Area Code: 209

209 Area Code belongs to the state of California. The following cities fall under this area code: Atwater, Ceres, Lodi, Los Banos, Manteca, Merced, Modesto, Stockton, Tracy, Turlock. There have been a total of 221 reports for this area code.

Reports for 209

UNSAFE 209-701-0543 12 months ago

So annoying to continue to receive these calls every day two or three times a day all hours of the day these people have no respect for anyone privacy, I block a number and the next time they call switching around the digits nothing works to stop them. I am on the Do Not Call list and it doesn't matter. Annoying. We don't answer numbers we don't recognize. We are on the do not call list. Doesn't seem to make any difference anymore.,Calls daily hang up before answering machine turns on .annoying wish they would stop calling or at least have the courtesy, to leave a message

UNSAFE 209-286-3709 12 months ago

Scam VA loan

UNSAFE 209-431-8564 12 months ago

One of many, many vehicle warranty calls that we receive, often multiple times daily.

UNSAFE 209-245-7003 12 months ago

Automated call about a claim, its a scam, the number never answers when you call it back.

UNSAFE 209-158-9875 about 1 year ago

I was scammed by Arcler Desk, they stole $868 from me. I have since been contacted by a news reporter doing a story in them.

UNSAFE 209-431-8564 about 1 year ago

This number called me...blocked it on my phone right away..called them answered but no one spoke.

NEUTRAL 209-431-8564 about 1 year ago

Appeared on my phone..Sentry stopped it. I now have 622 unsolicited calls that have been blocked. Ridiculous!

NEUTRAL 209-249-0735 about 1 year ago

Called about a student loan, that is not in collection. Had all my personal information and wouldn't tell me where it came from, some kind of a collection company.

UNSAFE 209-988-2580 about 1 year ago

robo collections call

NEUTRAL 209-245-7003 about 1 year ago

I receive a call from this number a lot. This time I answered it-- and I shouldn't have. It gives a person's name they are trying to contact-- Lucas Watkins. They quickly put me on hold. I waited a bit and then hung up. I then opened the line again and they were still on it. I quickly shut down all access to my phone line by unplugging everything for 2 or 3 minutes. I imagine they are trying to get information off of my internet/phone line. I could just be imagining it but it appears to be an unsafe number so I am flagging it here encase others experience this too. If you think you are helping to let someone know they've called the wrong number. Don't bother. You won't get through and it's possible this number is unsafe.

UNSAFE 209-498-8892 about 1 year ago

This number calls several times per day, and the caller states that he is with the IRS. He goes on to say that there are four serious allegations against me and that if I don’t return his call before their deadline, that I will be taken into custody by local police. Note that the IRS will never call a taxpayer to talk to them about a problem.

NEUTRAL 209-498-8892 about 1 year ago


UNSAFE 209-331-5333 about 1 year ago

This number called threatening that there was an arrest warrant from the IRS. Has called before.

UNSAFE 209-331-5333 about 1 year ago

This number calls my cell all the time. Uses a recording on my voicemail. Threats.

NEUTRAL 209-331-5333 about 1 year ago

Serious threat, data phishing scam. Should be illegal to threaten people like this why does our government allow?

UNSAFE 209-250-8353 about 1 year ago

They called my cell phone that I owed money to call back. I called back they said IRS. I reported to FTC and US Treasury Dept. Using * 67 I called back number 50 plus times at all times till number was disconnected. One way to skin a cat.

UNSAFE 209-237-0014 about 1 year ago

Calls numerous times, left a message legal action was going to be taken

UNSAFE 209-245-7003 over 1 year ago

Leaving unnecessary message it's a scram

NEUTRAL 209-232-6286 over 1 year ago

Stop the madness - enough with the crazy talk. This person is clearly disturbed and needs some time in jail.

UNSAFE 209-421-0895 over 1 year ago

Caller claims to be from Google and wants you to give them your up address or they will shut down your internet

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