Area Code: 312

312 Area Code belongs to the state of Illinois. The following cities fall under this area code: Chicago. There have been a total of 201 reports for this area code.

Reports for 312

UNSAFE 312-451-6175 3 days ago

Numerous complaints have been filed on 2019-06-21 with the FCC in relation to unwanted phone calls from 3124516175

UNSAFE 312-598-3053 4 days ago

A recipient of unsolicited phone calls has currently lodged a protest about Unwanted Calls in South Carolina on 2019-06-20

UNSAFE 312-667-9611 5 days ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from Manteca, California on 2019-06-20

UNSAFE 312-428-7788 5 days ago

Unwanted Calls stemming from 312 428 7788 cited as reason for issue reported to the FCC on 2019-06-20

UNSAFE 312-914-5833 5 days ago

312 914 5833 has been reported to the FCC after unsolicited activity was registered from 312 914 5833

UNSAFE 312-292-0279 5 days ago

Scammer, high risk to answer the call, you could lose money and personal information. Don´t answer the call. Call Type: Scammer/Harassing

UNSAFE 312-465-1200 13 days ago

Left no message. Caller ID had J Walter INC.

UNSAFE 312-465-1200 14 days ago

Called to inquire as to whom paid the electric bills and offered competitive rates for electricity. Then asked if I was on government assistance or budget billing. When I said I was on budget billing, the woman ended the sales pitch She never identified her company or the competitive rates she was supposedly offering. I had no intention of doing business with this outfit, but I wanted more information on them. I am on the no call list and I intend to report this number.

UNSAFE 312-465-1200 14 days ago

Called, left no message

NEUTRAL 312-453-7796 25 days ago

Still receiving calls from this number

UNSAFE 312-465-1200 about 1 month ago

Woman asking if I was the one who paid the electric bills. I would only say, that I was the one who wrote the checks. Since I did not use the word she was looking for (YES), which she could use to scam me, she hung up. Have also received call from same number saying they represents a major contest company and that I have won a prize. Then they ask if I can hear them---------again wanting the "YES" answer so they can use your voice to scam you.

UNSAFE 312-379-5894 about 1 month ago

TEXT MESSAGE: Automated SMS ALERT issued on your account! - Please call +1(312) 379-5894 from: wellsfargo2nk9ux..... We do not have a Wells Fargo acct

NEUTRAL 312-379-5897 about 1 month ago

This number keeps on calling, seems like a scam

NEUTRAL 312-667-9346 about 1 month ago

On 11May2019 call from 312.667.9346, quiet line,, no one responds .. Questionable intentions

UNSAFE 312-612-0563 3 months ago

Called our phone and since we did not recognize the number allowed VM to pick up. After called ended noticed a message. WATCH OUT HERE. Stating that Social Security Number have been suspended. Said this is last and final call. No reference to which one of us. So of course Its A SCAM.

NEUTRAL 312-584-0720 3 months ago

Comsumer needs loans is the number 312-584-0720 or 312-584-0227 talked with a Brandon this is a scam fraud lost $500 and dont want anyone else having this happen to them. I feel so stupid . Please note that these numbers are for scaming people and getting them to think that they are a honest loan company. They are far from being honest

UNSAFE 312-312-5426 3 months ago

312-312-5426 spam. It is the Indians in India. First was a lady demanding for my husband and when I asked what is this regarding she said she cannot tell it is personal and hung up. After a few I get a call for me but a lady a good American speaking and claiming I owe $262.93 cents from 2013 Victoria Secret. My first reaction was shock but after me requesting more info she gave 4 last numbers of a claim and than said oh I see you have a good credit so do not let it get ruined over $263.00. I said you are right so what do I owe exactly? She repeated $263.00. I asked if she is sure and she said yes. Than I told her I thought it was less? Than she corrected herself oh yes it is $262.93 but she said she likes to round up. Wwwwwwhhhhhaaaaat????!!!!! Lol I knew this was so bogus. This is not legit. I told her for her to call me back after I check my account and she never called back. I even offered to send money order since I do not feel comfortable giving cc number out. She said no that is not possible. Lol. She was good I almost fell for it for a second but I know my finance. I am counting on someone else in office will call again and cannot wait to be prepared to waist their time and record for others to see. I have seen on YouTube videos of these seneriorios. Please please do not give your info I had chase call a few weeks ago to confirm some transactions and I saidi am sorry I cannot give you any info over the phone. I will come to the bank myself and confirm things and the lady was ok with it. So if it is a legit one than you refusing is understanding

UNSAFE 312-756-8703 3 months ago


UNSAFE 312-777-9190 4 months ago


UNSAFE 312-246-7762 4 months ago

Once it starts, this individual will call your phone number every 20 minutes over the course of a few hours. I got it to stop by answering then putting the phone near a loud TV until the individual realized he/she would not get to a real person.

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