Area Code: 254

254 Area Code belongs to the state of Texas. The following cities fall under this area code: Copperas Cove, Fort Hood, Killeen, Temple, Waco. There have been a total of 44 reports for this area code.

Reports for 254

UNSAFE 254-870-1329 3 days ago

After an unsolicited call 254-870-1329 was reported by a consumer from Texas

UNSAFE 254-870-1329 3 days ago

The 1st complaint was filed with the FCC about 2548701329 on 2018-07-20

UNSAFE 254-271-8542 3 days ago

A user user from China Spring, Texas received an unsolicited call from (254) 271-8542 and reported the caller to the FCC

UNSAFE 254-983-7151 4 days ago

I filed a report about 2549837151 with the FCC.

UNSAFE 254-215-1547 4 days ago

The number 2542151547 was reported to the FCC on 2018-07-19 for Unwanted Calls from Kentucky

UNSAFE 254-853-0023 10 days ago

keeps calling don't know who it is

UNSAFE 254-230-9746 27 days ago

Woman called here (we are a business) - "Yes, can I speak to the owner? It's regarding an investigation- I'll hold" I asked her where she was calling from, "??? Recovery Solutions". I told her they were not available and asked if she would like to leave a message to which she responded "Not needed".

UNSAFE 254-313-1220 28 days ago

Spoke very broken English-I told him I could not understand him, he said he would speak slower-"I am calling about your computer"-I hung up

NEUTRAL 254-244-2276 about 2 months ago


UNSAFE 254-244-2276 2 months ago

First call asked if I approve of Trump; 2nd call asked who I trust for public policy decision, state or federal government; 3rd call asked for donation. What a scam!

NEUTRAL 254-244-2276 2 months ago

We never answer our phones when this unwanted call appears but they can't take the hint and keep on trying.

NEUTRAL 254-244-2276 3 months ago

A male caller didn't ask for anyone by name and then pretended to have a coughing spell, so I hung up.

NEUTRAL 254-244-2276 3 months ago

Called at 8:15 this morning also calls from 430-803-0658. asked to be put on DNC told him calls were irritating

UNSAFE 254-267-4518 3 months ago

Unwanted call from this number. Call back, number disconnected.

UNSAFE 254-244-2276 3 months ago

Got a call from this number and asked if I approved or disapproved of Trump. I gave my answer and they said they would call me once a month to ask again. I tried reaching this number and it states disconnected. They call at 8:00 am and this is getting annoying.

NEUTRAL 254-244-2276 3 months ago

Received a call on my cell from this number at 3:57pm. Location: Oglesby TX. Didn't answer as I thought it was sales or other spam. Thank you for the information.

NEUTRAL 254-244-2276 3 months ago

Informed Election They asked a question I answered been calling for several months now. I answered again today act a little ignorant so I hung up. Then I called the # back it sorry but this can't be reached or something to that effect. Scam I think.

NEUTRAL 254-244-2276 4 months ago

I have gotten several calls from this number and two times I did a short survey. The first one was three or four questions. I answered "not sure" to all of them. Then they called back and they asked one question and I answered "not sure" It has to do with a program making Politicians do what they say they will. Today they called for $25.00 to help get their program off the ground.

UNSAFE 254-244-2276 4 months ago

Didn't answer the call. Think it is a Spam.

NEUTRAL 254-244-2276 4 months ago

This dang so called "Informed Election # 254-244-2276 has called here dozens of tomes. I am signed up on do not call list. I told them to quit calling her. But they call daily?

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