Area Code: 314

314 Area Code belongs to the state of Missouri. The following cities fall under this area code: Affton, Ferguson, Florissant, Hazelwood, Kirkwood, Maryland Heights, Mehlville, Oakville, Spanish Lake, St. Louis, University City, Webster Groves. There have been a total of 93 reports for this area code.

Reports for 314

NEUTRAL 314-612-4686 about 2 hours ago

Rec'd call on Jul 16 & Caller ID said "US Government". No message was left.

NEUTRAL 314-987-5489 about 9 hours ago

Whoever called me, did so shortly before 1:00 in the morning! My answering machine took the call and the only thing I heard sounded like "the end". Who calls people in the middle of the night?! I'm on the Do Not Call Registry, but it doesn't matter, because there are no consequences to the people that ignore it and call anyway! There needs to be consequences, penalties, fines for all those scammers and scum that violate our privacy and bother decent people at all hours of the day and night!! Why can't we stop these people????

UNSAFE 314-612-4686 about 23 hours ago

on my caller id it said us government.

NEUTRAL 314-612-4686 about 23 hours ago

on my caller id. it said us government.

UNSAFE 314-602-0297 4 days ago

Dianna Brannan called from this number and didn't not leave a detail message and ask for a call back. Said she was with the FCCA and acted like she knew me. (Lot's of businesses has these 4 letters.) Put on block list. I marked it unsafe as there is not way to varify who FCCA is.

UNSAFE 314-292-9149 14 days ago

Porn comments to me

UNSAFE 314-461-0614 14 days ago

called automated voice saying social security office adn they are about to file fraud charged to call back

NEUTRAL 314-529-1061 19 days ago

Dead Air for approximately 15 seconds, then disconnect.

UNSAFE 314-612-4686 22 days ago

I didn't even wait to see if there was a message. "U.S. Government" in the caller ID just screams FAKE! So I checked online, and it is another scam. So now it is blocked.

UNSAFE 314-612-4686 about 1 month ago

They are using US Government as caller ID. That should be illegal all by itself ! BBB says do not answer phone. Why have a phone if you can't answer it?

NEUTRAL 314-394-2017 about 1 month ago

Has anyone had telephone calls on a landline Outgoing. The telephone number is 314-394-2017 I did not make these calls. I complained that I do not know anyone at that number and had no reason to make these calls. I was told to change my number. I am wondering how someone can make these calls outgoing from my landline. I would say this is Unsafe and how someone can do this.

UNSAFE 314-463-8281 about 2 months ago

Called our business 2 times today. I finally called the number back, a guy with an India accent answered and said they are the SS administration. I told them to stop calling a place of business because they are a scam and the SS administration don't call people they send mail communications. The guy hung up on me.

UNSAFE 314-463-8281 about 2 months ago


UNSAFE 314-932-0031 2 months ago

You tell them you want to be removed and they call you back on a different number. Plus they are nasty how they speak down to you

UNSAFE 314-612-4686 2 months ago

maybe a scamer calling my landline phone. i said hi scamer . dead air. then they hungup.

UNSAFE 314-675-7364 2 months ago


UNSAFE 314-701-1114 3 months ago

accidentally posted as neutral but meant to post as unsafe

NEUTRAL 314-701-1114 3 months ago

Joe is a scammer and a liar! do not hire him or believe a word he says

UNSAFE 314-701-1114 3 months ago

SCAMMER! Do not believe a word he says. he'll take your money and block your calls

UNSAFE 314-987-5489 3 months ago

Called from some "finance" company on 1 April, was told my number is on the DNC. Middle eastern guy kept saying, "ok. ok, ma'am." Got another call today (5 April) from some Middle Eastern woman claiming to be from the same company. Sadly, the thick accents prevented me from fully understanding the name that they gave for the company or their own name.

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    Saint Louis
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  • Timezone:
    12:21 PM (Central Time (US & Canada))

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