Area Code: 210

210 Area Code belongs to the state of Texas. The following cities fall under this area code: San Antonio. There have been a total of 261 reports for this area code.

Reports for 210

UNSAFE 210-493-9901 4 days ago

Unwanted Calls necessitated filing a complaint concerning 210 493 9901 in Texas with the FCC on 2018-10-19

UNSAFE 210-712-1691 4 days ago

A recipient of unwanted phone calls has lodged a formal complaint about Unwanted Calls in Texas on 2018-10-19

UNSAFE 210-666-9335 4 days ago

This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from San Antonio, Texas on 2018-10-19

UNSAFE 210-405-3949 4 days ago

A user from Washington has reported 210-405-3949 to the FCC on 2018-10-19

UNSAFE 210-776-1291 5 days ago

The number (210) 776-1291 was reported to the FCC on 2018-10-18 for Unwanted Calls from New Mexico

UNSAFE 210-817-6738 7 days ago

I screen all unknown calls with my answering machine and do not answer them. This VoIP caller did not leave a message and hung up. I am on the Do Not Call list and report all spam calls to FCC and Do Not Call.

UNSAFE 210-342-9120 11 days ago

constant calling

UNSAFE 210-229-8618 12 days ago

Of course, this is a health insurance scam because stupidity seems to have become a badge of honor these these days. Why would anyone call with Out of Area popping up on Caller ID and then hanging up after the 1st ring ??????????????? These morons, dimwits, nitwits, twits, doofus, stupids, nincompoop POS think the rest of us are as stupid as they are. This is our business number and yet we are the ones who have to screen our incoming calls. Number blocked so the POS can keep calling us till the cows come home because their call will be disconnected after the 1st ring.

UNSAFE 210-634-1238 12 days ago

T Mobil reports this number as ( Scam Likely )

NEUTRAL 210-742-5553 18 days ago

These people want your social security number and name and DOB. They want tell you that your identity has been stolen and it is a lawyer pressing charges. Then at the end they start cussing you once you do not give them the information.

NEUTRAL 210-729-2188 25 days ago

Yes, "Officer Peterson............Didn't know SS Admin had Officers...

UNSAFE 210-729-2188 25 days ago

scam--recorded message says there was "legal enforcement action filed against my social security number for criminal activities"

NEUTRAL 210-729-2188 25 days ago

scam--recorded message says there was "legal enforcement action filed against my social security number for criminal activities"

UNSAFE 210-729-2188 about 1 month ago

Got a voicemail saying there was a legal action agaisf my asocial Sec number and to call before they start a legal action. Grammar was poor. Obviously a scam. Didn’t call them.

UNSAFE 210-876-2590 about 1 month ago

Left a message asking for the owner of my address. Didn’t know me or my name.

NEUTRAL 210-729-7695 about 1 month ago

This number called me and left an automated message saying there was criminal activity connected to my social and I needed to call the number before legal action was taken. It is total spam.

UNSAFE 210-729-2188 about 1 month ago

9/14/2018 Hi this is officer Sean Peterson calling you from the Department of Social Security. The reason you have received this call from our office just to inform you that there is a legal enforcement action filed against on your Social Security number for criminal activities so when you get this message kindly call as soon as possible 210-729-2188 before we proceed with the legal procedure

UNSAFE 210-729-2188 about 1 month ago

this is a scam. Everything about the message screams scam from the incorrect way they call the Department of Social Security to it generating a federal issue from TX to criminal activity that would be handled by the FBI. Be smart ignore this call.

NEUTRAL 210-981-3028 about 1 month ago

Did the same, filled out a mortgage refinance through Lending Tree. Phone started ringing instantly and over and over. No message.

UNSAFE 210-876-2590 about 2 months ago

I answered Hello to a call of: Unknown Name from # 210-876-2590 they hung up on me.

Area Details

  • Major City:
    San Antonio
  • State:
  • Timezone:
    5:24 AM (Central Time (US & Canada))

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