Area Code: 855

855 Area Code belongs to the state of Toll Free. There have been a total of 59 reports for this area code.

Reports for 855

UNSAFE 855-242-0511 about 15 hours ago


UNSAFE 855-242-0511 about 15 hours ago

855-242-0511 want info then a call came the next day from 870-759-3634 about the same thing, wanting info. Don't pick up. Report as I have to Do Not Call List, as if they do anything about it.

UNSAFE 855-242-0511 about 20 hours ago

Did not answer when I picked up

UNSAFE 855-242-0511 1 day ago


UNSAFE 855-242-0511 3 days ago

Most likely related to equifax data breach. I seldom answer unknown numbers.

NEUTRAL 855-848-9053 3 days ago

Just called me said I have a civil suit Being filed against me in Calhoun county ,Fl. First off they are claiming it's from a payday day type place. That's a lie right there because Calhoun doesn't have anything like that. It's a small county they don't even have a Wal-Mart. This is a scam!!!!!

UNSAFE 855-242-0511 3 days ago

Hung up on answer

UNSAFE 855-776-6916 3 days ago

Scam re Micro...

NEUTRAL 855-776-6916 4 days ago

UNWANTED call on my CELLphone

UNSAFE 855-242-0511 4 days ago

SCAM ALERT BEWARE: CRIMINALS - Credit Card fraud - Received unsolicited call. This is a fraudulent robocaller scam. Criminals looking for gullible victims. Old scam to get personal information and Credit Card info. NOTE: Hang up calls are a result of the operator being on the line with another person. The auto dialer hangs up dials the next number until a operator is available

NEUTRAL 855-776-6916 4 days ago

Scam. Microsoft will not call your home. Talked to a support person at a different number.

UNSAFE 855-295-1231 4 days ago

This is a scammer. Said he was from Direct TV and needed to charge $149.90 for a software upgrade for my box. Asked for my card and PIN. Said I would get it back in a month. I called the number back. A recording answered Satellite service company or something then a man answered. I asked what company it was and he said Dish Network. There is a police report for this same scam from Ashland WI on June 14,2017 for the same number. BEWARE

UNSAFE 855-242-0511 7 days ago

Called but would not speak when I answered.

UNSAFE 855-867-2063 8 days ago

Unwanted call .

UNSAFE 855-867-2063 8 days ago

Unwanted call . Telemarket

UNSAFE 855-776-6916 9 days ago

The number (855) 776-6916 was reported to the FCC on 2017-10-11 for Unwanted Calls from North Carolina

UNSAFE 855-667-2665 9 days ago

I receive a phone call from an Indian sounding fellow (the dot, not the feather) who identified himself as a Microsoft sub-contractor. He said that Microsoft had been receiving lots of error messages from my computer and he was going to help me “fix the problem”. He then gave me another code to type in, and all of a sudden without prior notice, he had control of my screen. After 2 hours of listening to this fellow repeat himself over and over again on how he was going to tell me how to clear these errors, he had changed the log-in password to my computer which meant I was effectively being blackmailed. He told me to hang up the phone, go to my nearest Walmart and buy five $50 iTune gift cards. Bottom line, since I am fortunate that I have caller ID on my phone, If you receive a call from someone identified as “800 Service” from the number: “855 667 2665” (google it), DO NOT answer the phone.

NEUTRAL 855-890-4401 10 days ago

Pretending to be Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). Received a call from a person stating to be PG&E on a Saturday saying that they are on their way to shut off our power line because we are behind on our bill for the months of August 2017 and Sept. 2017. We were given this number to call. Spoke to a lady and she said she will report our bill to the fiance dept to do an investigation and I was given a reference number. They knew the service location and account number .I was still hesitating and then was transferred to the "Floor Manager, Mike Martin extension 2021," he stated that the "corporate computer" has no records of our payment. I told him that our statement in the mail said that our payment has been received showing an outstanding balance of 0. He insist that I still have pay the amount owed so they wont shut off the line and that they will refund the money back after the "investigation" of where the payment went too and if it is their computer error, plus I will be given 1-2 months credit on them. I told them to check their system, because I was not given any cancellation notice and when did they send me a notice if they did. I was then told that my account was block until I pay to see that information I requested. I got mad and told him I would like to speak to the CEO or someone above him. He then told me that he can try to see if "the system" can approve a lesser payment amount and how much do I have to pay. I told him I can not provide the money he requested "1,000 plus dollars", but I do have $100. I heard a laugh and said that the system won't allow that, but $998. I kept arguing with him and said I won't pay that amount because I already paid my bill and it is weekend. He gave me SAFEWAY, RITE AID, AND CVS PHARMACY, for me to go pay at one of these locations because they can accept "Corporate" payments or I can go to a main office. He was getting tired of me arguing with him that he said he stopped the shut off date and wait for me to contact him directly at the above ext. number after he speaks to the fiance dept on Tuesday. Comes along today, Tue., Oct. 10, 2017; called three times to get a hold of this manager. On the second call I was transferred to another customer. I finally reached him and he the first thing he asked me was if I have the money to pay? I then told him that he needs to check with the finance dept., after a paused, he said that the finance dept. still has no idea where the payment went too. That's when I said I'll go to the main office to talk to them and if I need to, then I'll pay. He sound surprised and asked me," you have a main office near by?" I said yes, he said that the main office will send me back to him and the system will say the same thing. I hung up and went into one of the PG&E offices. That's when they told me that the number I was given was not theirs and that they do not call a customer, only automated machine will call for a shut off and I believe they don't do it on Saturday's either. My account is up to date and my payments have been received by them and that my account number is associated with a different number then the phone number they called to.

UNSAFE 855-881-1170 10 days ago

Unwanted Calls necessitated filing an issue regarding 8558811170 in New Jersey with the FCC on 2017-10-10

UNSAFE 855-653-4481 10 days ago

A recipient of unsolicited phone calls has lodged a protest concerning Unwanted Calls in Kentucky on 2017-10-10

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  • Major City:
    Toll Free
  • State:
    Toll Free
  • Timezone:
    6:35 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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