 days ago

called 2 days left message about Social security is to be cancelled it's a scam

UNSAFE 518-800-4007 10 days ago

they left message saying call from social security and if I don't call back, my ssn may be suspended withing 24 hrs.

UNSAFE 518-418-7342 about 1 month ago

Trying to rent out homes that are not their. Ask for your information in a email.

UNSAFE 518-363-6165 about 1 month ago

A woman named Rachel called, and asked if she was speaking with me. When i told her to tell me where shes calling from and i will not say i am or not that person because people use that as a scam ,she immediately hung up. Called back n said my name n i said nope ill get him when u tell me who you are, sooo be assured its a scam people....may 17 2019 last call

NEUTRAL 518-560-5083 about 1 month ago

Call from Musician's Friend

NEUTRAL 518-545-5010 2 months ago

Must have 15 calls on my phone in last 2 days, I just got out of hospital I know it's scam and don't answer it ,because I'm not getting up and answer it , when I don't know this number . Could be telemarketing sick and want then to leave me alone.

UNSAFE 518-217-8489 4 months ago

Threat of arrest

NEUTRAL 518-310-7687 5 months ago

IRS scammers

UNSAFE 518-660-1375 5 months ago

All these scumbags and bottomfeeders like this clown who has no life or a desire to go out and have a Real job. Like I said a true ScumBag and gutless person hiding behind a phone # 518-660-1375 We can put a space rover on Mars pretty much any place on Mars with in a couple of feet, but yet the F.C.C. Can not seem to shut Scum like this up once and for all. And the spineless scum behind 518-660-1375 can't even leave a voicemail because he/she is a total COWARD hiding behind his or her mommy's skirt. You would think these ScumBags would ever learn, ? we all have caller I.D. I know for myself, if I do not know the number, I will not pick up the phone. Of course it's a unsafe number. 518-660-1375 or 1341,1402, 1292, 1287, Like I said, the are Scumbads and bottom feeders looking to steal your personal I.D. to wipe you out of all of your hard earned money and gosh knows what else ?? If it's not a number you do not no, do yourself a huge favor by not picking up he phone.

NEUTRAL 518-460-1987 6 months ago

Called my mother claiming that my nephew was in jail and asked for $7k then $5k

NEUTRAL 518-444-7115 6 months ago

called , left message as noted . called back, said my subscription was expiring. I asked on what..he didn't answer and there was a long NO answer pause, i hung up

NEUTRAL 518-444-7115 6 months ago

Have recently got many calls from 518-444-7115 I'm tired of these calls

NEUTRAL 518-444-7115 6 months ago

Have recently got many calls from 518-444-7115 I'm tired of these calls

UNSAFE 518-249-5907 7 months ago

Will not stop calling. Calls all day, everyday

Area Details

  • Major City:
  • State:
    New York
  • Timezone:
    9:53 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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