Area Code: 352

352 Area Code belongs to the state of Florida. The following cities fall under this area code: Gainesville, Oakland Park, Ocala, Spring Hill. There have been a total of 64 reports for this area code.

Reports for 352

UNSAFE 352-449-9599 2 days ago

Someone from Florida has reported 352-449-9599 to the FCC on 2018-03-22

UNSAFE 352-284-9185 2 days ago

I filed a report about 3522849185 with the FCC.

UNSAFE 352-529-2699 2 days ago

Unwanted Calls originating from 3525292699 mentioned as reason for problem reported to the FCC on 2018-03-22

UNSAFE 352-236-9011 3 days ago

Making harassing and threats

UNSAFE 352-229-2462 4 days ago

Unwanted Calls required submitting an issue about (352) 229-2462 in Florida with the FCC on 2018-03-20

UNSAFE 352-269-4199 5 days ago

Problem reported to FCC on 2018-03-19 upon invoice of telephonic communication from 3522694199

UNSAFE 352-414-0515 7 days ago


NEUTRAL 352-414-0515 7 days ago

this is an scam

NEUTRAL 352-620-0306 9 days ago

Seems to be a "boiler-room caller." There is no one there if I wait to answer on the third ring! My phone number has been on the do not call for many, many years, and i renew it every five years. However, i continue to receive these annoying bogus call, and they usually want me to go to my computer so they can "fix" it! BAH HUMBUG!

UNSAFE 352-620-0306 10 days ago

This number has called several times and never says anything. I hit redial to call it back and it says the number is not a working number. Caller I.D. says Dolan Robert.

UNSAFE 352-620-0306 10 days ago

Won't stop calling

UNSAFE 352-620-0306 11 days ago

Computer scam service trying to get access to your computer and information. They have called multiple times from all different number. This was their most recent one and always an India woman or man with broken english.

NEUTRAL 352-529-2699 11 days ago

Howard Gibbons shows on caller ID. Calls 3 - 5 times daily for the past 5 or so days & never leaves a message. If caller ID does not give us name we know, then it goes to voice mail. 90% hang up & of the 10% that leave messages, 5% get returned. A lot fewer headaches & interruptions.

NEUTRAL 352-308-1255 12 days ago

Unsafe do NOT answer this call

UNSAFE 352-788-5466 16 days ago

The called our house phone, did not leave a message. I blocked the number, then reported it to the FCC.

UNSAFE 352-450-6919 20 days ago

Received call from this number stating that I should contact them because of serious allegations against me and I needed to contact them before legal proceedings were brought against me... BOGUS BS!!!

NEUTRAL 352-459-0715 23 days ago

Received call; no message. Blocked number.

UNSAFE 352-529-2699 about 1 month ago

calls 3 to 5 times a day. I have it blocked in my cellphone but they still try.

UNSAFE 352-553-2847 about 1 month ago

××× calls, no message. don't know anyone in Florida.

UNSAFE 352-529-2699 about 1 month ago

out of service numner on recall freeking scammer needs to serve about 20 years in general population at a federal corrections

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