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UNSAFE 2 days ago

It’s a scam

NEUTRAL 5 days ago


UNSAFE 16 days ago

I don't even have a car. Never owned one. Ridiculous. Haven't noticed calls, but got a second letter.

UNSAFE 17 days ago

They are TERRIBLE... Their letters now start with... "Our Records indicate you have received multiple notices and have not contacted us..." GET A CLUE!!! I don't want to pay into your SCAM!!! Stop wasting, paper and my time. Whenever I get a letter, I WILL CALL YOU OVER AND OVER using *67 to let you know you guys suck....

UNSAFE 22 days ago

this is a scam big time

NEUTRAL 28 days ago

Received a warning to renew automobile warranty. Other postings indicates this is a scam. DO NOT CALL!

UNSAFE about 1 month ago

I received the same letter AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT saying I have this DODGE that I don't have and they want a IMMEDIANT RESPONSE due to the warranty. Saying let this policy pay this for you. $12.914.75 This must be FRAUD because they got my first name correctly and last but everything I sign has my middle initial and they didn't put that. This is my 2nd time getting this paper sent to me. I don't call the number due to the Fact of Identity Theft. But the number is 1-877-882-0147? How do you or can you make this STOP? They also put a Date Deadline to call.

UNSAFE about 1 month ago

Current Address PO Box 22521 Carson City, NV 89721-2521 Previous Addresses 1606 Spooner Dr Carson City, NV 89706-2308 (Jan 2009 - Jan 2017) 3193 Desatoya Dr Carson City, NV 89701-3479 (Jan 2009 - Jan 2017) 4321 Combs Canyon Rd Carson City, NV 89703-9403 (Jan 2009 - Jan 2017)

UNSAFE about 1 month ago

The phone number (877) 882-0147 belongs to Kent Wong and is located in Carson City, NV, U.S. (877) 882-0147 is a LandLine/Services phone from the carrier New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC . The international number for this cell phone is +1 877 882 0147. Kent Wong may also go by the names Ken T Wong, Mr Kent Wong

UNSAFE about 1 month ago

This is a total scam.....but how did they know my full name, the make and model of my car, also my address......that is private must be somewhere in the system.....so beware

SAFE about 1 month ago

After MY *67 harassment calls to them, which happened to be around 20 calls. I see that two days later I made them cancel that number! I feel as though it is a small victory, but I am still happy as a pig in poo that I harassed them liike they do to us. However I am sad I don't get to call and FU*K with them. One small step for phone peace one giant leap for reverse harassment!

UNSAFE about 1 month ago

Call the company using *67 to block your number and talk to the " representative". It is really fun to harass them. I keep calling and messing with them, it is a total scam. Everyone should harass them and screw with these thieves!!! Safe to call just don't give personal info.

NEUTRAL about 2 months ago

When this/similar number 877-882-0147 call hang up and block. If receiving a letter read all and carefully. The $12,914.75 is a alleged “Repair Examples” . On the bottom it reads in part “This is an advertisement to obtain coverage “. And in front above Call No Later Than... in very small print “you may have received this special limited time offer from Endurance Warranty Services LLC because of information in your consumer auto data file. Final acceptance is subject to your ability to meet full elibility requirements.” By signing they got you for nothing in return. If you sue and since they are a LLC the close and open up under another name. Criminal, fraudulent and disgusting scammers

UNSAFE about 2 months ago

I keep getting these papers in the mail stating that my warranty is up on my car I called the number it sounded weird I hung up I've heard it is fraud

NEUTRAL about 2 months ago

Same notice about my factory warranty expiring with an example of costs I could incur without (their) warranty of $12,914.75 (I like that .75cents!). No info about the company just states "Automotive Services Department". I did not call! Another scam which is percolating without Government intervention.

UNSAFE about 2 months ago

I got a letter from this number that I owed $12,914.75 for my car and my mom was freaking out and I told her it was a scam because I don’t even have a car the thing that I don’t get is how do they get my first name and last name and my address

UNSAFE about 2 months ago

SCAMMER in progress via federal mail

UNSAFE about 2 months ago

I got this In the mail saying to update my car warranty and they had a list of all these fake charges but I don’t even have a car yet.

UNSAFE 2 months ago

Just got off the phone with them they wanted to give me a reward of first it was $100 then they tell me $200 so he ask for my information to mail it I told him I just want to know what type of company they were he says well after I get your information then I can transfer you to my boss and he has all the answer you may need I said I don't want the reward I just want to know why I got this letter he said well find good bye... I called back several times they won't pick up for me now

UNSAFE 2 months ago

Received the same type of notification today about a warranty about to be let up...to respond to said number by certain near date, to renew warranty and not be charged with possible 12,914.75. I don't even drive anymore and we have a new leased car with full warranty. !

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Company: Unknown
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FCC Reports: 1 Unsafe Reports.
Latest rating: 04/18/2018

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